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  1. Just noticed all forum help notices etc for other games has been removed- where do we find the contents of such- please
  2. you will be opening up a proverbial Pandora's box with this request- many people buy games that they only play once and never play again -but they put it down to life experience and do NOT expect to be refunded - if we all decided we have finished with games we no longer play and asked for refunds - then the developers would go out of business and there would no longer be games to play- point of interest - do you do this with all games you buy and an answer to your question - simply do not buy any games
  3. which area are you in now if you are in Halaina then go south west from there to the trade port ( it looks like a small island ) and you will find the ship
  4. which 2 have you fought- 1 is the old man who Robin fights, 2nd is down on the far side by himself Myst fights and 3rd is Storm up the top near a cheekie in bucket- Ingrid fights - hope that helps
  5. Agreed- everybody has different tastes and ratings are highly overrated - just look at politics lol- it is great to have a choice in what we enjoy in games as this gives the devs scope within games and when it comes down to it - if you do not like it - don't buy it- simple
  6. if you buy 2 picture frames and give 1 to the guard at the castle entrance- he will give you a cheekie
  7. oh thanks - lapse of memory there lol
  8. Interesting to note here that from the beginning it was stated that Ingrid was no good at any curses so maybe she never actually cursed Boyle - he only thought she did and it was just a ploy
  9. help cannot remember where I found the egg needed for the shop
  10. you will also find it in the 1st goodie cave in Windy Hills
  11. are you using a mouse or a keyboard- in testing sometimes there was a problem with the mouse
  12. Do not forget that you can replay the game using Ingrid sisters' covens- each has different quests
  13. or you will find them in the goodies cave
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