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  1. What I've played so far is quite enjoyable, can't wait to get to the juicy parts where good and evil will clash. Just a notice beforehand: The game I donwloaded says it needs RGSS104E.dll and there's only RGSS102E.dll. It's not really a big deal to download it somewhere else though you might want to put it in since not everyone knows where to find it. Minor spoilers (Just some ramblings of mine about the game): Act I Act II Act III
  2. It's been two years and I still hope this game will be released someday. Looks like there's been a demo version that could be played at a festival (source) but apart from that no news. :/
  3. I tried several times to pass the tree with the serpents in it and failed miserable. Even if I let myself be hit by the moths, I don't have enough energy to reach the top. I'm about to give up. [d]Is it possible to open the game in rpg maker and tweak the settings a bit?[/d] Well, I must admit I tweaked the settings a bit but I was pretty desperate. ^^ But I'm glad I can finally pass on.
  4. Thanks liza, I almost gave up on the game.
  5. Aw, it was so short. Nevertheless I enjoyed the story and I really liked the flashback drawings.
  6. How do I get into the Lorian Castle? I got the blessing of the wind and water spirit but to get the blessing of the fire spirit I need some kind of bean which I'd only get on the Lorian isle. But I was everywhere there('cept the castle where they wouldn't let me into) and didn't find a clue. :/
  7. Where can you find that piece of machinery the Historian guy asks you? EDIT: Nevermind I found it.
  8. It's pretty short if I remember right. Shouldn't take longer than 1-2 hours.
  9. Can anyone be so kind and reupload Vacant Sky Act III please? I can't find it on VC's blog.
  10. The summary sounds nice, I'll give it a try. I haven't played any rpg in such a long time.>.< I'm so tempted to look into the spoiler posted in the first post.xD Anyways, *downloading*. ^^
  11. I'm thrilled to play Act 3 but need to replay Act 2 before, as I don't remember the story well anymore.. :/ @theone: SPOILER AHEAD(highlight to read) For the wine glass, search the church in Viadahn. About the occult things, just fight the Virads in the warehouse where Seri was hold, they drop them. I got there a mask, uniform and hood. Though I don't remember anymore whether those 3 artifacts were enough to complete that quest. Well, your first two questions and a lot of other ones where already answered in previous posts. Next time, please look through the pages first before asking so that the thread won't get too long because of people asking the same things over and over again.
  12. ayne

    Anaryu - Cast Aside

    For the ones who're waiting for Chapter 3, the creator is still working on it: About the battle system: I really like it even though it's hard to get used to because it's different from the usual ones and changelling. At first I kept dying a lot too but the battles are not impossible to beat.
  13. ayne

    Last Scenario

    Though I can't help you with the money but about the Brigand cards, here's a quote from the walkthrough:
  14. Read Tarranon's post. Because of this the release date isn't set yet.
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