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  1. help

    Where is yalisfar (the place that has the tall trees)? Where can i get an orb staff for lars? I have 3 book pages. What do i do with them?
  2. indra

    i habe elini, rhen, lars, and dameon in my party and i got the GOD goodie so lars is in all 4 guild.
  3. indra

    i need help. i cant defeat indra!!! she keeps casting spells that do 200+ damage and spells that kill one party member in one shot!!! what spells do the most damage on her for lars?
  4. best stuff

    Where is the Harpy Staff, Crossbow or Skull Rapier, Morning Star,Ogre Axe,Winged Helmet, and Blessed Shield?
  5. best stuff

    what are the best weapons and armor for each of the characters(Rhen, Lars, Elini, Dameon, Talja, Pirate John, and Ghaland)?
  6. swords

    i know the sword of light is in halloween hills , but where in halloween hills? help. also where are the locations of the other swords?
  7. Ahriman's Prophecy Enhanced Edition

    i had a bug where you coudnt exit the death relics room and you were stuck fighting with the relic and you would die and the game would crash
  8. GOD goodie

    no it dosent start from the beginning it just continues
  9. GOD goodie

    i dont see that folder. on my computer, saves are in the ahrimans prohecy folder
  10. GOD goodie

    its a windows 7 ultimate
  11. GOD goodie

    What do you mean OS? The file that is already there is the GOD goodie so it should work but it isnt. Do i have to delete a certain map and replace it?
  12. GOD goodie

    i did. i already had a save file 1 . i replaced that one with the GOD save file . but that didnt work either. it didnt overwrite it.
  13. GOD goodie

    yes but when i open the game it still didnt overwrite the first slot. help!!!
  14. GOD goodie

    i tried the following to install the GOD goodie: 1) Download and open the ZIP file. You will see a saved game file inside. 2) Open C:\Program Files\Ahriman's Prophecy. 3) Drag the save game file from the ZIP to the Ahriman's Prophecy folder. BUT ITS STILL NOT WORKING!!! HELP! WHAT DID I DO WRONG?
  15. Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    i am at the part where you had to go to this specific city (cant remember the name) to get bombs so i can go through the volcano. but someone stole the bombs and i have to go through this maze. can anybody help me? i have tryed a million times and i still cant get it! thnak you. so much.