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  1. This is the end for me as well.
  2. (Patricia, you are not the only one who has lost interest in this RP and if memory serves it was your arm that was injured in the fight with the Cefiyeans rather than your hand.) Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver "Since there has been no objection raised to the plan I outlined nor other routes suggested I'm going to assume everyone agrees with my plan. The route I will be taking is Falon to Brasewater to Halishine to Wyrmrider's Tear and on to Redpoint and Firestorm." Donning my cloak and picking up my rucksack I headed for the door and the trail beyond Jermann.
  3. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver Stowing my dinner in my rucksack I replied, "I'm ready when everyone else is."
  4. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver Finding Lucinda in the kitchen I ordered sack dinners for the group specifically asking for something without meat for Sarona. Lucinda would take them up to the room when she finished putting them together. I made my way over to the tailor shop, picked up my cloak, and made my way back to our room at the inn. It would be about time to get on the road when I arrived.
  5. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver "As I said, I digress. Ah... the tale of the black box. Some say it was brought by rich offworlders long ago, hidden deep within a range of mountains, protected by magic so no one could thieve it. Others say it contains demons locked in the box for eternity by the heros of the Universe. Then there are those who say it was the seed of an ancient race that no one wanted to see flourish again. There are others, however, they are less likely to be believed." They all seemed to be mesmerized by my tales of the black box. It was getting late and twilight was upon us. "We must be leaving soon. I'll see to getting us some dinner to take with us so we can eat along the way. Then I will go fetch my cloak from the tailor." I grabbed my waterskins to take with me so I could get them refilled and I left to track down Lucinda.
  6. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver "Yes, miss, that is the correct amount. Here is your repaired cloak." Mr. Harmonik said as he handed the cloak over.
  7. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver Having finished the repairs to the cloak the woman had brought in Mr. Harmonik stepped back through the curtain which separated his workroom from the storefront. "That will be two dimoulas for repairs to your cloak," I said. Then simply waited for the young woman to respond.
  8. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver Walking over to Faelyn I checked the bandage; it looked good. "Thank you Great Creator." "This looks good. Your arm is throbbing, but it isn't swollen. That means no infection. Let's put it in a sling to take the pressure off. Then I'll whip up a little something to take the edge off. I don't expect you're looking to take a nap. If so, just let me know," I said with a hint of a smile. Rummaging through my rucksack I located a bit of cloth I had been saving and one of the ivory clay vials. Mixing up a quarter measure with a little of the juice that was left I handed it to Faelyn. Strapping her wounded arm up to a comfortable level I sat down at the table and thought for a couple of minutes about my answer to her question about the black box. "There are myriad tales about a black box and what it might contain especially around small towns and villages where gossip is prevalent. Outside of work there would seem to be little to occupy their time and entertain them. Most of the outlying villages have a festival, carnival, fair, or gathering of some kind or other at least once a year. When the towns are clustered together they usually work together choosing a centrally located meeting place though there are exceptions to that rule." "The major cities also have their annual this's, that's, and other things get togethers as well. I've been to both and find I prefer the smaller affairs. The people are friendlier and more apt to help each other as well as strangers with directions and what have you. I have tried to time my travels to coincide with as many of these festivals as possible. People have a tendency to spend more during such times than they might otherwise." "As an example, Eriah celebrates the climate of Jho with the Arenicolous Festival. Arenicolous means growing, living, or burrowing in sand. Contests are held for all sorts of things such as best and largest plant specimens, best and largest animals, best recipes, and the like. They also include a contest for sand sculpture. It's the same types of things most gatherings of the type include the universe over; just skewed to fit the particular area and population." "Hmm, it seems I've digressed from the original topic."
  9. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver Mr. Harmonik took the cloak saying, "I'll have it ready in twenty minutes. You can wait if you like." Back in his workshop gathering what he needed, Mr. Harmonik wondered what this seemingly terrified offworld child was doing so far from home. Not being any more prepared than she appeared to be you would have thought her parents would have kept her by their side. 'Well, none of my business. Just curiosity bubbling up.'
