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  1. yes Xchain this one called Everlong is just as good, and the name says it all.... I still haven't finished it! LOL http://www.nealien.com/Everlong/
  2. actually, yeah, I had that bug when garnet trances; but for some reason it stopped when she levelled up some... it was because she'd trance like, everytime because she was so weak... dunno why I got the idea but I leveled her up by trial & error, then saved after every battle until it stopped happening!LOL but now I'm stuck AGAIN! can I find Fifi's necklace? it's under the prison-guy's bed... wherever that may be. I have several normal keys, but can't open any doors. I've literally scoured every wall with the spacebar and talked to everyone I can think of. what's the deal here?!
  3. ok... this was the reason for making this topic & getting all you's hooked on this game I can't pass the journeyman trial despite at least 10 attempts. I can however tell you what I know about the Mt Quaf caves though: after you jump-start machines, check to see if they work... even if you see them moving. 1)there are chests which contain monsters. if you let them self destruct you gain nothing. if you beat them first, you get $1,000 gold my hint is: don't let them know you're WAY stronger than they are... as a general rule in the game the monsters fight back stronger the harder you fight. 2)there are no set rules for the crystals. the 'rules' or 'hint' is in the first cave, where the large crystal block is next to two machines. 3)*pretend it's a birthday-cake* means "blow out the candles" find a wind crystal.... the cave directly below 4)use the Ice crystal to fill large gaps in the path 5)use an Ice crystal to 'walk over water' 6) use an earth crystal to 'walk over water' 7)use a fire crystal to melt ice blocks 8) in one room, remove the fire crystal first, then replace it with an air crystal. wander around the area... you will be 'wisked' across a large cravass... from there you'll need a thunder crystal. don't forget to check the machine is working. up top of that you will see a water crystal is stuck.... but no sign of water. there you have to use an ice & fire crystal to make the water. then remove the water crystal to cross. 9)over on the right there is a room where you must jump stone to stone. fill the cart with rocks (use an earth crystal) to gain enough momentum to break the crate. set the cart going with a thunder crystal near the machine. (both crystals are in the adjoining 'jump-jump' room 10)this will give you a darkness crystal to allow you to continue. 11) don't remove the astral crystal... this needs to be in place later to get one of the four special items in the caves (tho they are not necessary to complete the trials) I'm stuck at the point where if you use the earth crystal to cross a river at a later point, it drops earth in 2 places at once. if you jump over to the second one, you can jump on the pile (but alas, another bug: not off again, so you must resart) so I assume that a second crystal is needed to make this pile of earth somthing which will 'transport' you to the other side of the room. will skip ahead to mt quaf on my walkthrough if u guys want. though, I pretty much covered it from memory here I think!!LOL edit: oh way to go dawnfire!! you rock!! I'd almost given up again!... that's why it took me so long to check back with you guys I wish my computer loaded up ALL the posts (dunno why it sometimes don't) you're walkthrough kicks ass!! shall I still go back to making my walkthrough?
