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  1. I've finally discovered the source of the bug (note to self, read instructions in scripts FULLY! lol.)! Anyhoo... the patch should be ready in a matter of minutes. Edit: The patch can now be found on our site or the first post in this thread.
  2. @Kbljkl: Yeah, Skydancer was supposed to test it before it was released, but she was way too busy with other things. I did some testing myself, but developers are notoriously bad at testing their own games! One of the advantages of posting it all over the net, though, is that there are a lot more people testing it and so-far I've collected bugs from three or four different sites, all of which were different. The reason I started making this in the first place was that I feel far too many RPGs now are so unrealistic and, frankly, stupid. I hate MMO style battle systems, for example. I'm not quite sure what you're asking with the last question, so I'll answer it for both the possibilities. I'm not sure how long the current version takes to play through, but probably about an hour, two if you explore everywhere. If you meant how long it will be until the next version is released, at least a month, probably more. It'll have way more stuff in it though, so hopefully it'll be worth the wait. @griselmay: Thanks!
  3. Well, I think I've found a solution, but not the cause... It's late here, so I'll make a patch for it tomorrow.
  4. Dangit, you're right! Whichever shop you buy from first is the shop that you always buy from. I'll have to look into that ASAP and get another patch out for it. Edit: That's a really interesting one, actually. So-far I haven't seen anything that would produce that error. It's not present in v0.20, so it has to be something that's been changed since then. I've tried several things, but none of them have worked. I'll keep trying and let you know what happens.
  5. There are currently four shops in the game, all of which are in Willenke village. The food shops can be accessed by talking to the Innkeeper, Joseph or Ylva. The equipment shops are Joseph and Steffen. I have tested them, so I know they work. I'll see if I can find another computer to install the game on to try it out, but I think it's the kind of bug that would've shown up already if it was there.
  6. Ok, I'll change it for next time. All the other quests should be playable tho.
  7. Ah! That'll be it! Kinda forgot about weight. :oops: In that case you'll have to sell something first to lower the weight. You can increase the max amount of weight you can carry by buying a new bag from a merchant who may sometimes be found in the Inn in Willenke. The weight system is designed to give the player more of a challenge, but maybe I've made it a bit too challenging.
  8. It works fine for me. Are you sure you're buying it correctly? When you go into the shop screen, select the "Buy" option. Go down the the item you want to buy. If it is greyed out then you can't buy it. Press enter and select the quantity you want. When you have selected the quantity, press enter again. Now press escape twice. The armour should now be in the inventory (greyed out) and in the equipment menu when you scroll down to "Body". I hope that helps. I'll try to improve the manual for next time.
  9. Ah! I think that may be the version of the program I used to make the installer, "Clickteam Install Creator", not the version of the game. Unfortunately it's one of those things I can't do anything about. If you get it from the link on my site or the link in this thread it will always be the latest version.
  10. lol. The combat can take a bit of getting used to. I've been killed a few times as well when I've been testing the game.
  11. I've discovered that you're right about the box. To pick it up you will have to sell or drop a few things. I know you said that you can't sell anything or use anything so try dropping something by pressing 'D'.
  12. Did you continue a saved game from v0.20, because that'll produce loads of error. Selling stuff works for me (I haven't tried the quest item, but I put zero weight on it so it should work). BTW, I discovered you can access the Manual from the Start menu as well (kinda forgot about it). There's a new patch out that fixes a crashing bug: http://www.rpg-magic.org/games/novostrana/downloads/nov_031_patch.exe
  13. That's strange. I'll see what I can do to fix it. I need to create a hotfix anyway for a couple of other issues.
  14. It depends what your folder options are. Most systems are set up so that you only see the file extension if your computer doesn't recognise it and associate it with any program. Hmm... it sounds like it's an issue with the menu. Can you play the game from the menu?
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