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  1. got a new pc how do i get my games i previousklyt purchased
  2. my antivirus detection that curse of twilight is a virus and blocking it . what i do
  3. can i use more then 1 goodie in smae game. keep both people and the goodie for spheres
  4. I dont wanna listen to sound of the game. i turned off the sound to the Background music but it didnt turn off the action sound how i turn that off too
  5. worked but now i cannot add the God patch to the game or find my save1 icon. i alredy uninstall and install game a lot
  6. that works but now 2 things happened. 1 it wont show my save1 file and 2 i cannot put in the god patch in
  7. ahtiman prophacy and when i went to leave my home in beginning of game the game crahsed and 100 messages came up saing RPG.gt stopped it says NOT IMPLEMENTED before error rpg.rt comes up Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  8. the prophavcy game of aveyond crashed when i tried to play it the moment i went from indsdie ttalking to granda geting the GEET MILK quest so iwehn i went outside it crashed
  9. i need one more bottle and i cant find it Moved to AV3-3 ~ Untold Reveries
  10. did with? what it says ground to hard Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  11. i used goodie on ver 2 where there was a animal now squirrel gone but i cant get the goodie what up?
  12. i noticed i got build b but when i try to save the girl and bring her back to king in sadona she dont give me the key for chests
  13. i want build b how i get build b for chap 4
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