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  1. I played the game to the end with Nicholas and Emma (and Ean and Iya, of course). I can't imagine playing the game without those blizzard scrolls. I think because although I enjoyed the game, at some point the repetitiveness gets to me and I just want to get through with the monster killing and see what unfolds next in the story. Using powerful weapons helps move the game along more quickly. Yes, I know I am saying contradictory things: that blizzard scrolls are too powerful, but that I liked using them. (I never claimed to be consistent.) Anyway, I thought of another suggestion. I never used Ava as an active member of my party a single time throughout the entire game. I think it would more challenging and interesting if you had to use certain characters at certain places in the game to the point that all the characters would level up at about the same rate. By the way, for me the game was addictive. Whenever I started playing I found it very difficult to set aside. Sometimes I would play for hours on end. I have an comment that is totally unrelated. It will probably seem "out of left field". It's just something I keep thinking about.: I live in the USA. It seems strange to me that here I am playing a video game while thousands of miles there is a real war going on in Iraq with people killing each other for real. Soldier and civilians being killed and maimed up by "suicide" bombers. And yet, from the day to day life here you would never know there was a war going on. I don't really know anyone who is directly affected by it. From everything I've seen on TV and read about WWII, that war affected just about everyone. Many people were involved in the war effort, even if they were not actually in the military. It just seems strange to me that life goes on here as if nothing unusual were going on. I guess it's the juxtaposition of the images (playing a video game here while there is a war going on over there) that is strange. I just wondered if anyone else thinks about these things.
  2. Well, I finally completed Aveyond II. Beating Hepititus was really hard. I had to re-do the whole sequence at least four times, maybe five. Good thing I saved those two "tincture hypericum". I really enjoyed playing Aveyond II, but there are a few things I think would have made the game a little better/even. Keep in mind this is not meant as negative criticism. I am not saying I could write a better game. I have no idea how to write such a game, and I admire people who have the ability to create such things. I'm sure it takes a lot of work and a lot of time. Anyway, here's what I think. 1. The amount of "pennies" and gems available when beating the monsters in Dogwort Plains and Fairy Tale Forest is too much. Before I left those areas I had well over 100,000 pennies. I think by the end of the game I had over 400,000. It's nice to be able to buy 99 blizzard scrolls and 99 venison, but it takes a little bit of the challenge out of the game. 2. The blizzard scroll is so much more powerful than any other scroll that it's really lopsided. If I recall correctly, the blizzard scroll was effective on just about every monster except the Snow Queen. I think it would be better to have a variety of equally powerful scrolls, but ones that are only effective on certain monsters. From about the middle of the game I had all my characters using blizzard scrolls continuously because they were so effective. I used them so often I knew the keystroke sequence to reach the scrolls (up arrow, enter, page down twice, up arrow three times, enter). Of course, the position in the inventory changed over time as I used up various items. 3. White Pass was way too hard, especially considering the paltry amount of experience points you get for killing those wolves.
  3. Well, the "bottom line" is that I can now open the game and Save2 is good, so I'll just start from there. I'll lose a few hours of game play, but that's better than losing everything. Thanks, Shaz, for your time and suggestions.
  4. "Curiouser and curiouser!" I think something is seriously wrong with Save0.rxdata and Save1.rxdata. Those are the two most recent saved files, but the size of Save0 is only 89 KB, and the byte count of Save1 is only 6 KB. All the older saved games are larger files (over 100 KB). Here are the troubleshooting steps I've taken: 1. Signed on to my computer with the admin account instead of my usual account (I'll call it the "marshach" account.) 2. Copied Save2 from my marshach account to the Admin account. I was then able to open the game and load Save2. As a further step, I copied Save1 from my marshach to the Admin account, overwriting the Save1 file that was already there. After that, I began seeing the same exact error I was getting originally. So, I think my Save1 file is corrupted. 3. Finally, I tried replacing the Admin's Save0 with marshach's Save0. The strange thing is that marshach's Save0 appears to be a brand new game (Ean only). I don't know for sure, but I suspect that when I attempted to start a new quest (when I was signed on with the marshach account) my old Save0 (the one I wish I could use) was overwritten. Well, the "bottom line" is that I can now open the game and Save2 is good, so I'll just start from there. I'll lose a few hours of game play, but that's better than losing everything. Thanks, Shaz, for your time and suggestions.
  5. shaz - In another posting for the same problem Brycej recommended the user email the saved file to admin@amaranthia.com to see if they could fix it. Is that a possibility? I'm afraid if I re-install the entire program I might lose my saved games.
  6. By the way, I had not seen your original reply yet when I submitted my second posting in this thread. I did not know anyone had even replied yet. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. shaz - You asked: "Did you get the screen where you can select which save file you want to load?" No, I can't even get as far as select which saved game I want. The error occurs as soon as I select "Load Quest" on the main screen. I tried what what you suggested: I renamed Save0.rxdata to Save0.rxdatabak and then tried to start the game again. As soon as I hit "Load Quest" I get the same error. Edit: By the way, I had not seen your original reply yet when I submitted my second posting in this thread. I did not know anyone had even replied yet. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. I tried to start a new quest to see if maybe I could load my old one from there. What happened is that shortly after the game began there was a dialogue box with a message something like "The first thing you should do is save your game.." The same error occurred immediately and the game closed.
  9. Please help! I am nearing the end of the game. This evening when I started Aveyond and selected "Load Quest" I immediately get a Windows error message: Script 'Window_SaveFile' line 39: EOFError occured End of file reached.
  10. Dang blast and Holy cow! Would you believe... I got the Phoenix Sphere and I've spent hours since then leveling up to try to get Iya's spells to upgrade, but they never did. I just thought I needed to keep leveling up. Then I read this topic and I realized - although I have had the Phoenix Sphere for a long time, I never did equip it as a shield!!! Argh! I can't believe it.
  11. Ah... I guess that is how tournaments work. I thought I could keep going back until I won. I've covered a lot of ground in the game since then. I'm not going back just for that! Thanks for replying.
  12. I did lose a round to "Terrible Trevor", but I waited a long time before I went back to try again. I approached the character at the table where you sign-up for the tournament, but he won't speak to me.
  13. Okay, this is bizarre. I've checked the walkthrough and searched the Aveyond II forum for an answer to this, but have not been able to find anything. I've returned to Seri again so Emma can fight in the tournament. When I approach the Fight Master he says, "Leave or I'll have my men throw you out." What's up with that? :S
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