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  1. Well, good story line especially the starting needs to be brilliant, otherwise it is quite difficult to follow the game. Otherwise the series should already be known to be too good.
  2. :S, after doing a bit of a research , I concur with slim...(:S), mainly for 2 reasons 1. If its nox, then uma should be there(its a cover) 2. Only Mel wears that ribbon on her hair(and again its a cover photo) Can't say anything about the fire though.
  3. I tried reaching around level 20 before getting to thais(to save those 3 free levels). Seriously, kudos to you :bravo:
  4. @princess : :thanks: mylady :oops: has been years now, forgot who was who, still it holds for Nox(yeah cool )
  5. Zip/Rar size doesn't matter but installer puts it down in the registry and uninstaller doesn't remove it, you know collection of it and registry is a dust bin.
  6. @daeva_agas :thanks: yup, Mel... damn cool and looks like snow queen has reached her avatar state
  7. where is the cover art , i missed it, could anyone please take the burden of redirecting me in the right direction. :help:
  8. Your teacher was a good one fariha, but i can't completely accept your statement of respecting elders or even teachers just because they are older(they need to earn it as others said above). I am frankly telling you, i don't respect all the elders including profs(and i don't think there is a need to), i am just neutral to every one and try to not hurt anyone that's it (doesn't mean i am respecting them), but some people, they've just earned it, including some profs, my parents ofcourse and some of my classmates and friends. We just need to take care of other's feelings and not hurt them, no need to respect a person until obviously he deserves it. Again, just my opinion. :rolls eyes:
  9. ujwal08

    Magic Debate

    Well, i back Fariha on this, there is a word for it because people believed it existed. and well, healing of that sort is more like recovery of the body than magic.
  10. Yup, he should have said something like it, but again in an imperfect world like this embarrassment :oops: sometimes leads to anger :x , and then you can imagine what happens next.(anything out of the blue) BTW, i am not too proud of what i said to my social science teacher(really) :oops: Anyways chill out 8) young one , you have a lot to learn about the outrageous incidents that happens with people. PS: I don't intend to criticize anyone here, just sharing my thoughts on it. :roll:
  11. @Emma In an ideal world, emma no one would be called impolite cuz everyone will empathize with others and understand their philosophies, but you know unfortunately for us, we are quite easily offended mostly if we care about what others think of us(and whatever is happening is in front of other people) and personally, i don't care about others thinking about me(or so i think ), but you know there is still a small bad feeling anyways if somebody says i'm wrong(which might increase for me when i grow older).I can give you an example, everyone has stage fear, don't they. Now, imagine your teacher not being very open minded and someone telling him in front of his class that he's wrong(whatever he is saying comes out mainly because of embarrassment, defense mechanism kicks in). So, please empathize with him, it is his psychological state and he's lived with it too long to change it now. I am not saying, you are impolite but keep their mind in your mind :S and think how will they react to it when you say it. PS: Well, i passed through your stage, and i once even argued with my social science teacher about the subject being useless and she argued back in a cool demeanor. Now, she was an ideal teacher wasn't she?(Yeah she was quite friendly)
  12. I'm from India too!(Delhi actually)
  13. I guess we could put it in a different point of view. Well, maybe people doing such things are actually not such 'douches' but rather quite ignored people(a possible psychological reason). So, I guess despising them isn't any good. Rather you might like to pity them(or ignore them) for their psychological condition which would be the most annoying thing you could do to them BTW I don't mean to support it in any way, but that's what people do for a few likes and seeking a bit of attention(be that in form of anger).
  14. well, the only places are the bridge to go to candar or thais where u get it, and the place in the north where there is snow, that City where u get the clown. u might have left it there. where there are 4 white wolves u have to go through there.
  15. ujwal08

    Avvies and Siggies

    wow mika! sign of a pure druidess from ur set!!
  16. HAILS to aaron and team everyone, due to his music the aveyond series has become much much more enjoyable!
  17. well, i'm able to edit it but i can't press on any of the stars so it still remains as no stars filled and i can't even delete my review to re-enter it. P.S.: i've sent a mail to their customer service about it but i don't think they'll approve.
  18. Man! the first review was not worth review but i clicked on 5 star so why doesn't the star 5 stars appear on my review? It appears even in the aggregate that i didn't even rate the game! it says 7 votes Please help me i'm scared that i did something wrong?
  19. WOW!!!!!! thats amazing Aaron!!! I just want that pack! aw..but i've to wait.:cry:
  20. ya, bloodbath would be a great effect, reviving a city which had bloodbath and uniting the pirates, so that they're in our side(non playable characters) and use them against the villain!
  21. ujwal08

    Stumble Upon

    well, i don't know where to post it exactly but I got a new addon for mozilla firefox,'STUMBLE UPON', so i wanted to share it here, everytime u use it, it shows a new site based on the subjects which u selected. and the sites are extremely useful and informative If u get some good sites with that feature u can post it here! Here's the link! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/138 i'll post my sites soon!
  22. ujwal08

    Avvies and Siggies

    well, its an anime about a detective.
  23. ujwal08

    Avvies and Siggies

    cute sets CANDY! and KIRROHA!!! i too watched detective conan!
  24. ujwal08

    Avvies and Siggies

    too many sets Beautiful sets every one!!!!!
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