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  1. I found it Thanks a lot!! I've been there so many times (well I did'nt know that was the one)
  2. I've collected the Kobold Stones for the owner of the Magic Store in Tor but can't find it. anyone can help me??? Thanks
  3. wow!!! Thanks a lot for tall this!!/// without it I would have never be able to finished this part
  4. Hey thanks I found it! now I have to the recepit and hope nothing comes wrong!! Anyway, thanks again and Merry Christmas. I will be playing since I'm home along!!
  5. I have to ask a stupit question! I'm at the Crusader Ground, is this the place I'm supposed to be??thanks
  6. Thanks for your answer, I appreciate it but where is Paladin base?? I read about Silverspring wetlands, but how do I get there from Halilea (I think that's the name) the place where th King's daughter is cursed?? ( I guess I'm not yet fully into the gamem sorry) regards/Skippy OK, I found the Paladin place but Doyle says he does not have a dead wish?? no what?? thanks Please don't double post. Just use the edit button to add more information to your post. ~Mopiece
  7. Please anyone// where is this weetland (or wherever) the place to get the plant to do the spicy sauce?? how do I get there? at the moment at hte place where the King with the cursed daughter is!! Thanks in advance and have a nice Christmas eveone who reads this!!
  8. I went into the cave and Stella smashed the orb and there is some talk about getting out and going to Aveyond, but I still have to go the the underworld, so what now???
  9. Help, I kill the giant but at the moment don't know what to do next. Where is the guardian??I was thinking the guardian was supposed to be in the cave where the giant was??Thanks/Skippy
  10. Ok will go back there and see if this time I will see it, let you know if I find it or not.//Thanks anyway/Skippy
  11. So, where do I find this giant mushroom for the fairy children???
  12. Sorry to ask but I haven't found the place to get the fairy dust and maybe someone would be able to tell me where it is. Thanks (By the way beautiful landscape and work//Thanks for the game)Skippy
  13. I did it thanks once more, I was a little bit dissapointed but let us wait until the Gates of Light comes out. Once more thanks
  14. Triponi, thanks for the answer,I'm going to the Ice Palace again let's see what happens.I have another question: Where is Barnaby's Book of Misquotations???thanks
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