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  1. Where's this man? Can i do that once i've done the baby thief quest, but didn't break out Rat before it?
  2. Is there anyway to help Rat AFTER you've finished the quest? I was looking around the forums and stuff, and people were saying no
  3. Me and my brother are playing this game and we obtained the ugly hercules bust. We were wondering if there's any use for it. Is there? P.S. Do you guys agree that it's annoying that if you helped with the baby theif thing, you can't get the golden frog?
  4. Thanks so much guys! Now i have to play the game to remember what happens x)
  5. I'm gonna do a Rhen's Quest story thingy, the words might be completely different, but who cares Chapter 1: Agas A woman dressed in a wonderful robe runs desperately onto a cliffside, which for some reason, looks way up in space. A mysterious man in blue armour follows her and shoots a bright fireball at her. Woman: OW! Who are you!? Man: Priestess! I am Agas, a daeva! Priestess: B-but, you should be l-locked in the demon realm with the rest of the d-daevas! Agas: Well durh, i'm not! My new master freed me! Priestess: W-who? Agas: Ahriman! Priestess: B-but i th-thought i defeated h-him! Agas: Nope! DIE! MWAHAHAHA! *cough* Agas shoots another fireball at the priestess and she falls to the ground. Agas runs away evil laughing. Priestess: I... Am... Not... Dead... Yet...
  6. Thanks! She must've been an even level
  7. What do they actually do? Me and my brother are playing aveyond and used a book with Lydia, it changed nothing. It gace her no spells and didn't change any of them. Are we doing something wrong or what?
  8. I HAVE IT! I need to go to Rita in Thais!
  9. Went to the castle, saw the princess, went to Hepititus, she said "Go away or i'll turn you into toads!", i went to Eston, Mel said "Oh well, he'll eventually find his way home.". I'm now on my way back to Istir Forest to go to the ice castle again :facepalm: What the heck did i do wrong? Edit: I HAVE IT! I need to go to Rita in Thais! aislingyngaio: Merged post. Please edit your last post in the future, if no one else has replied yet.
  10. I understand why you deleted the poll, i didn't mean to post it there 4/5. I went up to him, then pressed space. Then Mel said, "He'll eventually find his way home.". But thst was before i went to the castle... Thanks for your help
  11. 1. Can i get the golden egg from Gheledon in Twilight? If so, can you kinda tell me how? ____________________________________________________________ 2. Can you please (In loadsa detail) describe how i get the faux map to drive the pirates away from Stormbend? ____________________________________________________________ 3. Which is the first quarter key (Maybe the easiest) to get? ____________________________________________________________ 4. Do i actually ask anyone about the princess sleeping in Quin Castle? If so, who? ____________________________________________________________ 5. Is there a glitch in my game? Because i bought the eyedrops, gave them to the blind guy and Mel still said he'll find his way home. If i have to do something else, please tell me. ____________________________________________________________ I'll be really happy if you can answer
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