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  1. Hello! 👋 It has been years since I last dropped by this place, and I'm glad to see new members here. I just wanted to say hi to everyone, especially the core team here. I was thinking of the Aveyond 2 characters and made me think of ye good old times. It's a bit sentimental thought for me, since I've been a member for over a decade. 😂
  2. I have to admit, I'm still thinking of this community as "Amaranth Games." Whenever I come across threads like this, I can't help but recall the time I joined circa 2007. One thing I missed about the guilds (specifically, Dragon Lords!) was the library! I don't know if I can divulge this lol (and if I can't, *bows* gomenasai!!!), but there were sub-forums in the secret DL forum that had wonderful works written by the senior members - most of them I haven't seen for a long time. I wish I kept a back-up of those on Google Drive. They were quite interesting/inspiring to read, especially if I'm writing something creative. Also, the first post mentioned something about blogs. I think having a Facebook page dedicated to Aveyond Kingdom-related announcements is more than enough.
  3. Hi! I am willing to participate in AV4's beta testing. Totes pumped for this! I'm not certain this is really needed, but I have had experience in beta-testing games: =D I look forward to participate in this!
  4. To be fair, teachers normally give these tasks as a means of measuring the students' knowledge, skills, and abilities, and in many cases, should be beneficial to both teachers and students. If these tasks are difficult, the teacher should be open enough to help the student, while the learner is expected to make ways (not resorting to dishonest acts) to accomplish and learn. And sometimes, we learn from our mistakes. I'd like to think of it that way, because I got bothered when blackprincess mentioned that teachers always give difficult tasks to students XD (since I teach English, and in certain instances, give challenging tasks). Ideally (or at least in language teaching), teachers begin from the basics before progressing to the more difficult ones. Some tasks, like writing research papers, are generally difficult, so there has to be some form It's not good for teachers to be happy when their students are failing, because it reflects their performance as a teacher. And being happy that students can't get their level of thinking = egoism / self-aggrandizement. @Richwind: Yeah, essays are taught and done because that's basically what you'll be doing as soon as you go up the academic levels. When you get to college/uni, professors give you a lot of texts to do, ranging from just a page up to as many as 40 pages. My undergraduate thesis went to as long as 94 pages, although that's because of the spacing, margins, and the font size. XD And in the workplace, everyone I guess is expected to be capable of writing well~
  5. Death Parade is totes wicked! And so is Durarara! x2~ Right now, I'm watching a whole lot of them, e.g. Yona of the Dawn, Parasyte, Tokyo Ghoul, Yuri Kuma Arashi, and Kuroko no Basketball, to name a few. I have to admit, I wasn't really into anime until last year, when someone forced me to watch so my Japanese could be trained a bit. XD It did help, even just a little. It was difficult to look for shows without subtitles lol. Just to be on topic: Anyone who watches Sailor Moon Crystal here? I'm quite disappointed with how Toei did the animation this time; everything is too rushed and graphics had a lot of problems to fix. Compare SMC with the original one and see how different it is. On the other hand, I find this anime incredibly cute and entertaining:
  6. @Sunny_angel: I've always seen homework = assignment = take home task. I guess we differ in definition. @Lhmh2015: Yeah, home works CAN help, but washback is often not considered. This term called "washback," is a term associated with assessment, where both students and teachers should learn and improve from their shortcomings, i.e. the learner becomes better while the teacher can make it a room for improving his/her methods. However, as I said, it's possible that many of those HWs are made without purpose save for having a grade.
  7. Wow. This is one nifty feature.

    1. SCAR


      Ahh I see U are a fan of Akatsuki no Yona ....

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      @Scar: Yeah! I started with the manga and I really liked Jae-ha's character. :)

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      Found ya! Now who's being hunted, huh?!?  😜

