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  1. I have just chosen a coven, but I need to find a spooky skull in the dragon wastelands? I looked for it, but I can't find it. Where is it?
  2. I am trying to locate the werebear right now, but I can't find him. They said that he is hiding in a cave. Where should I look?
  3. I already found what the werebear eats and sleep. But, I can't find out what entertains him. Where is it?
  4. Castle Plans, Boyle's Revenge, Werebear Tracking, Find a Ledger, New Preserves, Legend of Crab Island, The Intermediate Tournament, Boyle's Bad Luck He keeps on asking why there is a piece of wall framed with a doorway.
  5. I have already looked at, and it keeps saying the same thing.
  6. I am trying to find the secret passage way in Halania Castle. I have looked through every bookcase and wall in the castle. Am I missing something? I am currently looking for the dream healer right now.
  7. I have been looking for covens to join, but I have yet to find any. Where can I find one?
  8. I am stuck on the first riddle in the game. What should I be looking for?
  9. Wow, I love all of these games. Did you have an estimated time when the game will come out?
  10. When I first saw this, it looks very cool. Love the characters! But, when I also saw the screenshots, I saw some of the characters names. Are getting inspiration from the aveyond games?
  11. It's called Vacant Sky Act 3+': Our Eternity. I saw on this website. http://rpgmaker.net/games/1046/ Check out!
  12. I just learned that there may be another game to continue it, Vacant Sky Act3'. I saw it when I looking for hints about it. I don't remember where, but look and you will find it.
  13. I just remodeled my first post. I even put up the title screen up for all of you. Sorry, no maps yet. Still in the process of getting the rest of the characters together. But, it won't be long before we begin our first step into our tale.
  14. I have just made the next stop on my journey: creating a website. I will show progress on both my website and on here. So, keep up with me at http://taleoftheguardians.wordpress.com/
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