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  1. Chapter One:


    Ten Year Earlier…


    The girl streamed through the castle, she ran in the way only the very young can, that freedom of movement which exists only for the brief period before the stain of negativity slows the pace of the no longer care free.


    ‘GET OUT OF HERE’ yelled one of the teachers as Raquel flew through the school, ignoring the shouts of fury as the students tried to redirect their spells she pulled open the door to the cellars and rushed in. The door shut behind her with a heavy thud, ahead of her a corridor of stone curved out of sight, she ran down it then took another tunnel to the left and then another to the right finally she threw herself behind some barrels stacked along the wall. She congratulated herself on finding such a hiding place and tried to stifle her giggles while listening for the others.


    Her breath was heavy from exertion but gradually it subsided to a regular rhythm and she took note of her surroundings. The corridor was lit by a few sparse lamps which spluttered as the condensation from the wall ran past them. She waited and waited... There was an unpleasant odour of damp sacking and centuries old resin in the air and for the first time Raquel began to feel uncomfortable, she shifted slightly and strained her ears vainly for the sounds of human life, but all that met her ears were the constant dripping and the increasing thumping of her own heart.


    Suddenly she felt something brush her hand and with a scream she leapt up and ran blindly up the corridor, she kept running taking lefts than right with increasing alarm in the knowledge that she was now very lost indeed but that to keep running was her only option. With each step her panic mounted until seeming out of nowhere something grabbed hold of her, she screamed and screamed thrashing to get away.


    ‘CALM DOWN RAQUEL, it’s only me’ the figure pleaded, she stopped screaming and the person brushed her lilac hair of her face. Sniffing and shaking she looked up into his blue eyes which calmly smiled down at her. She could almost see the concern and kindness emulating from him. He let go of her arms, which limply dropped to her side, and she starred up at him. ‘Nicholas and the others told me that they couldn’t find you so we’ve been looking for you, your father is anxious to go home, come on’. He put his arm around her comfortingly and led her through the passages and up into the bright lights of the castle. He was only a head taller than her but at that moment Raquel felt as if the mightiest warrior in the land was protecting her, nothing and nobody could hurt her when he was by her side, nobody at all.

  2. Prologue:


    ‘The trouble with childhood crushes is that one never really gets over them’ she mused on this statement as the needle slipped though the delicate gauze, she had built up a rhythm and each stitch kept time with the clock that hung above her.


    It was a surprisingly quite in town today, the only sound was of the river babbling outside the mansion window and the relentless ticking of the clocks.


    Keeping her eyes firmly on the embroidery she created wonderful images of flowers, leaves and fishes, as she moved the fabric they seemed to swim across the surface of the veil. She tried to keep her mind on the honour of the task but each stitch seemed to dig into her very soul.


    It was customary in Thais that a Brides veil should contain the image of her betrothed, but she could not bring herself to stitch his blue eyes, no thread could do them justice. Once again the words came back to her ‘the trouble with childhood crushes is that one never really gets over them’ and turning her head aside so as not mark the delicate fabric Raquel let one tear fall for the bride she could never be.

  3. @ Pandaba, thank you:)


    @ aislingyngaio, is that a good thing or a bad thing lol? :)


    @ whisperingmist, ooh that given me an idea about one of the ending :D! and thank you:)


    @ Dis' aw thank you:)


    @ Love, thank you that's sweet of you:)


    @ Ellie, thank you, and I'd like to be able to do that I'm pretty sure it's possible just need to find a script:)




    I've done the mapping for the demo and started scripting it:)

  4. @ Nic, thank you and lol:D


    @Snow, thank you, lol can't promise there won't be bugs but i'll try and fix them :D


    Ok guys first screen shot let me know what you think? Shown is part of the guest quaters and Chiquca, not as fancy as Court Intrigue 1 as this is a big house rather than a palace but personally i love the tile set it's from RPG Palace as is the sprite I'll give full credit in the game as per usual:)



  5. @ sharib,Rena,CherryWine: Thank you :D


    @ Whispering: Thank you for the suggestion I have to admit I never got the hang of scipting the shop but i'll see what I can do this time I like the idea of buying evidence:D


    @ aislin: Well CI 1 wasn't really a combat game the fights were just for fun and the whole combat thing was an experiment:) I might include it in CI 2 if I can make the improvements


    @Kin, Thank you:D that would be so great! You helped me so much with the first one!

  6. I cant give any advice that hasn't been given, except to back it up, crying is a release, perhaps you should also take a trip somewhere if you can, or got to an art gallery look at beautiful things and remeber that once your world was happy and it will be again, everyday brings you closer to feeling better *hugs*

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