  8. LOL the last time I played an RPG Maker game was about a year ago, I guess, with To the Moon by Reives (Kan Gao). It's more of an interactive story, and I think many would still enjoy it. Since one of my friends makes visual novels, I suddenly began playing some of them and became the frequent thing for us to discuss. Most of them can be found at the Winter Wolves Games website; those I've played so far were worth the purchase. Other than these, I've been preoccupied with playing Persona 3 and 4, as well as the Tales Series. I couldn't contain my hype when I realized Persona 5, Final Fantasy 15, and Tales of Zestiria are getting released this year. I mean, WOW. I wonder if my wallet's gonna handle it all lol
  9. ^ Some assignments often take more than a day to finish (if they're really taking it seriously lol), like essays. XD Now that I'm at this point of finishing college, I guess some things that irked me more than having weekend assignments are the following: Receiving a huge capstone assignment late with a nearby deadline. Case in point: One of my professors posted an assignment on the class moodle at 2:30 a.m, which was about a 25-page library research paper due in two days. While it might be okay for professors to expect English majors to whip up a well-written article, it is NOT okay to make us suffer like that. O___O (The topic was about Minimalist Syntax, which was definitely not the most interesting thing for us to learn in linguistics lol) Having assignments just to have a grade. What's the purpose of an assignment if it's real purpose is just to have a grade? -_-' Between having weekend assignments and these two, the former seems to be the lesser evil. XD Take your pick.
  10. Lol even if I'm busy, I keep coming back to this place to check for any updates. XD I'm also curious about the plan to revive the guilds, too. I just wish I was able to save a copy of the "books" found in the Dragon Lord forums; I'd try to find a cached page of it, but it was in a private forum, so I couldn't. ROFL As regards how they are formed, I could only suggest role-playing at this point, e.g. to become a Dragon Lord, you must first role-play as if you were taming a wild dragon or something to that ilk~
  11. Being in this community since 2007 (?), I suddenly had a quick journey down memory lane on how much this place has changed. XD I should say that this reincarnation (if it counts as one) is pretty nifty and simple. The new features of the quick reply area are useful and I don't need to remember any of those long codes. I look forward to those new and upcoming features.
  12. Right now, I'm a senior undergrad who's writing his thesis while pursuing 6 English linguistics courses. In addition, I'm also an organization officer, a part-time reading tutor, and I'm studying Japanese and Thai while also learning translation. ...And I'm proud of saying that I get to still play games on my laptop or on my consoles (Vita, 3DS, DSi) for as long as 4 hours. I play games when I think that I had enough dealing with difficult concepts, when I'm starting to get stressed over long, grueling readings, and when I finished something successfully. However, while I think that time management DOES matter in all of these, there will be instances that you will have to sacrifice something to do something else that's probably of greater significance (e.g. emergency situations like sudden assignments, facing your professors, etc.). Nonetheless, it still helps if you begin a school task and finish it early/before the deadline. This doesn't mean that I don't give enough time to sleep, although my body clock has been ruined thanks to thesis and gaming lol. I hope I made sense lol
  13. The fight sequences were quite hilarious, and I feel bad not just for the Queen, King and the Chancellor, but also for other game developers... especially those who are rushing to beat the deadline to release a holiday special. XD It's about time perhaps to give yourselves a well-deserved break? Also, give 'em a break, people. There is always something good in store for you; you just need to wait! Patience is virtue; thou shalt be virtuous.
  14. As long as they're not changing the main characters themselves (i.e. Rye) and focus on their interaction / development, then I don't have a problem with it. Also, since Aisling mentioned that AV2 is a $20 game, I'm not so sure if they will still sell the original version along with the improved version (assuming that the makeover pushes through). If they would, it may be possible that they would lower the price... but that's something we still have to see. Also, this: Also, this just came in from the Aveyond Kingdom facebook page (about 2:24 12/25 GMT+8) :
  15. I want to respond to that "Where did the Druids go?" question, since I think no one (or only a few) is trying to hypothesize or contemplate on that question. I think the Druids may have taken their roles seriously, although not necessarily staying at their respective temples to do it. This probably would be the same with the nymphs, since we also see Heptitus doing evil things in Aveyond 3... except that she still is with her witch community (worth noting: she is not only an evil witch. She is THE evil witch). Just a few of my thoughts.
  16. https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/399863_10200506366855798_981752624_n.jpg[/img] Got back from the 2-week Korean Language and Cultural Exposure Trip. That's me wearing Hanbok, the traditional Korean attire.
  17. Rags to riches, usually. I'm a little picky when it comes to the opposite, especially if I feel that the person never deserved to fall into a poor person even if he/she wanted to be. I could make an exception though if the character is too adorable, especially if he/she goes through all that trouble towards becoming a pauper whether he wants to or not. Haha~
