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  1. I know that some other RPG makers also have Aveyond games and have the 4th listed as upcoming. Aldorlea Games is one. So this site is kept in the loop that way.
  2. When will there be a Forum for this game? I see no information from players yet. Which I will need to justify buying it. $20.00 is an investment for me as I am on a limited income now. It looks interesting and sounds like it will be a good game, but, I've been fooled before. I liked Ella's Hope a lot. And Dreamscape I have played over and over. I have ALL the Aveyond games. As well as the Millenium games. So I love these games. I am waiting for Aveyond 4. Hope it has all the goodies and caves the others offered. (Just fun to play after the first time through.) AND for those who play just for fun, not a big challenge.
  3. Homemade chicken soup is great. But who has time anymore? We use canned, and so it can be used anytime of day or night. Actually the Broth is very helpful too. I would suggest drinking warm broth in the night. Canned, or using the cubes or granuals to make some. You can add extra water to make it weaker if you need to. But the benefits go down too. Eating the soup for the meal time. The chicken and noodles help fill you up. This has been found to be an actual help, not just an old wives tale, by the medical commumity.
  4. No not stupid, An. Thank you for your response.
  5. I see there are 2 new games due out this year. Are these on the order of the Aveyond series? I hope so. I've enjoyed them and so has my grandaughter. Any idea of the release Date yet? Thanks!
  6. I have no idea as to how to make a new siggie and avvie. Where is a good site for making new ones? Mine is several years old now. Time for a change. Any suggestions? Please? :thanks:
  7. I think that there is a lot of unemployment and high prices for food and fuel that keeps people from paying the higher prices these days. Not just in America either. Some can't buy games at all now. It's very possible that these are the things that are driving up the cost of producing these games too. Everyone has to eat and get from place to place. Have Electric and heat. It's a vicious circle. I like all the games. The CE has the built in walkthrough, and that is the main thing people want. It's easier and cheaper than Ink to print it out. Again, economics in some cases. My very first game online was Aveyond, and I bought it here. Have bought most of them here, until life happened. I would think that the volume of sales would help. How many copies of Aveyond have sold?? (Don't answer that, it was just a question to make you think. It's really none of my business.) So it's not just that people are not supporting you, they cannot pay more, and some are not able to buy at all.
  8. Let's see, how about Personal Pan Pizza's, or having a large Pizza split with Olives on just 2 slices and the same for other ingredients not wanted by others? Families do this all the time. Creativity is the same.....where there's a will there's a way. And I'd say in your cases, so far so good! Wouldn't you?
  9. I'm done with Thornekeep, and I would like to know where the caves are too.
  10. My E-Mail provider checks for viruses before letting mail in, and there is a Spam area. I usually run my cursor over the title of those, and you'd be surprised at what you can see sometimes. Never have to open them. I get those dumb Viagra things too, and laugh because it shows just how random and stupid it all is. (I'm a grandma.) And anyone that knows me, would never ask me for money! I have none! So those are bogus too. Just hit delete and block any you need to. These are con artists that have no scruples or ethics. To them, lying and cheating is a way of life. Not worth your time and thought.
  11. Maps would be nice. They don't tell secrets just help us navigate. Are there any yet?
  12. Tiniponi, I am so sorry you took what I said about the BF maps and walkthrough as your fault. It was not. Do not be so quick to think it had to be you, and not how they presented it...I did download the update and the sentences are also much better now. Maybe the tip of a letter here and there shaved off a tiny bit, not like I had before. You did the usual super job for us. Thank you and accept my apology for anything that I may have said that made you think I thought differently. :goodjob:
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