  4. Walkthrough part c ORLEANS: * time gem * fire stone * ether # swap alex a mid potion and an ether for a leather vest # need a key to get mage masher # need Zidane to get locked chest open behind locked door in house -leather vest TSUNAMI LVL 5 = FORCE STRIKE ANIME LVL 5 = BUDDAH'S PALM 1) TO ACTIVATE NEXT SEQUENCE, TALK TO INNKEEPER. *if you wish to explore Orleans by daylight, do so before going to the inn. 2) chase & find thief 3) defeat tranced thief (dragonslave is good ~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~ Side Quest #1: hero rank +1 on completion Apocthacary *must be completed before check-in* APOTHACARY'S CLUES: (you can ask her again anyway) one is in the possesion of a care-free spirit one is in the hands of one with stories three one is in a place we dare not tread *the cat has a recipe in it's mouth *behind* the grave with flowers has a recipe *one recipe is in the 'bad' part of town... the NE corner. temporary but big: Elixir (saleable 5,000 gold) restores HP&PP 100% small but longer lasting: power source (raise power score by 3) ON COMPLETION RECIEVE: *phoenix down *ether *adrenaline *500 gold *wooden armlet *antidote *tent *2 potion *sapphire sell for 2,000 gold #also, the Apothacary's tent outside will sell you two rare items; one of which I have not seen elsewhere: the normal key. which unlocks locked doors, and is very rare. *however, there is a glitch where it takes ALL the keys you own to unlock a door?! so only keep one!* ~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~oO0Oo~ there is a time gem in the NW corner, in the NW corner of the graveyard. in the SE corner, above the bank, is a house with an open door. one sack of flour has the fire stone. there is an ether in a chest in the back storeroom (inside) the inn. mage masher in chest behind locked door, in thief's dungeon chest behind locked door has leather vest, need Zidane. CHRONOS' HINT: When you go to sleep, you will be drawn into a scenario with someone who will soon become an ally. But first Anime' must first track this person down and defeat him in combat alone. make sure Anime is protected from sleep, and be ready to use clense to heal him from blindness. You will have to fight this person twice, but will have your allies for the second fight. at that point the boss will not inflict status, only dammage.
  5. you meet up with the tantalus later, and question about the painting... wow! every1 has gone through fast.. taking my time for the walkthrough. walkthrough part b: ************************************************** SENSEI SHEN LONG, ANIME AND TSUNAMI'S DESOLATED HOME * shen long key * 1000 gold * 2 tattered rags a) find the key 1) OPEN SHEN LONG'S TREASURE BOX the tree in the SW corner has the key in the SW corner of Shen long's bedroom ! -shen long's savings ************************************************** HYNE VILLAGE * normal key * ether * bandana * 150 gold * tent * potion * echo screen * tranquilizer * 4 antidote * 2 smelling salts 1) drink ale from the pub 2) talk to maria in the item shop NW corner ! -normal key stairs next to the inn (go under sack) -chest -ether (use normal key to open door -chest -bandana) upstairs inn -chest -150 gold give alex antidote -chest -tent NW house kitchen dresser -potion NE house (beneath graveyard) -wardrobe -echo screen maria's item shop: furthest bottom right flour has a tranquilizer in it maria gives 4 antidote, 2 smelling salts ************************************************** BLACKWOOD FOREST hint: don't listen to the sign It is also a good Idea to buy a sword before going into the forest, despite neither of the main characters need of it you can find a better one hidden in the forest though. * smelling salts * 100 gold * time gem * remedy * phoenix down * mid-potion * hat * 3 potion * Iron sword 1) time crystal (save point) in a cave, head N after walking over the log. 2) join up with Lina & Gourry (automatic) 3) defeat the mazoku 'mister grimm' 4) HEAD TO ORLEANS.... BIG CITY IN THE MIDDLE pick the blue flower SW the entrance -smelling salts pick the blue flower NE -100 gold top tree stump -time gem pick blue flower near stumps -remedy jump the creek and pick the blue flowers -phoenix down -mid potion blue flowers -hat blue flowers - 3 potion head SW after joining up with Lina & Gourry !-Iron sword LINA INVERSE: (lvl 10) W= White Heal -3 W Fire Barrier -12 W Ice Barrier -12 W Fireball -4 Flame Line -6 Ice shard -4 Frost wave -6 Lightning spark -4 Thunder sparkle -6 Water Beam -4 Earth Drop -4 Wind Gust -4 Elmekia Lance -8 W Flare Arrow -35 Dragonslave -25 GOURRY: (lvl 5) Sword Trip -2 Body Blow -4 CHRONOS' HINT: "while there are no puzzles in the Blackwood forest, you will have your first encounter with a recurring mini-boss. do not fear if two new allies suffer a great loss from this monster, for they will regain their lost goods and powers eventually. most important is to pick every flower in the forest regardless of, what any signs may say." ************************************************** Lina Lvl 5 _Heal -3 W _Fireball -4 _Ice shard -4 _Lightning spark -4 _Water Beam -4 _Earth Drop -4 _Wind Gust -4 _Elmekia Lance -8 W _Flare Arrow -35 _Dragonslave -25
