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  1. when you went to Boris island, did you take some sort of boat that was next to your "safehouse" on that pier? Or did you go there by foot? (can't remember if there was another option instead of going by boat)
  2. @Stella.Nox Did you try exiting the island and going back to your boat? There should be some cut scenes and there is a part where you sleep before you exit the island... if my memory serves me correctly.
  3. The logo looks great and the screenshot included. Cant wait for the release of version 2.0 ^^
  4. Woooo horray for mouse support! And lovely title screen Kirroha~
  5. Looks like a promising plot *click notify button* Can't wait to see further updates
  6. @GorgeousKaydee_ I experimented with both options, but found the "husband to go hide" option to be more more rewarding. I believe you can find a belladona from harvesting one of the boxes at the beginning of the game... Though I do not remember completely. Well eventually, you get to choose almost all of the skills for Auria as the game progresses on and into Acts II and III. There is no "best skill" since lots of them are passive (not used directly in battle) and a few attacking and healing skills. Choose whatever you think is beneficial for Auria at the moment and work with the other skills (It might also depend on what kind of class you chose Auria to be at the beginning of the game when you entered the Hall of Legends. Remember looking into the two pools and taking out a weapon/shield? You would approach the altar with your weapons and it then gives you some sort of "role"? I got myself as a supporter, so most of my skills were healing. I know someone else who got the role as a guardian...)
  7. @ayne No problem. Glad I could help There is a mini-side quest in town that might benefit you from the fight against the bandits. Go to the house on the right side of the town near the exit to the woods --> talk to the lady in it and find her husband. Once you find her husband, return to the house and engage into their conversation about what the couple should do next. You are now presented with two choices on what the couple should do, and whichever you pick, you will be rewarded. Also stock up on potions if you can at the general store in the village The bandits are one tough bunch.
  8. Because this thread looked interesting, I tried out vacant skies. And I was definitely hooked on it for three days straight Right now on Act III and slowly inching to finish it... I couldn't find Act III on the blog, but I used this mirror instead. Hope it works for you Vacant Sky III Mirror
  9. Awesome! The painting effect makes the setting more realistic than the regular pixel graphics ^^ Kudos to you!
  10. Lovely! The plot and the characters sound really intriguing ^^ I look forward in seeing the development~
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