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  1. Playing AV4 makes me realize how much I adored AV1

  2. This looks incredible! The examples of your maps are exquisite; did you develop the maps? Will definitely download this today! After Myra visits Electra and Roman, Electra's level goes down to 1 (she loses her skills too), and the wooden shield (the one you get from a chest in Tarnsnak Cave) equipped to her disappears.
  3. WOOOOHOOO TURN BASED! Downloading this right now--it's the perfect time to try a new game...while in the middle of midterms ahahahaha! One quick question! Are there other furniture stores throughout the world that you discover as you continue on your quest, or just the main on in PonPon village? I remember the Home Decor tutorial saying something about finding furniture in other places, but I haven't found any other spots so far (and I'm at Accu City), so I wanted to know my options before I buy something and discover that there was something I liked more!
  4. Pumpkin that sounds awesome! I can't wait *cheers*
  5. OHHHHHHHHH Leviathan's hair is so luscious and on point! I actually had to go back and make sure that the goat was Jack because what is going on. And I want the kidnap the Poet so that he can recite poetry to me for the rest of my life! Is this a comedy? Because I can already imagine the chaotic nature of Leviathan's quest. You poor, poor boy... Looking forward to more developments!
  6. Gosh I have not seen or talked to you in forever! Hope you're doing well and enjoying life!

    1. Meroko


      Omo Winter-chan!!

      Can't believe you still remember me O3O)/

      *huggles tight*

      Yuup, I rarely am active on AM nowadays cuz well yeah life and all... OvO

      How about you? x)

      Hope you're doing all well over there :D

    2. winterflowr


      FRIEND HOW HAVE YOU BEEN? I haven't been active on here either...and now that school is out and I finished Aveyond 4...here I is!

  7. Has the link been edited? I can't be sure! I think it was just that quest that had the issue, because all the other ones have been OK. None of the excess essences have vanished so far after that initial quest. HAHA I am actually loving having all the characters on the screen at once! And the maps are very nice -Aza
  8. Hi there! I just downloaded this game tonight, and I'm enjoying the concept! There are some issues with grammar and punctuation that you can fix! Also--when visiting the Mayor's house, you receive 5 potions from a cabinet in the kitchen. However, they did not show up in the inventory! Items in the inventory disappear suddenly too! I don't know if this was intentional, but after I finished the water quest from the man in the kitchen, my remaining 2 earth essences vanished.
  9. Does someone know what this "Crimson Queen" that you get from the occult collector is? I can't seen to find it in my inventory after receiving it!
  10. Thank you so much guys! It was sold in Clearwater at the healer's house! Perhaps it was only in Build C? I have a guide from when I was playing build A and there was no salve, but in forum guides it was there!
  11. Hopefully this has not been addressed--otherwise, please do direct me to the right thread! I've used up what I think was Chickenweed Salve in AV1 Build C and am trying to stock up before I explore Thais. However, I can't seem to buy/find it anywhere! Help please? Thank you!
  12. I...I'M SO SORRY I'M A YEAR LATE! I was able to get Aveyond Build C (used to have Build A) and TOTALLY got back into RPGs. And yes, Now I majorly ship Lars and Rhen. It's bad.
  13. Goodness I rarely even go on here as well! But My cousin is still quite active...T_T
  14. I realize that I'm about a month late, but i just came back. The bckground is awesome! The starry purplish then light orange sky is AMAZING. I would love to live there... Where are all the graphics from? The coconut (I least I think it is) trees are so pretty! Thank you guys!
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