  6. As there are SO many things you can interact with; I have stopped listing them, and now only list the things which are essential to the storyline or have things on them, hence, that section will now be last & called ~~spoilers~~ any other suggestions? (work in progress
  7. hello guys, as I have never written one before; please give feedback on layout/content thanks SHEN LONG, TSUNAMI & ANIME'S HOME: *3 Potion *2 Ether *2 Phoenix Down *antidote *Eyedrops 1) TRAIN WITH MOKUJIN just keep pressing enter or spacebar when Tsunami's bar reaches full... mokujin is easy to beat 2) COOK DINNER FOR ANIME AND SHEN LONG a) Find Tsunami's cooking pot. (upstairs) Find the water jug (same room) c) Fill the jug with water (water well, South of the house) d) Return to cooking pot. 3) SHEN LONG HAS CALLED YOU TO HIM FROM UPSTAIRS a) Go fetch Anime from the grotto... as far East as you can go. c) Return to Shen Long.... (is now in the library, upstairs) 4) GO OUT BACK DOOR TO SEE WHAT SHEN LONG IS DOING a) Face the music... go talk to sensei have a bath (downstairs) 5)ANIME CAN'T SLEEP- GO SEE SENSEI BY THE POND (despite his specific instruction not to) 6)SOMTHING IS WRONG- GO FIND SENSEI ~oO0Oo~ SHEN LONG'S KOKON-DO force strike -2 lotus blossom -12 empower -10 flurry attack -15 hand of god -64 buddah's palm -4 throat jab -6 aura -13 nerve strike -20 ~oO0Oo~ At some point it is a good Idea to go around and explore; these things you can interact with for information, items or experience: there is a bridge at the bottom of the stream; but near the top is a place you can jump over ~~spoilers~~ INSIDE: 1B sword racks paintings jar next to mokujin (healing) Mokujin (training or save) Kitchen shelves~ find the one with the potion and the one with the ether! empty or full jars folding wall sensei's treasure box bath 1F woodpiles water jug~ to fill or empty various bowls barrel of cooking wine empty space on counter... should you do it? phoenix down one jar has a potion... and aneurysm for some reason ?!(safe) Tsunami, Anime and Shen Long's dinner bowls decorative armor 2F all the books in the library folding walls treasure chests beds japanese dictionary Murasame clothes chests shen long's lute OUTSIDE: NorthWestern corner: potion Waterfall: ! eyedrops, ! phoenix down rocks but not trees...save one...later on the pond SoutheEastern corner: ! (if you read the books, you'd understand antidote the sakura tree (cherry blossom) scarecrow field of practise pegs Ether in the stream judge's stage (sparring platform) buddah statue water well angel statues ~oO0Oo~ KING RAUL'S COLUSIUM before the final battle, there is a glitch where you can walk south to the wall, then on either side you can walk 'through the wall and upstairs' to the spectator area! when you talk to the specators, it's information for later on in the game. if you go to the room with lines of flares, don't go out the south door- that's the entrance to the castle but you get stuck in that scene. you can actually escape without fighting this way. also, you can use this glitch to buy unlimited 'time-shards' and 'hero's journals' but don't use the 'time-shards' until you have 4 members in your party or you'll get stuck *3 antidotes *ether *3 eyedrops *potion *mid potion ~oO0Oo~ 1)lot's of clip-scenes! the monsters are easy to fight, just one or two hits of plain 'fight' a) talk to Tsunami. (also try to talk to stiles and blank) and get your ether and antidotes go to bed. (also try to talk to rapier and Ruby) and get your potion and eyedrops 2) FIGHT STILES & RAPIER a) but Tsunami panics and heals them... then use the weapon stands either east or west to get to the spectator stands c) go downstairs to free the slaves (once each side) -though not necessary- d) finally upstairs (twice) and north avoiding the soldiers, to climb the vine down ~oO0Oo~ BOY'S CELL: bucket near hole in wall -antidotes x3 left wall, southern room ! ether all beds, tables and notices on wall all people all crates (and like it says, none have anything in them) torches GIRL'S CELL: bucket near hole in wall -eyedrops x3 wall between the two southern rooms, south side potion all beds, tables and notices on wall all people all crates (and like it says, none have anything in them) torches FIGHTING ARENA: right wall, near bottom corner ! mid potion (can be reached from either side of wall) you can talk to the spectators and the guards blocking the entrance (but if you do you went south not north ~oO0Oo~ THE CAVE don't forget to equip any armor you may have procurred from your battles if you save your game at a time crystal before asking Chronos for a hint, you can get the hint, quit then restart from your save game with the time gem! * ether * 2 rough hide * 3 brass knuckle * tent 1) find the bridge pieces a) good idea to activate the time crystal. the first time you get miss secretary's explaination, so you have to activate this one twice. DEFEAT JAGI! right hand (East) cross roads -chest -ether South cross roads, turn left ! -time gem, turn right *puzzle* chest -bridge piece, switch North-Eastern corner, jump accross river -chest -rough hide (armor) also ! brass knuckle follow river south, skeletons: -2 brass knuckle -chest -bridge piece defeat jagi -rough hide after parting ways with stiles & rapier, check the wall on the right -tent CHRONOS' HINT: "in order to escape from Raoul's clutches, you must first build a bridge, using two bridge pieces scattered in chests on the south side of the cavern. The rock puzzle is easy if you just step back and look at it. the skeletons pose no threat to a party that passes dear Ultimecia's judgement. The boss of the dungeon has a weak central nervous system, and while he is resistant to shock, there is another ailment he is quite vulnerable towards. Beware though! if you dally too long, the Knights of Raoul will catch you" As there are SO many things you can interact with; I have stopped listing them, and now only list the things which are essential to the storyline or have things on them, hence, that section will now be last & called ~~spoilers~~ any other suggestions? (work in progress aislingyngaio: Merged posts
  8. glad you guys got through you can only save at specific save points like crystals or when on the world map. it gets annoying at first... but it just makes it more of a challenge
  9. yeah, my 'battle weapon' folder is empty too... but I'm no programmer so I don't know the implications of this...
  10. yeah, I know what you mean... especially since the start-up storyline is such a long one. out of interest... which file did you download? I did the full version, as I have a fast connection. also I have started a walkthrough; though I've never done one or really used them much so it may take a while. I'm a very thorough person. could not find any useful info other than the site I gave above. if anyone else has come across another walkthrough or current forum, I'd like to know
  11. I'm sorry dawnfire I never had that glitch... the game ran smoothly for me all the way. I'll have a looksie if there's a walkthrough, otherwise I'll start the game again; and write one...though I have only got to half-way, you guys may have to help me from then on
  12. the first time I played it; it took a fair while. but my skill must've increased because the seccond time it took only several hours to get to where I am (halfway I think) I think it's been done well. you'll love it I'm sure
  13. Developer: MayorAnime Warning: This game contains mature themes Love this game:) http://life-larp.com/events/LL/ll-downloads.htm I can't seem to pass my 'journeyman trials' though. If anyone has, would you please let me in on the secret of the crystals? I have seriously tried and failed too many times :s if you haven't played.... you must. warning: mature themes... skillfully played though. Added by aislingyngaio o/b Xchain: Lost Legacy-An Animania Story A game made by Christian Roule Game Details Overview Faqs Downloads (last updated 4/5/09) Full game with patch 6b (Main) Full game with patch 6b (Mirror) Latest patch (6b) Warning: This game contains mature themes Official Forums http://z13.invisionfree.com/InspirationalDesigns/index.php? Journeyman Trials Walkthrough by Dawnfire Main Mirror Commentary Walkthrough by aislingyngaio http://houseofngaio.t15.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=77&f=19
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