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  1. Woot Can't wait for it!!!! Please don't make it too grindy/hard 😄🙏
  2. Ahh glad to hear that 😄 That is so cool! Thanks for the info Dan
  3. @callmedan What!!! really 😭 Sad to hear that... Is there any announcement post because I can't find it in the forum? I hope she's doing well.
  4. I want to change my  profile picture with my newer drawing but It's been my profile picture since 2007... ugh the chin is so ugly xD

  5. Yeah! I get that unique feeling when playing AP and AV1. It feels more magical than your average JRPGs 😍 I think updated graphic or engine will attract new players People nowadays are prejudiced against RPG Maker games because there are so many bad RPG Maker games xD I didn't conduct a survey or anything but I think most of people who played Aveyond series are either played/followed it since the beginning (AV1 was the first commercial RMXP game if I'm not mistaken, so the market is not saturated yet back then) or casual gamers who never heard about RPG Maker... :'p Since Amaranthia just released HeroKit maybe they will use it for their next game?
  6. omg I forgot there is a credit screen before title screen! enchanted is by Morten Gjermundsen. I also found this HQ/mp3 version of enchanted in his music site ^0^ Tried digging through Morten Gjermundsen and Bjorn Lynne site but still can't find fairyfountain... I don't think it's by Ron Clarke so Aaron Waltz? xD I also found remixed version of Faery Woods while digging through Bjorn Lynne site ^0^ Edit: Found fairyfountain source! It's RM2k RTP music titled Dungeon4... xD
  7. Hey I just finished AP replay last week too!😄 I'm more sad that the community is almost dead... I wish the dev would remake AP and AV1 using newer game engine with updated graphic (Playstation 2 quality 3D graphic maybe?) ^.^ Faiara and Oldwoods would be very beautiful! Just my wishful thinking I know it would require great efforts and funds :'p
  8. Does anyone know the source of enchanted.mid and fairyfountain.mid in AP v2.1? I think fairyfountain is not the actual title, fairyfountain in AP v2 is different (Fairy Fountain BGM from Zelda). Help?
  9. I'm so excited, it looks great! Good luck for your exams and thank you for creating this :)
  10. Same with me lanxal Im baack XD
  11. Mother's day is 21 (or 22?) december here!
  12. how about 'jukebox' system ? we can change background music anytime anywhere! I hope this feature will be added soon
  13. Hey, I think I can help you...I could make charsets, facesets, tilesets... FYI a new RPG maker has been released ! It's RPG maker VX
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