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  1. Well, that's unfortunate, I guess I'll just expand the fun by....playing the entire Aveyond series again, starting with AP. Isn't it about time someone took the "Aveyond 4 is in alpha testing" notice off the front page of this website?
  2. I always dread reaching the end of a game, because I never want it to end. So I've only had Phye a short time, I'm on the last continent that I haven't explored that I'm aware of, & I'm crawling my way up to fight Hercules, I've sold everything in Robin's store, won the last tournament. & I have a love potion. Is the game over after this? It seems a shame to get a new party member shortly before endgame.
  3. Okay, the one on hte far east that kinda looks like a lace where you turn in Cheekis.
  4. Thanks. I was totally in the wrong room :3
  5. Hmmm.... I'm just not having any luck with the Depths of Fire. I can't find it in the caves or in the lava pool in the next room. Is it in a hidden room?
  6. I've killed all of the demons & found 0 drops of blood. Baal is the only demon I can even remember the location of.
  7. I almost couldn't find the Wizards in Ulrock either....Totally forgot about the yellow doors blocked by the barrier.
  8. I've got all the sulpher, I just....Couldn't remember where I was supposed to take it. It was a cave on the far NE side that's I'd mistaken for a Cheeki checkpoint.
  9. It's because it never gives you an indication that you've completed the quest. In fact, the impression you get is that you have failed the quest because the guy catches you putting it there. You leave, you come back, & try to do it again, you see that the letter is gone, you don't have it, & he doesn't verbally acknowledge that he received a threat from the coven. It would have been less confusing if placing the letter ended the quest OR that Ingrid told you you had to go back to her sister after that.
  10. Even after I got the 5 parsnips, she won't accept them. She just tells me "I miss my parsnip farm."
  11. Super Balm (Tor) - regular balm is not enough. Oooops... I remember selling that to a regular shop almost immediately after finding it. Guess he's never getting that balm. Perhaps that item should be made to be unsellale/unusable.
  12. Pros: *Takes you on a comical fantasy adventure. *You'll end up with 6 playable characters in your party, so you can change & customize your play style. *The music has always been great in Aveyond games. *The background ambiance in each zone is soothing. *The zones have unique designs & labyrinthine layouts. *First time an Aveyond game never aggravated my Carpal Tunnel. *I didn't feel as lost in this game. A lot of RPGs with backtracking aren't concise with their directions. *I can feel & see all the improvements the development team has made throughout the series since I first played Ahriman's Prophecy in 2005. *The series lore. I love figuring out how the different Aveyond stories connect to eachother. while I was introduced to Aveyond & The Elder Scrolls the same exact year, I'd have to say the Aveyond games hold a bigger place in my heart. I hope this series goes on & on. *I loved the "Night Watch" story-within-a-story.. *40+ hours of gameplay. Cons: (Contain spoilers) *The character designs stretch out unflatteringly at 1980x1020, like the way old TV shows do on modern TVs. *The Bigfish version has an annoying habit of always opening up in windowed mode every time. *Busybeak Hills, Divisive Thicket, & Mudsludge Swamp were all underutilized. *Boyle should have been in his 40s. He looks way older than 30, he acts middle aged, & he's a parental figure for Robin. *Introducing Phye to your party JUST before the game ends is kinda cruel. *Making Phye & Hi'beru potential love interests for Ingrid was pointless. Phye & Ingrid never speak to eachother. Hi'beru has more chemistry with Rowen. *Continuity error with older games in the series, in which witches had actually been PROUD of being ugly. There were a few cute cases of "I see what you did there." Why, hello there, Utena.
  13. I've seen the site undergo 5 different looks, not including the individual background art swaps from 2009-2014. I think I find the design from 2007-2008 the most nostalgic. Thank goodness we Archive.org to relive the memories.
  14. Personally, I 'd like to see the Aveyond games ported to the Nintendo 3DS.
  15. I'm starting to notice a trend in Aveyond games where women force men to marry them. I still remember making Edward Pendragon marry an Orc princess in an earlier Aveyond 3 game, even if it was retconned by the end of 3.4. I did expect that Lars had a kind of Helga-likes-Arnold type crush on Rhen, but it never went anywhere. It was hilarious when I had Mel reject Edward only for her to end up married to the very same Lars; they seemed more suitable for eachother anyway. I'm hoping future Aveyond games include girl-girl & bromance options, or even take the Skyrim approach & make your favorite non-important NPCs eligible too.
  16. I take it from the official site the Act 3 is not missing but actually not finished yet?
  17. Can't find this game anywhere. Even the page on RPGmaker.net is dead.
  18. Love = Not a legitimate emotion on it's own, but a combination of lust & friendship. Commitment = Natural for some species, unnatural for humans & primates. Marriage = A business deal between two or more persons, & in some countries, a form of slavery.
  19. When I went to college, the lady said "fewer than 40% of the people who graduate here will actually get the job they want or even have a use for their degree. The rest end up working at car dealerships." Guess where I ended up?
  20. I'm not a dating person as I have no faith in myself or others to commit to anything longterm. Any person I've ever been attracted to, I've never admitted it; friends are more likely to stick around longer.
  21. I recommend becoming addicted to violent video games; they let you vent without consequence, they preoccupy your mind for up to 8 hours a day. Get an RPG or an FPS, turn on "god mode," & try to kill every NPC you come in contact with (highly recommend Morrowind for this). By the time you're done playing, your anger will be spent. Worked for me as a kid; used to be in therapy for erratic behavior & violent outbursts. Now the only feelings I experience are annoyance, boredom, contentment, amused, & nonchalantnes. Another therapy is to read shounen manga with lots of humor & fighting in it. I recommend Hunter x Hunter, Toriko, Gintama, GetBackers, & Gensoumaden Saiyuki; keeps your brain preoccupied & fills it with endorphins.
  22. Yeah, & I make it from scratch because canned soups are only fit for the consumption of the homeless & people in college who want a break from ramen. lol. Those soup canning bastards don't even put wine in their soup, can you believe it? You can't have soup without wine! Chicken soup is very healthy & for flu patients, it's one of the few things they can keep down."
  23. Steve jobs' business practices rubbed me the wrong way & his fanboys were nauseatingly smarmy, but he sure was easy on the eyes in the 70s.
  24. What is this "health" you speak of? jk. Buy some of that packet tofu miso soup in the international section of a grocers' & a pack of nori, cut the nori up & put it in the soup. Healthy, filling, & low-carb/fat/cal, but don't eat anything with salt in it for the rest of the day. There is also a type of "bland food" that is sweet that you can eat until you puke & it won't make you fat; graham crackers. But seriously, any weight lost through any diet will just bounce back with a vengeance; tell her to run around the block 4 times during her lunch break.
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