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  1. ((OOC: Playpink, I'd like to have Anika and Tollak meet soon, would that be okay with you?)) There's a trickster sitting in a tree, alternating between watching the goings on of one of Antagon's dregs and eating apple segments. Well, perhaps this might be fun. A few hours later, he stands before some guards at Castle Evilni. "I'd like to see the king, please." He claps his hands. "Hurry on now. I've got all day, but I don't think it's really necessary for this to take all day, do you?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tanya sat down and closed her eyes. Concentrate. She couldn't feel any internal injuries and only a few external. She rubbed some paste over those as she looked around. No one looks to be seriously injured, however, now's as good a time as any to at least attempt to make better acquaintances. She sees a young girl, Tasha, was it? who looks to be hurt. "Hello, Tasha? Would you like some medical assistance?"
  2. (ooc: thanks for the map, theAdept_Rogue, it's quite helpful to know where things are. And sorry for suddenly dropping off the face of the planet, folks! RL got hectic.) Henrick groaned and rubbed a hand on his forehead after reading the note. "Alright, I'll gather the men. Crimmus Council." He made to leave, but turned back before opening the door. "Hey, here, I caught this coney, it might be a bit less fresh, but, something to munch on, I guess." He tossed the rabbit Tacitus's way, shrugged his shoulders and continued out the door. The prospect from earlier was sitting against the opposite wall when Henrick came out. "Hey kid, what're you doing there?" The young man leapt up and mumbled something about not having any particular orders. "Alright, well, here's an order. Go find as many members of the guild as you can, and tell 'em to get their 'hinds back here before the hour's up." The prospect snapped a curt nod and ran off. "Crimmus." Henrick himself walked off down the halls, calling out to the various members to make sure everybody's ready for the meeting. This wasn't going to be pleasant. (ooc: FYI, 'crimmus' is like 'gosh' or 'darn' and the like, in case anyone was wondering) ************************************************** For the first time that she can remember, Talyn was bewildered. Someone was speaking to her. Not curtly, telling her to get out of the way, not with fear, as her victims would, but with a tone she had heard some others use with their 'equals.' She doesn't look up at Eldritch though, in fact, she turns away from him, kneeling in front of a pile of rubbish. "I'm bored. Simple as that." She placed her palm a few inched above a small rat, which glowed as it started to lift off the ground. It squeaked and writhed for a few moments before gasping softly and going limp. Talyn's smile curled tightly. "My superior is meeting with the council in regards to the incident in Lyre. I'm simply waiting for him to return. I have little to do until then, considering..." She trails off, attention now fully placed upon a mangy hissing cat. She giggles and hisses back.
  3. So I meant to post regarding this a while ago, but I keep forgetting because it has yet to come up. Today I was going to post using Tanya's Resplendent power, which deals light damage to enemies. Protagon's magic is weakened by magically created light. Hence, potential problem. Now, my first thought is 'well, Protagon isn't an enemy, so no problem!' but then I think, 'well, it *would* be easier to handwave it, make Protagon immune to it, but where's the fun in that?' I know, I'm evil. XD I just wanted some input on the situation before I go any further. I also have a backup plan to use Tanya's Mass Heal, so if anyone needs a quick mid-battle heal, raise your hand! Last note: When I read Kulina's reaction to the 'doggies' I laughed so hard. Now I've got this mental image of Kulina collaring one of them and keeping it as a pet! "Sit doggie! Good boy, have a biscuit!" EDIT: I also want to apologize for dropping off the face of the planet for a while there, I've had the craziest schedule lately, had barely enough time to relax, much less RP
  4. Talyn was bored. She struck out gathering allies (so far), and was left to wander about, blindly passing through walls and randomly killing rats. Frustrating thing, regulation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Darius had many questions, but he wasn't sure if he wanted answers. Had Talyn visited him that night? Or was it his imagination? Could she be one of those that had been punished? Darius squeezed his eyes shut and rested his head back. Let the others ask their questions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Henrick arrived back at his guild hall, the scent of a fresh kill on his clothes. Nothing evil, simply a rabbit. Tasty things, rabbits. He set to skinning his prey when a prospect guild member came up to him. "Sir, Vadas looks angry." Henrick growled. "Right. Lemme find him then. Where'dya last see him?" Ten minutes later, Henrick found his commander, in an absolute fit. Well heck. What happened now? "Well heck, Tacitus, what happened now?"
