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  1. help..?

    How can u lost the music box or even the faux key Its unsellable
  2. Guess the anime!!! :)

    Me! Why am I answering again when i know I cant participate sigh... Its ore monogatari
  3. This or That!

    Wild life *at least u can run* Nurse or Doctor
  4. Ban the person above you

    Banned just because i can
  5. Up & Down

  6. This or That!

    Ripe Deaf or mute
  7. Change A Letter!

  8. Bite, kick, hug, kiss....etc the person above u :-P

    *pour a glass of water on the miracle candle*
  9. Ban the person above you

    Banned for keep banning ppl after being banned
  10. Guess the anime!!! :)

    Ita kaidan restaurant But I cant put and image in this post so ill pass the challenge to the next person
  11. Nick Names

    Im used to be Fuu But now ill settle with Faye
  12. What pet would you have?

    Baby pomerian husky mix I always want the combination of dog thatll make them look like a baby wolf But corgi will also do... *ok I think I just want puppies*
  13. Change A Letter!

  14. This or That!

    Midnight Fan or AC
  15. Boots to help move faster?

    It is boot of haste but here's the thing The boot have to be worn by your party leader otherwise the boots wont work So you have to choose wisely on whom u want it to be worn