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  1. 1: Alice 2: 14? 3: She's a dark witch and goes on suicide missions, she's also a masochist. She blames herself for not being able to save her parents from a Lamia, after she fought back, then ran when the lamia tried to eat her 4: Bows and arrows Thought I would give it a try. ^^
  2. Heyy, long time no see, eh? Anyway,I wanted to let everyone know, I'm going to try and take this game more seriously. However, my creative process(wait I have a creative process?) will stay the same. I have positions open for a/an artist(s)(sprite, tileset, and title(if the title artist Mihai recommended doesn't work out)), scripter, eventer, and maybe an extra mapper and/or an extra story writer. All of the earlier mentioned positions will be paid. I am not too demanding, but people are still expected to stay on til the end. I expect to have thee game done by July 2012, or at the latest January 2013. I will set deadlines if i have to. I cant work well unless i have a deadline. You will have 3 tries to meet it, if you don't i will fire you, unless you have a good excuse. Feel free to pm me, or email me(tnbtime@live.com) (i would probably prefer email), about if you want to apply for a position, or ask any questions about one.
  3. it was tahoma or Arial... I forget and if your wondering the size was either 10 or 12 or15
  4. im confused which text?
  5. I use photoshop It was surprisingly easy
  6. Yay, I'm working on a couple new ones. Example: Emo Edward and Psycho Stella.
  7. ((To Meroko did you by any chance get the heap part of your rp character's name from the Septimus Heap books))
  8. if you go to my deviant art you'll see a Te'ijal one.
  9. Hey. I sorta started a parody, or atleast i think that's what it's called. Any way what I'm going to do is upload them everytime i make a new one. I'm going to upload one to the collegium, and one to my deviantart. Then I'll post it here. My Deviant art Me as an Aveyond Character http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/214/c/8/av_the_all_powerful_mage_chris_by_tnbproductions-d42fs82.png[/img]
  10. If Amanda comes then I'll personally hijack a car and drive to there(I'm too young to have a license) JKJK. But it would be interesting to know Amanda went there, I would go next year if she did this year http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n362/amshaz/am/festivals/11_Anniversary/tree4.png[/img]
  11. yay love the screen shot, but one thing i can't stand is when the options command/window is below the shutdown command http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n362/amshaz/am/festivals/11_Anniversary/tree1.png[/img]
  12. FunFun

    Elini's Scroll

    (5) We Awoke. As we walked out the door we were stopped by a FAT old man. Upon instinct Lars Froze him. An hour passed before he was thawed. Lars does not know a fire spell. He was a merchant to sell wares. Some Garlic necklaces and stakes were bought. We left heading towards the land's end. Rhen is Mean not enough to start teaching me proper Northerner Language.
  13. FunFun

    Elini's Scroll

    (4)The Wild woods are mysterious less by us. A hermit has a cottage in here. Addressed by Talia, his name is Perry, Devin. Talia left the party. A night was stayed in the Tavern.
  14. this is a fun game XD It makes my "games i need to finish list" rating 8/10
  15. I've posted on AM at multiple places School, not really posted though just checked on my phone in class Home, almost always My friends house, yeah i pig out on all their BBQ chips and use their wifi McDonalds, MY same friend bugged me enough i had to be off the internet for 14minutes straight OoOoOooo The library, not much to say about that My mom's work, XD
  16. Any one from Sweden? I'm from USA but my grandpas from Sweden and I'm also half Cherokee. XD
  17. ohh and shes tried to overdose on some of my dads medication
  18. ahh how did this get this big in my absense to this form but i just got it downloaded(error with internet) but as i play i am compiling a list of errors, glitches,and suggestions
  19. She ran away because she felt like it i guess. she said it was because she thought being on her own would make her happy.
  20. She has only ran away twice once in middle school and once a couple days ago. She is a teenager and will be graduating in 1 or 2 years. She worte a note with everything she done (not meaning for us to find it and read it). It was like umm one of those confessionals at a church. Shes smoked weed. She also denies ever writing this note. But its her hand writing.
  21. I'm not sure If i should be the one to start this topic nor am I aware if there already is a topic about this. Recently since this Friday me and my family have been going through a rough time with my older sister. She ran away and we weren't sure if she was alright or not. She got caught by the one who helped her run away. He kept her there until my parents came and got her. he's a 32 year old male and he is a drug addict. The only reason he turned her in is because we offered a reward of $500. We went to the police station. She violated her probation(she was on probation because she missed/skipped a lot of school) She is now on a stricter probation. She had a diversion and it made it to where the probation didnt count against her(She couldn't be charged with it). That violated it and now she has to go to court tomorrow. I wanted to hear your thoughts about if she shouldn't go to juvie and if it shouldn't count against her because she was found in under 48 hours. If any thing needs cleared up, please feel free to ask.
  22. FunFun

    Elini's Scroll

    I will update later(most likely)
  23. no and we probably wont for a while I'm hvaing some issues with my family right now and wont have time to make them so maybe in a week or 2 I will.
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