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  1. How can u lost the music box or even the faux key Its unsellable
  2. Wild life *at least u can run* Nurse or Doctor
  3. Banned for keep banning ppl after being banned
  4. Irene_Faye

    Nick Names

    Im used to be Fuu But now ill settle with Faye
  5. Baby pomerian husky mix I always want the combination of dog thatll make them look like a baby wolf But corgi will also do... *ok I think I just want puppies*
  6. It is boot of haste but here's the thing The boot have to be worn by your party leader otherwise the boots wont work So you have to choose wisely on whom u want it to be worn
  7. @grisel: lol I prefer my vampire and werewolf as the traditional one i think not sparkly and shapeshifting Im taking a break from wattpad I guess *afterall ive ruled the Indonesian ver for 2 years straight b4 so ill take a break* I dont watch naruto but if it a crush ita probably sasuke but that was 6 years ago though haha Is there whovians here? If there is what do u think of the 12th doctor now?
  8. Hmmm movie that i last watch... Of itals movie i think ill be in trouble coz the last movie i watch was a cheap local horror movie that was forced on me coz my friends want to watch it just to find a reason to hang out.. Problem is the movie gave me headache for all the stuff that doesnt make sense in it... If i live in that kind of world i think ill went straight to both the hero and heroine and banged their head together... Oh well as for if its a series/film I watch bakuman last since Im preparing my self for its live action...living in the world like that is very normal i think Problem Ill probably still didnt live in japan and doing whatever boring stuff i did right now.. So yeah... Well, can u recommend any novel you've been reading now and why? Im currently reading prince of thorns by mark lawrence but well i read it mainly because its recommended by rick riordan and havent really get the hang of the story yet so tell me what you got
  9. Hello, long time no see I'm Fuu (in most site now I probably known as Irene_Faye though) not entirely new, but well, I guess I'm back hope to be active soon, but well, since I don't have that much of a free time now, I think I'll just have to start it slowly Nice to meeet you all again
  10. you don't know how grateful I am to be back here again after like forever and found your story ... it feels magical It makes me want to start writing Av 1 fanfic again *well you have your theory I have mine hehe* but this is totally cool, and I like how the story ended. thanks again!!!
  11. Okay, so as I read through the post here, I relized that people said that they have to give the lil girl in Veldarah a kitten or a candy if you want to get a cupcake. But I found that no matter what present you gave the kids, you'll get your cup cake. I try this for fun, to see how the girl will react. But found that if you didn't talk to the girl first (you can either ignore all the kids and the mother in the party or just talk to the mother), you'll see that all you have to do is walk to the table and take the cupcake (it happend in either build A or build . So Yeah, I take the cupcake first then I talk to the kid. She goes: Wow, it's not what I wanted but I love it. And the mother kick us from the house--which will makes the house locked for us from that time. But I still get my cup cake. Did anybody notice it too?
  12. I don't know about you, but I finished all four chapter in max time of four day (that's mean I only spend 4 hour per day on it--LoT and TLO only takes me 3 hour to finished after all). I finished playing all the aveyond series (including AP) in a week with aproximately 4 hour a day, to finished all of them (actualy it only takes me 6 days but it still count as a week). Aveyond is refreshing--that was right, but it's not as challenging as other famous RPG (such as Final Fantasy, Tales series, and Suikoden). I found the reason the game is devided into 4 parts is to avoid game crashed and burdening the downloader (sum up all the four chapter size and you'll relized that it's almost 500 mb--the sized of a movie), and it won't be called mini game anymore.
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