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  1. How does estradi haunt your mind... so far everyone likes him, he is decent (as my friend would say to describe E.V.E.R.Y S.I.N.G.L.E T.H.I.N.G) that artwork of that vampire could be really used to describe estradi when he was younger... WAYYYYYYYY YOUNGER.


    Also i kinda like that sword in the artwork. The bat is what caught my eye.

  2. Well thats good news... not the part that your computer is slowing you down. Anywho i havent played any computer game since 20 Dec cuz my computers problems (yes my computer has problems) started getting worse and now the screen wont turn on so... dont think i will ever get to play a computer game anymore

  3. Wow... i mean thats just a lot of script cant even imagine how you even remember which is which and where it should go


    I think that four save slots is enough i mean i only use two or three just for backup


    The teleportation hub sounds good. By that do you mean the transpozz stone in MB2 in the camps

  4. The tongue coming out of the hand is a little creepy and sorta messes up but hey i'll give an A********* for the artwork


    A guy who knows a guy who knows a... you know what i'm still 13 and my brain IS still learning so processing this info was a little hard for me anywho you got that "something that can be used"


    And shy... really dude i am in a young age, am not that famous and still ask people for advice (even though i feel like i am gonna wet my pants whenever i talk to a girl) and still i manage (losing my nervous side allowed me to ask my dad to buy a few games for me)

  5. The mouse thing is a bit useful (i said a bit) cuz when you wanna go somewhere and its a long way and your fingers are hurting from pushing the arrow keys then you can easily use the mouse but the bad thing about that is that you have to press the mouse button again and again when the character reaches the point where you clicked the mouse at and that can be irritating


    Anywho have you fixed that problem shade or are you still stuck on it

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