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  1. Their starting locations made it rather tricky to dodge them, but I was really lucky and managed to defeat them (: Thanks for your help!
  2. This hasn't happened to me ever, which is probably why I'm so ill prepared for it. I'm stuck in the Worm Tunnels, and cannot get past the 3 worms to get back to the city, Tyobi. Mel and June are both dead, and Lynette and Edward both have 40 something health. I have no healing items, at all (not even a cassia leaf), and no eggs (with the exception of a blue warp egg, which is useless). I've already used the life crystal. I don't have a save spot, in which everyone is alive or has full health, so I might have to start over the game from my previous game ): Or is there a monster near by that drops healing items, like venison??? Help is much appreciated! (:
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