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  1. I know how that is. I have a thing for writing, but I'm a horrible poet. You did your part pretty great.


    I got that Waldorf and Statler reference. The Muppet Show, right? :)


    Ok, gonna hunt for the bard since I've just arrived in Miryam.


    Oh and what about having Diana as a playable character? Dunno, maybe saving Sidni with her old hunter abilities?


    Evil Sidni... Good to know I'm not the only one loving villains. :)

    Umm *whispers* i think that was the secret playable character that shade was talking about (the one we see a lot but isn't yet a playable character yet... it was supossed to be a secret) and good luck with your hunt. Although i wont be finishing MB2 in this month or the next (gotta work on my exams)

  2. *eats a big ol' bucket of popcorn watching this drama play out*


    Never mind me, I'll just be writing these all down in mah notes.


    Okay, I'll spoil a little bit of my notes:


    We'll get to meet Brenna's sister, who was mentioned in passing in Dracula's castle, and we'll encounter an old enemy of Estradi's (not the Blood Poet, he lost his head), someone mentioned in passing in Miryam. (if you gave the bard the original Roxanne's Kiss, there's a clue to what famous villain it is. If you didn't, the only other clue I'll give you is: he makes the music of the night.)


    Also, no worries about Sidni and Estradi getting together. If you buy the manor and furnish it, you get a clue at the end who ends up with whom.


    Also, Sidni is being hunted by someone, the others have to save her, the villain wants to achieve immortality, and the Doktor makes an appearance and has an important role in the story.

    Noooooooooooo... NO SPOILERS if you keep typing spoilers then it's gonna ruin the fun

  3. Why are the vamps not getting enough love nowadays?  :(


    Still, the possessed Sidni being the main villain and the others going up to her rescue while all the way getting delayed by her plots would be a-must-play plot for me.


    Ahhhhh EVIL sidni now that is different

  4. I wanna know which engine you used to create MB 1 and 2 and i still think XP is the best choice cuz in VX you already know that the characters look fat, in ace the characters look very long and very human like which brings me nightmares from a game i used to play called darkblood chronicles (i still literally (and i promise) have nightmares about that game (dunno why cuz i loved it)) on 2003 the characters look chubby but a bit slim and the script looks WAY different. if you made MB 1 and 2 one way then you gotta make MB 3 the same way or else it wont make sense

  5. VX ace to me isnt a good option cuz the characters look like they've eaten an entire supermarket and havent EVER excercised in their lives. RPG maker XP is a way better option as it makes characters look normal and decent. it also has cooler looking magic spell animations. the tiles of it are also cool as they dont have REALLY BIG squares also if you could make the character faces appear in each dialogue that'd be great cuz it's annoying to open the menu just to look at their faces

  6. Funny how MY brain works... if you knew my life you'd totally think i'm weird.


    And i told you that time doesn't matter its only the result that matters (ok i didnt add the result part but i did add the time part).


    Anywho if you get some other experts besides yourself and well technology's sister cuz you just made her sad mate, you might make this game look even better if you had them work on at least half the project. One of your ideas are the storyline so whatever story you come up with, don't let other people change it. Aveyond 4 and aveyond the darkthrop prophecy had a 5 year difference (could be 6, i'm just saying people) and now it's become really popular and good cuz time equals ideas and ideas equal a great game.


    And i would really love to see breanna's character face after her giving birth to twins. Also i think that if your current engine doesnt help you with party switching then you should probably change engines.

  7. Ok first could you make estradi playable for the entire game cuz i miss his spells and second why dont you switch the game engines (sorry if it sounds dumb i have no idea about game creating). Also do you ask help from other indie developers (just asking)

  8. Eh... if its those characters that will die... im ok with that. And the sidequest thing is a great idea. How bout you make two different parties one thats led by sidni and the other one thats led by a new character maybe and in some parts of the game they could meet up and become one party (that is if you intend on making the game hold inactive characters that could be placed in active modr to fight... like how it was in aveyond.

    And the party thing if you dont know what i mean then its exactly like laxius force ex: kratin, djarma metting up and becoming one with randoms party. If you've played that game

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