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  1. Well, if you really want to move foreward then try going to community events or groups where people share the same interests as you. Bowling? Arcade games? Karaoke? Card battles and tournaments? The list is literally endless if you're creative enough and you might make some friends along the way. Friends will last you a lifetime and do wonders for your mental health.
  2. I think JK Rowling is a great author, I don't think I've read a Rowling book I didn't like. She's detailed and funny, but not overly drawn-out. As long as she keeps it up, I would consider this book to be a must read.
  3. It's so sad to hear about this. But this isn't just a probem in Romania, to some degree it happens everywhere. Really? I would say that America is realatively safe in general; I have no fear of being openly gay at work or in public/personal life even though I don't live in a largely metropolitan area. I do live in the North-West though, which is pretty liberal. I can see how this might be different in the Midwest/South. You mean we agree for once?! Do we need to have a talk? I strongly disagree (God, I think that's a first.) Unless you have fear of bodily injury, you should be who you are regardless of how other people react. Telling people to "pass" as straight is a step in the wrong direction, and I think you know it. If you ever want things to progress to the point where being gay is just another preference, then you need to start acting like it NOW. Regardless of whether bigots and idiots are ready for it. it's also insulting to GLBT people who have paved the way to get to the point where we are now, people who actually had an extreme risk of bodily injury or even death for openly being who they were.
  4. Completely ludicrous. Evolution has no concious or intellegence, it's not a being that can calculate the genetic superiority of one individual to another. There is absolutly no way to calculate genetic superiority unless you're speaking of a specific variable or trait, such as comparing someone who has sickle cell to someone without it. KTC has already talked about people who will choose partners with whom no offspring is possible. And i don't feel like beating a dead horse but following your logic, these people are removing themselves from the gene pool because they are genetically inferior.
  5. I understand the conclusion you're trying to make, I simply disagree. You've used faulty logic to arrive at your conclution and I also believe your personal bias is influencing it, which brings me to: Are you in a committed long-term relationship? (: and how desirable would you say you are to the opposite sex? (or the same sex, I assume you're straight.) In order for survival of the fittest to take place you need quite a bit of genetic diversity, which would be better suited by having offspring with multiple partners. so ideally, I believe evolution would take this path. Not limiting sexual partners which is what love does. I'm sorry, this doesn't even make sense. Have you ever heard of people who insist their partner is attractive, even though generally that person is seen as average or below-average in looks? Love blinds, and people do stupid things for it. If a man dies in place of his wife, it's not because he's evolutionarily inferior, because quite simply in natural selection there is no way to reasonably define inferior vs. superior. even if a specimen is pysically weaker than it's counterparts, a simple genetic mutation changing the color of it's body can result in the weaker specimens survival and death to the physicaly superior partner.
  6. I didn't miss the point in your post, you just repeated what you said five posts up. Again. I don't have an explanation for love, no one possibly can, but I can certainly point out how love is definitely not an evolutionary tactic to further the species, as well as the flaws in your logic. (: Evolutionary tactics would be the continued survival of the species by increasing the size and biodiversity of the gene pool and any possible genetic mutations that may be beneficial to the species, correct? Romantic and sexual love does the complete opposite, it limits your sexual partners as well as anyone you're reproducing with. Therefore reducing the size of the species gene pool, which is counterproductive. it's essentially discrimination based off physical appearance, personaility, pheromones, compatability, etc, etc, etc. Also, I saw no responce to my comment about people dying for love. How would you explain that, if love were in fact just an evolutionary tactic? Survival is a must in terms of evolution. So how could it be that an evolutionary tactic would lead to you to perish?
  7. Sargon you're completely contradicting yourself. In part of your post you say that you don't believe in love. and then you say it's just one of nature's many tactics for reproduction. It's either real or it isn't, there's no halfway. People die for love, people do crazy, crazy stupid things for love. Dying for something is the complete opposite of evolution, you're evolutionarily hardwired to protect your life and limbs before ALL else. Also, You're posting a lot without making clear points. I find your last post lacking a rebuttal or an opinion. In order to stay on track without wandering, changing the topic or blindsiding people with "other stuff" you should post clear opinions or rebuttals while backing them up and providing evidence or sources. I think if I post the six classical forms of love it might help out a little: Eros is physical attraction, love at first sight. Storge is love that developes over time, based on similar likes and proximity. Ludus is a collector of loves, a player, a contest. Pragma is based entirely on rational and reasoning, while lacking heart. Mania is obsaessive, controlling and jealous love. Agape is classified as selfless and spiritual love.
  8. You're fine. It's just people being rude, or insecure about their own weight. Simply tell anyone who happens to comment (friend or otherwise) that it's impolite to comment on people's weight and leave it at that. You don't owe anyone an explanation. You're also letting these people and their comments walk all over you in one way or another. Take control and stop being so nice, if you add some confidence and sass I promise people will think twice before commenting.
  9. You missed your college experience! D: Come see me and we can remedy this.
  10. That's disgusting. :| The point of drinking is to get drunk, or at least buzzed. \There's no way to get rid of alcohol on campus. No. Way. College = alcohol.
  11. I've seen them spread all over the internet. Your best bet is to hit up the popular RPG Maker websites, like HBgames, RRR, Phanx, etc. and look through their resource managers or resource forums. Alternatively, If you want to find out which games Amanda released the resources on, I can extract them all for you and put them in a nice little folder for you to DL.
  12. Amanda used to live in Seattle, so it's possible she might go back to visit. I live in the Seattle-area, but I have other obligations such as work, and I'm not so much a BFG fan.
  13. It's good to be back. I've got a lot of free time now, which means I'm going to try and delve back into game design. Helping people in the forums is a way to increase my own knowledge and skill. (:
  14. No idea what FROGS and HOGS are, but hi Tini! (:
  15. California's economy boomed while they legalized gay marriage. If you can't take my word for it, I can indeed send you links. @fish: I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you, nor did I misread your post. I just think marriage has become more than a religious ritual, it's become a status within law, with legal benefits.
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