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  1. I can't give a definite date. There have been other projects I've been working on. Perhaps I will be able to start on it next year. I appreciate your interest!
  2. Wow, this looks really amazing!
  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the game! the sequel isn't in production yet, but its been fully drafted.
  4. Hi, everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that our annual Song of Trees and Spring Festival is happening now! This year's theme is Egypt and Strawberries! Come visit the Fairgrounds for some games, contests and lots of great food and fun! http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=60 The Song of Trees and Spring Festival is held every year here at Amaranthia. The wonderfully awesome Druids and Druidesses of the Amaranthian Grove are always keeping it exciting and fun for everyone! Visit the fairgrounds and have fun! Archdruidess Elinirewiel "Wolfmother" Moonbrooke
  5. Level 35-40+ at least is ideal. You should first concentrate on casting protective buffs on your party with Nadiya's abilities (Thunder focuses on auxiliary abilities). Keep Adonis healing (or have Kenneth use healing potions on the party since he usually goes first in battle) or attacking with his holy/divine spells since Bereth is weak vs. Divine.
  6. No problem! Well in order for you to find the treasure, you will need to purposefully fall down from a certain spot. Otherwise, you can simply continue your ascent up the tower.
  7. Don't fall in the pits (touch the black areas) else you will fall down the pit and have to start again from bottom to top (it's a tower, after all). However, stepping on certain black areas may have you fall in front of a treasure box. Pay attention to where you fall and you can get an idea of where
  8. Yes, that is supposed to happen. You have to step carefully. Certain spots, however, will drop you in front of valuable treasure when you fall EDIT: I've also added a patch for the rosemary quest bug. You can get it from the Support section of the Exodus Studios website
  9. Sorry for missing the previous post. Wow! I just checked and realized this quest was never implemented. This will not prevent you from finishing the game, however. It's a side quest. I'll fix this and post an update soon Thank you for spotting this!
  10. a) The ideal level range for the Water Trials is around 6-8. In each of the trials, you'll find an armor piece that Kili can equip that will make him stronger for the upcoming battles. Most are hidden in chests that require thorough exploration of the area (which will make way for levelling up in the process) Kili is a Rakshasa, a type of fiend in the Under Realm. Age varies, and in the game, I left his age as 'unknown,' however, in Human standards, he would be approximately equivalent to a Human in their late teens - early 20s.
  11. Hi there! Thank you for your comment! I'm very glad you are enjoying the game! If you need help with anything in the game feel free to ask in this thread.
  12. Wow, two more games in the works? Awesome! And yes, Xathia is me!
  13. Hey great job! I've been following the developing progression of this game in your blog. It's so great to see it finally finished! Congratulations! And I'm such a fan of your sprite work.
  14. The cave is the same place you rescued Sofia. It's in the east/northeast part of the world map.
  15. Check the cracked wall in the northern part of town
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