  18. Oh hey, thanks for the positive insights! =) I hope you guys would give me your honest opinion when I get to finish and post it online. I'm already working on the sixteenth chapter; I might get to post the first chapter starting on Tuesday. =) It's actually a challenge than I ever thought.
  19. Thanks, Mopiece for pointing that out. Yeah. Among any sources, PETA is indeed a bad place to seek out information. It's biased, one-sided and they often say things (to the point of distortion) without even researching about it. @Mae: It's probably how the meat is cooked?
  20. A warm welcome to Amaranth Games, Dreamer and others!
  21. I disagree. According to Castro (2012), humans should consume meat and vegetables. She also adds that it is also necessary to eat meat - pork, fish, chicken, beef. Consumption only of vegetables is insufficient as there are some nutrients that vegetables cannot provide (e.g. Fe). On the other hand, it is bad as well to just eat meat all the time - a complete opposite of a vegetarian. Everything should always be in moderation, which is for her, the primary principle of a balanced diet. On another note, philosophically speaking, animals are sentient animals. Some species probably have a nervous system while some do not. What differs animals from humans is that we have the capacity to think; we have this rational faculty that allows us to make decisions. Since all men have this rational faculty, we have the decision whether to abuse/hoard/take for ourselves the food resources we have or not. Also, since we are the only rational creatures or elements around, we have this innate responsibility to take care of the resources. If you deem it necessary to not eat anything that moves, then that is your choice. By doing so, though, make sure that you are prepared to face responses - whether positive or negative. Source: Castro, J. (2012). A lecture on "Man: The Need to Sustain Survival" during a Biological Science lecture. Note: Though if you really think being a vegan is enough for you, then that is okay. It's not a crime to be vegan.
  22. The problem with being vegetarian (as in totes no fish/chicken/pork/beef) is that there are nutrients that are present in meat but isn't with veggies. I still think that having a balanced diet is very important. P.S. For some reason, I love having veggie salad for snacks. =D
  23. *raises hand* Amaranth Games is truly a multicultural community. :3 According to my latest count, I think we have about 9 to 13 Filipinos here already... myself included. @Emma: If you will study Filipino, and if you happen to be fluent in Spanish, you will notice that there are many borrowed words from Spanish, English, and a few other languages in the same family. lol
  24. Oh hey, thanks for the positive insights! I am currently working on the first chapter of the first series. =) I hope you guys would give me your honest opinion when I get to finish and post it online.
  25. This is a character which I have placed in the world of Aia. This is not for NaNoWriMo, as I have another one planned for November. This is just a fanfiction I have been itching to write for a long time (3 years); some characters/places are from the Aveyond series (including AP/AV0). I credit Amaranth for those, including the name "Stardale." Please provide valuable feedback. Thanks! Prologue I had not a single idea of who I were upon birth. It was upon my teenage years that I learned that I was a "Dragon Lord." This was the first of what Serendipity, the Nymph of Luck, and also the one who stood as a mother figure, taught me. I learned to accept my identity and the truth behind it. She was a witness to my birth. My mother, an elf, gave birth in her glen, which had no name before. Serendipity noticed that mother is to conceive a baby; she stood and assisted in giving birth but mother perished in the process. This was a little devastating for me, and it was unfortunate that her powers of luck did not save her. Maybe that was her time. On the other hand, my father was from Dragkthor; he died while fighting the creatures of the forests. He never knew how to fight pixies. Simply unbelievable. I grew up under Serendipity's care until I turned eighteen. Serendipity trained me how to use my magic and fight with dual curved swords. She also showed me the harsh realities of the world beyond me. In time, some human vagabond found me at deeply asleep near the waterfall. He woke me up and asked what I am doing there. I told him that I was an orphan who preferred to live alone in that glen; I also told him that I am capable of taking care of myself. This vagabond apparently saw my capabilities; he invited me to travel around the world. Serendipity treated me a young man and allowed me to go. Before I left with him, she gave me a ring that gave me pure luck in times of dire need. She left me with a few conditions: "Be just and wise in your decisions, and always have hope." I knew beforehand the consequences if the conditions are not met. From that day, my life is one huge adventure. I never aged, but I had as much suffering as the normal folk do too. But... this is just a historical license, you might say. Many historians, especially those from Thais and Sedona, have written records of my involvements in history, and some even claim that I have died years before the darklings of Underfall mentioned a "queen." Some of their accounts, are indeed, fictitious. No. I have carried on beyond those records. I have traveled the world to so many places across time and change, and have met so many people. I also have so many stories now - tales of love, hatred, darkness, and of course a little bit of cheer for the kids I've met, but one thing I never miss seeing is death. Here are a few stories I have to tell - my thoughts are likewise included. These are some of the things that happen in the days and nights of the world. List of Books 1. Magic (current) 2. Return to Shaenlir 3. Time of Darkness 4. The Dream Crisis (finished) 5. The Heir's Plight 6. The Apprentice
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