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  1. Here you go IvanaDeRossi, I hope this works for you! http://www.sendspace.com/file/tan0aw
  2. just wanted to let you all now that auditions for voice acting in the next part of Lost Legacy have now started! go here to read more about it!
  3. thanks guys for the tips! yeah I keep getting a hit every time i hit him/her, lol I'm not doing so well getting the hang of it is the tiara worth it? edit: nevermind got it! I just wasn't running away fast enough
  4. *tries to avoid reading spoilers xD* I'm at the part in the desert with the beauty competition and I'm trying to fight that girl...guy (LOL) for the crown, am I actually able to win? Every time I go to hit him, I get hit too and keep getting knocked out, so I wasn't sure if I could actually win it. Thanks!
  5. oh thank you so much Aura!! I knew there had to be a solution in here somewhere, but I didn't want to risk looking for it and reading spoilers, thanks so much for directing me there lol yeah I thought that since I was in Dillon that I'd be near the end of the game! I guess not! which is good b/c I like playing it
  6. As you know, the Rune tablet list is done! Apart from that, what else did you miss? We'll try to answer as promptly and accurately as possible thanks so much for posting that! I missed the one with Vance's mother, that's too bad actually I could use some help if anyone can! I'm in the eternal chamber and am trying to get all those stupid colors lined up. I can't figure out how this puzzle works. I'm getting confused to b/c with every move it says do you want to move this row, but sometimes columns move. So am I trying to line the colors up in rows or columns? It says rows, but I'm not sure if that's right.
  7. oh that's awesome iya thanks for letting me know! I'm not really stuck, I know where to go next, but I feel like there are a lot of things I've missed, like those rune tablets. i think I'm getting down to the end of the game and never found them all. And actually I don't even know how I'm supposed to bring them back since I've been on a completely different part of the map for a long time, but I'll just wait until I finish and then read through the thread so I'm not spoiled
  8. can anyone tell me if this game has a walkthrough? there seem to be a ton of spoilers posted about what happens in the game so I'm not going to read through this thread, but I wanted to ask
  9. I'm just curious if there's anything that happens if you train Spark enough? the mini games for it are buggy and kind of frustrating, so if nothing happens for training him I think I might just skip it. fun game so far though!
  10. I'm having the same problem that aisling had with not being able to equip the mace (or the axe). I downloaded all of the patches but I still can't equip anything. Help? edit: nevermind I didn't see the link on the previous page in response to dmak. You might want to include that on the first page too
  11. i think the picture is linked incorrectly. All it does when I click it is bring up that same picture in the post, shouldn't it be a closer view or something? Or maybe my computer is doing something weird
  12. oh that's so exciting! I'm really looking forward to reading your thoughts about it Let us know if you run into any problems or if you have any questions outside the walkthrough or anything.
  13. hey Heimdall, is it true that you're going to review Lost Legacy for the Amaranth Newspaper? I saw it in another thread but I wasn't sure if it was serious That would be so awesome if you were, this game deserves so much more attention than what it's been getting!
  14. thank you everyone for your tips! I am definitely underleveled if he's 23, I'm only 17 I think. Definitely need to level up! I'll try getting supplies with the steal card, I didn't even think about that I'll give it a try and then see if I can beat him! Thanks
  15. Are the bosses in this game really difficult or is it just me? I can't beat that water King guy, what level should I be at, I think I must be under leveled. I'm using lightning on him, but he gets so many turns and kills me. I also am running out of supplies and I can't go back and buy more. Also, the characters seem to miss a LOT when they attack and it's really really starting to irritate me. Or am I just unlucky with that? At least one character misses every round, a lot of the times two of them. Sometimes all of them! grr I think I'm going to quit this game, it's making me frustrated!
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