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  1. Thank you guys:) @Lill, nope there isn't but that is a nice idea:) oops I thought the cat problem had been fixed
  2. Ana reaches into the fold of her dress and pulls out a rign which glows eerily in the tavern, the jem looks like Amber but underneath there is movement like the swirling of glaxies. 'This ring was forged by the Otwans of Milare, famous for there magical enfused jewels' Ana offers it to Silvera, with a smile the ring is obviously stolen.
  3. Ana looks up admiringly at the newcomer she doesn't trust eleves as a rule but she does like a good haircut, she walks over to eavesdrop on the conversation
  4. Ana turns to Brandt 'The mountains? ooh how exciting I have never been to the mountains, is it dangerous?' turning to Silvera Ana admirers the necklace 'What do you want for it?' she says greedily
  5. Ana wakes up with a start and an unlady like grunt the potion has worn off now and she glares around loking for Tarn. However the elf is absent and there are so many new people here, Ana rus her head gingerly how long has she been out??? 'Did someone say something about a diamond necklace' Ana croaks, the clearing her throat she announces 'good people I am Lady Ana!' she says drawing herself up impressively to display her fine gown, 'now perhaps one of you would tell me where Howdy is?' Ana asks craning her neck to look for the giant.
  6. @ Xchain, thank you:) @ Mizzkay, thank you:) @ Luz, lol thank you I may well do when I have the time:)
  7. Ana is still spinning about like a maniac trying to entice reluctant others to join suddenly with a squeal of delight she trips over a bar stool and knocks herself out cold, looks like she will be out for some time. (going away this weekend guys)
  8. 'I waaaaaaaaaaaant Candy, I waaaaaaaaaaaant Candy' Ana trills twirling round the Taven, 'Come dance with me Tarny my sweet' she says draggin Tarn off the bar stool
  9. Ana looks at Silvera strangely, 'That necklace... what princess?' her mind clouds in confusion 'I want to buy that necklace for my friend Tarney Warney' she smiles enthralled by the diamond
  10. Ana gulped down the drink in one go glaring over at Tarn as she glugged, slowly the room span as if Ana was waltzing, she siged heavily letting the tankard slip from her hand and was suprised to find her head resting on Tarn's shoulder, 'Oh look the cute little monkey is back Tarny' she said in a little girl voice.
  11. This does sound great and it be nice to be able to just enjoy the music as a stand alone thing:)
  12. You need RTP XP this installs basic graphics, music and game play so that you can play games made on RPG maker XP you can download it for free here :)http://www.enterbrain.co.jp/tkool/RPG_XP/eng/download.html
  13. Ana tries to embrace Lei and Howdy and turns a sneering look on Tarn, 'Hello' she says looking curiously at the newcomer. Ana settles herself on a stool and orders a glass of minta berry wine and watchs Tarn clear up, 'At last we have found a use for you' she mocks, 'never fear it be valentines day soon!'.
  14. I have a feeling they go up in power, Chaos being the least and Necromancer being the strongest in terms of attack So the one you're likely to find first Chaos is the easiest to get into but the least powerful:)
  15. Ana disembarks from the carriadge and re-enters the Tavern, 'Where is everybody?' she ask the seemingly empty place, 'Howdy?, Elf Girl?'
  16. oh cool thank you you guys:D and yes a big thank you to everybody helped with this game especially the two people above ^ I I
  17. http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u60/mickey_owl/CI.jpg[/img] Court Intrigue! You play as Chiruri A minor courtesan in the court of King Anderebu. One day you are called to see the King’s mistress Natashi, she asks you for help in uncovering what she believes is a plot against the King. You travel around the castle helping or hindering those you meet and collecting clues. Along the way you will have to deal with Mistress Yasumine your arch rival for the love of Duke Samueru, Princess Riruri (could this 7 year old been a machiavellian genius?) and Ridedere the court jester who talks only in riddles, plus many more. Will you help Natashi? Join a rebellion? Or use your skills to claw your way to the top of the social elite? Its up to you! The game is puzzle and quest based, it takes place over the castle and its grounds. There are several different endings. here if that doesn't work then here http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u60/mickey_owl/Mappingdoneagain.jpg[/img] http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u60/mickey_owl/dancing.jpg[/img] http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u60/mickey_owl/Servants.jpg[/img]
  18. So glad to be back and so glad to see you all:D ok so... Nicknames: Mickey_Owl call me Mickey:) Location: The Petit Hameau (so glad it saved!) Occupation: Fashion Student Likes: cute computer games, classic books, old films and fashion Dislikes: Ignorance and ego maniacs Wont be around the next few days but wanted to post to show I'm back and we're back yahooooooooooo!
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