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  1. Where in tor can I trade my enchanted dragon bone for a shrink potion Thank you
  2. I need one ghost in the windmill but can't shut down this blade Thank you
  3. Stuck again but now I can't find my way to weeville bring furniture to Hi''beru
  4. Can't find my way back to Whisper woods to bring Fang there help plz i'am in Tor
  5. I'am in the castle dungeon but need a fire sword dont have a fire sword must I buy it somewhere?? Got it
  6. I can't find Tor I'am on the world map but I can't find it Thanks Monique
  7. There is a goblin in the briar caves that have the key of the prison followed him he escaped but I can't find the key he must have dropped. Thanks Moon
  8. moon


    I hope she can solve it because its a very good scanner
  9. moon


    I tried that ignore in my AVG virusscanner but still say virus detected, now I have Avast and can play again :-) When you uninstall they ask why you do that I wrote can't play Aveyond games false virus detection maybe they read that
  10. Wanted to play the game again today for the second time but now my AVG virus say virus detected. Someone help
  11. you all were a geat help, thanks
  12. I did it!!!! loved the game, so much fun, can't wait for the sequel but till then will play this again
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