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  1. A voice jolted Seranis out of her daydreams and she glanced at the newest arrival - Darius Barrows. He had seated himself, and she cursed herself for not paying attention. Mother would not be proud. Aravis had stood and nodded, but Eden had done nothing. Sigh. Anyway, she herself followed Aravis' example and stood up before nodding and sitting down again. Let others think she was a parrot, but she was being decidedly uncreative today. Another voice - the leader of the Death Scythe guild. Well, don't we have a party, she thought darkly and unreasonably, but remained quiet. Then again, Aeron was saying...something. She could just barely manage to bother listening enough to make out the words 'absent', 'members', and 'wait'. Sighing again, she had just opened her mouth to say they should wait, but thought better of it and closed it, frowning. Must have been the alcohol.
  2. ((Whoopsadaisy. Well, diamondmist considered, we had a long talk, but in the end she said that she should concentrate on her exams... so, well... ^__^" guess dia's gone.))
  3. ((OOC: Yaaay. Sigh. Hm, Sai's thinking on joining. XD I get stretched out pages, too, but I just wait and let it load and it's corrected again.))
  4. ((OOC: Hello? Anybody here? No, seriously. Am I the only one checking this thread thrice a day? -__-))
  5. Seranis held her head as her vision blurred, much like it would without glasses aid, and cursed. Taking headache pills two at a time without water wasn't a good idea. Still, at least she could think clearly now, thank God. Alcohol tolerance was quite handy. If she remembered, she had to go to a meeting, concerning the Death Scythe Leader. It was still early, but with her balance condition, she would take an extra five minutes. She opened her cupboard, took a few more pills, and uncertainly walked towards where the meetings always took place. As she entered, she noticed two presences - Aravis and Eden. The former was organizing documents, it appeared. Well, damn. "...hello," she mumbled quietly, hoping that they didn't hear. What a dumb thing to say for a council member. Whatever would Mother say...? Probably shaking her head beyond the grave. Probably dancing polka with Bubb the Bubbly and Crazovia the Crazy.
  6. Seranis twitched at yet another mathematical calculation as she idly lounged upon her office chair. A half-empty bottle of alcohol, a lot of paperwork, a lot of paperwork, her glasses, her hair comb and brush and also a few things other people would consider useless cluttered her table. In fact, the entire office was squeaky clean; the only exceptions were the owner and her desk. "What the hell..." she sloppily wrote 78x as the very easy answer to the problem, and took a look at the paperwork mountain. "Stupid guilds... stupid guilds with lame names... stupid \guilds with lame names and sick senses of humor..." Some Death Scythe members had destroyed a portion of Lyre, as she had found out by a fellow subordinate. She wondered if the other members had received the news, and shook her head. They were more stressed than she was, and she also had to calculate the damage repair cost, reputation, and all those. Death Scythes were rather...well, undetectably and suspiciously non-trouble-making. And now, the evidence pointed to them. Whatever would the guild leader say to us...? A glance at the half empty bottle of alcohol. She picked it up and downed it, keeping a bottle of painkillers beside the bottle handy. --- ((edited!))
  7. Neraine raised an eyebrow. "You're eyes are getting better. Good job." The icy sword immediately recreated itself, and with a flourish she put it back in the casing on her back. "Well, hello, there," she adressed the freaks, "I'm Neraine. Don't take anything I said seriously. Don't talk to me if you can, applying to aall but Yani." She then tightly hugged the kid, and thought, 'Well, this might be boring.'
  8. USERNAME: rubymist NAME: Seranis "Sera" Rirurerian GENDER: Female AGE: 22 RACE: Human APPEARANCE: Sera has very short dark brown hair (See MEIKO, Vocaloid) and gray-green eyes. She frequently complains about her 'short eyelashes' but that is actually just because of the glasses she wears. She is tall, and has olive skin (a bit lighter than Leona Lewis), and long fingers. She bites her nails a lot, so her nails are very ragged. She wears a mauve cloak over a darker purple tunic and long pants. Her sleeves are so long only her fingers are visible. FACTION: Council Member GUILD NAME & POSITION: Council Member CLASS/JOB: Takes care of financial problems and rebel penalties (if that's applicable?) SKILLS AND ABILITIES: She isn't physically strong, but has a very fast mind and can assess and create strategies in under a minute. She is light and fast on her feet and is very flexible, though her muscle mass is near two. She isn't very good at magic, but her melee experience in ranged combat makes up for it. She knows some spells in lightning, though. LIKES: business, light weapons, flying, the sky, mathematics, statistics, silence, books, swords, sharp things, people who are smart, sleeping. DISLIKES: annoying people, heavy weapons, politics, geography, loud noises, swimming, not being respected to a certain degree. OTHER INFORMATION: She can't see anything without her glasses, and is sad that she's well on her way to becoming half-blind.
  9. Neraine started and hissed angrily, waving a sword at her. "Well, I'm surprised you're not running back to dear Xephyr," Neraine spat, aiming her sword at Yani's neck. "Tell me, how many circus freaks did you join? Three, two? Four?" Casting a disdainful glance at Yani's party members, aside the feline, she smirked. "Really? Is this the best you choose?"
  10. I found a bug! Does anyone know where I can post it? D:
  11. SAI? Well, I think you should set the layer to lumosity and then use a light color to color in the highlights. Not sure if that'll work, though, never tried it myself. OR you you make a desgin underlying the eyes with lumosity.
  12. Nera sighed and mentally checked her to-do list: 1. Find Yani and join her. 2. Kill someone. 3. Arrange Vena's wedding. 4. Kill someone. 5. Confess to Gelyan. Well, killing occured twice, so she found Yani already, and...cool, she could kill soon! But now, joining Yani was more important... A quick aura search and she picked out the golden aura, mixed with red. Aaaah, a feline. She ran towards the aura signature, and tried not to think of the complications back home. As soon as Yani was in sight, she frowned. A group of strange people surrounded the blasted girl and she herself had a cougar cub trailing at her side. Oh, she just had to make things difficult, didn't she... Nera sighed and then called out, "Oi, Yani."
  13. Neraine sighed and kicked the ground, watching as the dust flew up in a pretty cloud. Stupid dust. I hate dust... She was regretting coming over to Velacia anyway. Yani would fare well enough without her, and she didn't even know if Yani was still here. Her eye caught over a humongous crowd centering on strong auras. A familiar aura. "Yani," she whispered, and bolted to see if it was true, accidentally knocking into a man who had an aura similar to an angel, but much darker. A reaper? "S-sorry," she squeaked.
  14. ((Can we join now? The new ones, I mean?))
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