  10. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver Lucinda was in the inn's kitchen fixing up mid-day meals for the regulars who came to the inn each day. "Lucinda, I'd like to order something for our group. Something that will keep well as we're not all in at the moment. I think we would just as soon do without Gnaz beast if you have something else that wouldn't be a bother and the usual fruit, juice, and ale." "Sure thing Riven," she said with a smile. I hoped Jared knew what he had in Lucinda. It would be a shame to lose her to someone else. Hmm, maybe I ought to stop in on my way back to the room and mention it. I made my way back to the office where I expected he would be at this time of day. "Hey Jared. I just stopped by to make sure you're doing right by Lucinda. She's hard working and knows your clientele like the back of her hand. She keeps them happy which keeps them coming here. It would be a shame to lose her to the competition for want of a dimoula or two. Just thought you should be made aware in case you aren't." "Yes, yes, I know all about Lucinda's skills. I always make sure she's paid well above anyone else in the same position elsewhere," he grinned. "My mother didn't raise any fools." "Great, I'm very glad to hear it. Enjoy your mid-day." "You, too, Riven. Close the door on your way out would you." I went back up to the room to see about Faelyn's arm. As I entered the room she was staring out the window.
  11. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver As I entered our room Faelyn was full of questions and rightly so. She wouldn't have been expecting me without Sarona. "Sarona was still with the tailor when I left her. She wasn't being very cooperative so I outlined her choices for her and took my leave. I thought you might have a bit of shopping you needed to do and I would like to put that arm up in a sling to take pressure off that wound. My cloak will not be ready until dusk. I'll go see about our mid-day meal. While we wait for Lucinda I'll look at your arm if there is no objection." Exiting the room again I went in search of Lucinda.
  12. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver "Sarona, if you don't want to discuss the scars everyone has seen through the rip in your cloak, just tell the inquisitive that it's none of their business. If you want the rip repaired by Mr. Harmonik, then take it off and hand it to him. If you'd rather do it yourself, there is a store one block back the way we came in which you can purchase the necessities with which to do so. If you should have further need of me you will find me in our room back at the inn." Having said my piece I left the tailor shop making my way back to the inn to relieve Faelyn so she would be free to do any shopping she might require.
  13. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver My eyebrow raised of its own accord when I heard Sarona say she didn't think the gapping hole in her cloak needed more than a couple of stitches to hold it together. Glancing over at Mr. Harmonik I saw his look of disbelief and almost lost out to gales of laughter. There was definitely something Sarona didn't want anyone else to see which would be revealed if the cloak were removed from her body. Mr. Harmonik wasn't going to be pleased if she insisted he work on it while she was wearing it. There was always the possibility that he would refuse. His shop took in enough work over the course of the year that he didn't need what this job would net him. Still looking at Sarona as if she had grown another head in the last few minutes he sighed and said, "Well, take it off girl and I'll see what can be done about it."
  14. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver I walked through the common room and out the front door of the inn. The day was heating up and had the promise of topping out a scorcher. After turning the first corner I could see Sarona following out of the corner of my eye. Mr. Harmonik worked quickly, but I knew he wouldn't have had time to finish the ordered cloak. He was a pretty good judge of how long it would take so when he said dusk that's when it would be ready give or take a few minutes. Rounding the next corner I slowed again to a leisurely pace to allow Sarona to catch me up. I didn't expect conversation as she was always pretty quiet unless someone addressed her directly. At the same time I wouldn't want to cause her to become anxious about losing sight of me somewhere along the way. After rounding a couple more bends the tailor shop came into view. We made our way over to that side of the street and through the door of the shop; the tinkling bell announcing us. We waited at the counter until Mr. Hamonik came through the curtain that separated the front of the store from his workshop. When he saw me he raised an eyebrow saying, "You have to know I couldn't possibly be finished with your cloak this soon." "Indeed I do," I said smiling. "I have another customer for you. This is Sarona. Sarona, Mr. Harmonik. Sarona has a tear in her cloak needing repair."
  15. Jho (city of Jermann) - Faelyn, Sarona, Lumiana, Riven Silver Raising an eyebrow at Lumiana I thought her brain must have been a bit adled during the time she was in an unconscious state. Since Faelyn had been staring out the window earlier the blinds couldn't have been closed. Turning to Sarona I said, "I'll take you to see Mr. Harmonik myself. I need to collect my new cloak anyway and he may be through by this time. He's pretty quick when he sets his mind to it." I rose from the table and strode through the doorway and down the hall not looking to see whether or not Sarona was following.
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