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  1. If I offer only a small hint, will I get off with only a shattered clavicle and a bruised duodenum?


    Ahem...the black screen is the one on the wall up the ladder, no doubt you know that already, with <alljack....>

    and all that. The password should be on the last line of code there.

    Thanks alot shade... now you're gonna get more than a shattered clavicle *angry face* and *evil grin*

  2. I understand, though I love some challenge here and there. But I'm usually that sort of a person who looks everywhere and guesses everything except what is right.  :D


    Noah, is it that part where you have to unlock the access to the top and bottom stools?

    Kitsune you guessed it right

  3. meanwhile Noah here is still stuck on the bride and trying to look for the password (THIS IS TORTURE *cries really loudly*)


    No one tell me though... wanna figure it out myself until i eventually give up and just ask shade for the answer


    black screen ... really... the thing has no clue for the password still... no one tell me

  4. Those who truly love you won't consider you a freak for loving something they don't.


    I don't have such trouble with my friends.


    Am I the only one to notice, or are RPG games becoming shorter with every passing year?

    Thx for cheering me up though


    And yea i hear you... the games do seem to be getting shorter but give them a while and they might start getting longer

  5. Ah, Valiant was fixed, but I was so disappointed and never got around to playing it again. It's sitting on my lappy for decorative purposes only.  :D


    Ahriman Prophecy was a pretty cool game. I loved it, despite the old graphics.


    I played Aveyond when I was eleven for the first time.


    My late father usually bought me a game after listening to 5 hours wailing... I was such a brat.


    Oh, I'll be sure to... I still have Threads of Destiny and A Timely Intervention to finish before playing it. And maybe even Aveyond 4, if it comes out quickly.

    Done with valiant. Was a great game and had a great story.


    Threads of destiny was a shorter game than MB2 (no offense shade) so didn't enjoy it that much


    Aveyond 4 is something i REALLY need (gotta run with the flow)

  6. It does in some way. You can say that he just got a thorough insight before making a purchase. 


    I have bought many a game with just one hour trial because I liked the beginning, but in the end got disappointed. Lol, I sometimes even bought a game without playing the trial first and ended up not knowing what to do with bugs (like Asteria).


    Never played Wind Child. Must add it to the list.

    My parents never used to buy me any games cuz i was little amd i used to make the most of my time by downloading trials of the same game from other websites.


    Make sure you finish at least a few games before wind child or else you will have a load as heavy as 5 elephants :D

  7. Usually work - I could either be playing a 60 hour game, or trying to develop an attention span and make one.


    (There is an argument to be made that I perhaps have an undiagnosed attention disorder, I have a hard time focusing on things. For instance, I'm supposed to be proofreading Last Heroes for Raph. Here I am, not doing that, even though it's open on my desktop. *Sigh*)


    Other times, it's because it's one of my games, and I already know how it turns out. I just can't play if there's no mystery for me. Which sucks because I can no longer truly enjoy other RPGs, it seems. I have like, eight or nine on my PSN and I just can't get through them, I can spot the plot twists a mile away.


    I love making them, I did it for free until about...four years ago, I think, whenever Shining Plume or AoI 1 happened and I started getting paid, but for some reason I just can't sit through them. Not even Aveyond, and Lord knows I've tried.

    Wow... i sorta know how you feel. 3 years ago i had finished the aveyond series COMPLETELY (cuz aveyond 1 was the first rpg i had ever discovered think i was around 9 or something) and 4 months later after i finished it, my laptop crashed. My dad took it to the repair shop and they fixed it but i had lost everything on it. Aftet that i got a hand-me-down usb hardrive from my dad (it's 500 GB) and he told me that i could store anything i wanted on it so i thought "hey why not let's store all my games on it"


    A year passes and i then start playing the aveyond series all the way from the first to the last (excluding ahriman's prophecy cuz it looked rubbish to me. Probably why it's free) anywho 2 months later after i finished that i started playing other rpg's including LF. I was at the end of LF 2 when my laptop crashed like the very next day AGAIN. This time it took a loooooooonnnnnggggggg time for me to get it back cuz my dad didn't feel like repairing it so i got it back after 3 months when my mom finally convinced him of fixing it. I was SO SAD when i found out that all my data could only be stored on the laptops built in harddrive and not on my usb. I then start playing LF 1 and 2 cuz i was really fond of it. And when i finally finish the entire series which was like 5-7 months (cuz well i have to care about my studies as well) i then start playing the aveyond series ALL OVER AGAIN.


    By the time i reach Aveyond: the lost orb i just realise that the last 2 times my computer crashed had a one year difference it always crashes between september and october (my dad told me i could prevent that if i just stopped moving my laptop from here to there) and if that happens again then i wont be able to have a saved progress of aveyond on my laptop EVER so then i just dropped the subject because i already knew EVERY SINGLE ONE MYSTERY of the aveyond series and said to myself "hey, i've played this series so many times that i know almost everything about this game and playing it again will just be a waste of time and now that i know what happens next this series isn't fun anymore".


    So know i just have the aveyond series in my usb just staring at me, wanting me to play it but everytime i think about the game i sorta get butterflies in my stomach (weird i know). So i have RPGs in my usb and most of them i can smell the ENTIRE plot all the way from pluto and i get so bored playing games i know mostly everything about so yea i know (a bit) how you feel shade.

  8. Shade: (eats popcorn LOUDLY while laughing at some of the comments) wow this is good stuff... i should include this in my notes, not that, this, no no no a bit of this and probably that.


    I mean come on shade don't keep spying on us. We deserve your opinion too

  9. How about you include estradi's wife in this MB cuz he did say he feasted on her so that would mean he bit her and that would sorta make her an undead too right?


    And what if she's busy looking for estradi but can't seem to find her until now (perhaps she and diana can have a fight over who should estradi spend more time with)

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