  5. Wolfmen?!?!?! Tanya cursed softly, fingering a faint scar on her upper abdomen, a parting gift from the very first wolfman she had ever met. She readied herself with her staff and made sure her knife was still in her belt. They came in the biggest pack Tanya had ever seen. Maybe a hundred? She couldn't tell. It didn't matter though, what mattered was defending herself and her companions. She managed to side-step a few and blungeon some others with her staff, sending small sparks at a few more with a couple choice spells. She heard a rather distressing yell coming from... Avarea. She was changing, and she looked like she was in the most intense pain... but then she turned into, of all things, a griffin, and stopped screaming. It was a long enough distraction that Tanya suddenly found herself on her back, pinned to the ground. The Wolfman... did it just smile? Tanya let out a yell of her own, indignant, disgusted. "No. You will NOT beat me!" The odds were stacked against her. She had only ever used the spell a few times before, so she wasn't sure if it would even work. But she had to try. She placed her palms flat on the ground. "Aelocesso!" A quick burst of air lifted Tanya and her captor up off the ground almost a foot in the air. It was enough. The beast was off her, and she could grab her knife and staff. Tanya could feel adrenline pumping through her body. She barely noticed the pain just below her right lung from landing hard and flat on the ground. She lunged at the rest of the pack just as they lunged at her. She aimed her knife at their claws, adeptly slicing through the wrists. Her staff she trained on her backs, bringing the sturdy wood down hard on their spines.
  6. Almost everyone was looking at her funny. She was being ridiculous. Her family taught her to be stronger than that. "I apologize for my behaviour, I don't know what's wrong with me today. It won't happen again, I swear." Tanya shakes herself a little, remembering the words of her teacher. Find the strength of earth, the fluidity of water, the spark of fire and the breath of air. Simple words she didn't really dwell too much on at the time, but came back to her now. She watched the people around her intently for a moment, looking to see if and where her skills would be best utilized if needed in a support role before finally settling down to meditate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tollak laughed a little and opened his eyes. Entertaining enough, which is important. The world is Tollak's circus, he is the Ringmaster, Lion Tamer, and, most importantly, the Audience. This toy, Tanya, was new. He had met her in the forest one day a few weeks before after being awakened from his nap. Tollak would have been cross with her, but saw such potential for play that he decided to be kind. She had noticed him, and demanded he come down from his perennial perch and address her. Tollak lightly jumped down, his hands up to indicate he meant Tanya no harm. He looked her deep in the eyes and introduced himself as 'Messiach', one of his newer aliases. The rest of the conversation wasn't particularly enjoyable for Tollak, it almost seemed to drag on while she 'regaled' him with stories of her travels, but he supposed it would just mean that this game would be that much more fun. You think you're so special? No little dung beetle, in truth, you are boring. And for that, you must be punished.
  7. Okay, first, I'd like to apologize to disappearing for a few days, RL has gotten *hectic*. @MagykMagus: Sorry about the confusion, I re-read the original sign up post at 2 in the morning after a long day, got confused, and best yet, posted. *facepalm* What I meant was Tollak is a trickster who travels around, meeting people and messing with them. Basically, the backstory between him and Tanya is he met her during her travels and implanted the idea in her head that she's just a pathetic human with no real power of her own. And at some point, I'd like to have him meet someone from the Evil Side and be recruited (later). Like they say, misery loves company. Hope that makes more sense? PS: Thanks for clearing up the bit with the Magus/Warlock/Daemon! (Tollak definitely considers himself a step above those labels, the snob. XD)
  8. Okay, so I have another pup, this time for the evil side, and he's a recruit joining later, but I'm not sure if he would be a Magus, Warlock or Daemon. I suppose the closest he would be is Magus? Sidenote: If he's okayed, I'm considering adding it to Tanya's backstory that he's the one that implanted the self-doubt into her mind. YOUR USER NAME: copper_blue YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Tollak, + aliases (see abilities, other) YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: Male DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: Jan. 13, 2012 YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Beguiler/Trickster YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: Human YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: 30 YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: a)Physical: Nimble and fast, but physically quite weak, unable to use weapons (he’s never found any use for them, so he’s never learned to wield a weapon) b)Magical: Power of Suggestion: able to implant ideas/thoughts into the minds of his victims. He must first make eye contact and introduce himself to his victim, but after the initial contact and introduction, he can implant anything he wants. c)Other: Handsome and charming/cunning. Adept liar. Has many aliases he uses to con people. YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: His strengths lie in the magical realm, but he feels his real strength lies in his looks. YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Ego. Can be unreliable if he gets bored. Physical strength. Power of Suggestion does not work on those who have closed their minds or have strong defenses against mental manipulation. Connection between Tollak and victim can be broken if the victim comes to realize the suggestions are falsehoods. CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: Jan 14, 2012
