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  1. Hey Zahra, just wanted you to know that I really loved playing this game and was hoping to know if you were going to more. Also if those new games were a sequel to this it would be really cool
  2. RapidNoah

    BGM created by artists

    Just wanna know a few things. Can I make a game consisting of BGM from various other artists and if so, then can I sell that game? (I know it sounds silly but I just wanna know so that I can avoid getting into trouble in the future).
  3. RapidNoah

    Destiny of a Wizard 2: Beta Test

    Hey, if you want, I'd be happy to test the game for you
  4. RapidNoah

    underaged game sellers

    Also I read the link that you posted Mickychi and it said I need a business license, is that really necessary
  5. RapidNoah

    underaged game sellers

    So... if I do get money from my games then I will have to immediately transfer the money into my bank account
  6. RapidNoah

    underaged game sellers

    Guys I'm just wondering (if possible) for under aged people, what do you need to sell a game
  7. RapidNoah

    Do beta tester get paid?

    Just confused as I've seen some websites pay their tester but do people have to be paid here just to beta test?
  8. RapidNoah

    Aveyond 3 and 4 faces

    Hi guys, I just wanna know about the software used to make the faces in aveyond 3 & 4
  9. RapidNoah

    A Question on Setting.

    I'd go with either final fantasy type worlds or rarely modern settings cuz it makes you wonder whether your world was like the games in the past. Futuristic worlds are too much because it makes the game less interesting and it might (just saying) implant things into peoples minds such as: what if our world WILL be like this in the future I like the old eras because of all the adventures by horse, boat, foot etc which makes the game look really adventurous. In the future we have cars, machines etc to help us in... well anything
  10. RapidNoah

    Mobile Version of the Site

    It could be a thing with your phone cuz thats never happened to me
  11. RapidNoah

    Midnight's Blessing 2 is out!

    If there is a midnights blessing 3 then pls do reply as i am a big fan of this series
  12. RapidNoah

    Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

    I NEED to beta test this game so desperatly so please sign me up