  9. Tanya blinks once but shakes herself. Figures he's a mind reader. "Hey, uh, Protagon, is it? Do you read minds? Heck," She turns to the others, "do any of you read minds? Because that's pretty much my biggest weakness. I mean, I've got a really open mind, which is good, people have told me, 'cause it opens me up to learning a lot more spells and junk a lot quicker, but it also opens me up to mind control." Tanya pauses. "Or should I just sit here and meditate? Because I can do that too..." Useless. Completely useless. She mentally smacks herself, regretting signing on to help. First thing that's going to happen is some baddie is going to zero right in on her brain and eat her alive. UGH. "UGH!!! Stupid. Useless. Can't. Do. Anything!" A stream of pale purple light pours out from her body slowly, seeping to the ground. "Never should have left home, I am..." Tanya notices the light and quickly inhales, and the aura is gone almost instantly, pulled in reverse. "Sorry I'm not so good at this I haven't been properly trained sometimes it just comes out on it's own especially when I'm feeling really self-conscious why did I just say all that." She catches a breath and stares wide-eyed all around her. What's a simple human going to do against the forces of evil, anyway? ((OOC: Tanya talks a good game, but is so very intimidated right now. XD She's all "OMG SUPERPEOPLE." I mean, she's met 'super' beings on her travels, but to be teamed up with them? WOW. LOL.))
  10. Other two? Tanya thought, excited. This should be entertaining. She chuckles softly to herself, trying to imagine who -or what- the other two are. A voice in her head tells her this would be a perfect time to practice either her mental or physical skills, but in response, she simply huffs and scrunches up her face. Practice. So boring.
  11. Darius had no sooner sat down, greeting each show of respect and nonchalance in kind, when he felt the presense of the Death Scythe guild leader. His hair bristled slightly, uncontrollably, but he knew he couldn't lose composure. The sooner this darkness was gone from their midst, the better. Firmly, resolutely, he spoke up. "No. You may continue, those that mean to be here are here, and those that don't, are not." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Talyn had been thinking. A pastime she both enjoyed and abhored, because while she did enjoy thinking up new and inventive ways to torture humans, she would rather be putting her thoughts into action. In fact, she needed to put her thoughts into action. She needed allies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some people say Henrick Jansen is bloodthirsty. But Henrick Jansen disagrees. He has no thirst for blood, seeing as how he isn't a vampire or some other such beast that drinks blood. He drinks mead, or other hard liquor. It's what he likes. He also likes kicking the sn- His senses alert him to something and he runs off into the woods, axe at the ready. ((OOC: Hope that's okay (bit with Darius 'explaining' the absenses). I can change it tomorrow if it isn't.))
  12. *nodnod* Okay, cool. Yeah, like I said, stupid question, but I wanted to be certain. And yeah, y'know what, I'll just have Darius do that now. My schedule seems to be a little whacky tomorrow anyway, so I'm not sure when/if I'll be on.
  13. Okay, I feel kinda stupid asking this, but here goes: Should Henrick be at the Council meeting (considering his position)? I'm kinda stuck on what I *should* be doing with him other than sending him out to hunt Fallen Ones. I'll post in the thread tomorrow as my three-headed monster XD, but now I need sleep. Also, I think I'm gonna go ahead with the Darius/Talyn side thing I was thinking about. If people respond to it, great, if not, no biggie. I also had an idea for another sideplot, I was thinking about having Henrick kidnap a Fallen One. I just think he'd enjoy the idea of having a Fallen One in captivity. I don't have much more than that planned out, because it's late and I'm sleepy. Maybe tomorrow I'll have more. OR maybe somebody else's interest is picqued and has some ideas? *facepalm* I almost forgot. If need be, I have two more pups in the back of my head that I *could* app. But obviously I don't want to take up a spot that someone else might otherwise want. Okay, now I *really* need to go to bed. XD
  14. Vice-Leader Please. (Sorry 'bout that, wanted to make sure no one else wanted to jump at it first). Oh man I could have MORE pups?!?! *considers* I'm going to wait a day and think on it, get a good night's sleep before I dive head first into the crazy pool. Last time I took on more than three pups in an RP, my brain nearly fizzled out. XD
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