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  1. I am in the thiefs cave where there are 4 switches which I lied to and they are all in the down position and in the other cave I have put the boulder onto the switch but the bridge wont go across! Can anyone help me please. Is game 2 out now?
  2. Hi. After hours of trial and error I still cannot get any dialogue in the game. You have mentioned windows fonts file which I have added to the game folder but still it is not working. Please would you provide me with an actual Font Folder that I can copy and paste into the game folder . I am simply getting no where fast. Many thanks.
  3. I am at the lake where the floating box is. I have activated the quest to get the box out. Have been around the lake but nothing activates Alvera telling me I need 3 stones. Can you help please.
  4. richmond


    Cant beat the Kraken. On level 15. Doesn't like Spark but still cant defeat him. His health is hardly depleting. Can you help please.
  5. Hi. where do I get the red stone please for the fake crown for the queen on the second island. Also. The walk throughs do not down load on drop box (error 404)?? Can you help please.
  6. Thank you so much for replying so quickly and with the screen shot to boot!. Now I can go forward. x
  7. Would someone kindly post a picture showing the location of the exotic animal for the mayors daughter. Have followed previous answers but I still cannot find it.
  8. Hi. Back again because I have gone to find the hole in the floor with the rope at night time where your photo shows but it is not there. Ooops. What do you think I have done wrong??? This is the best game in the series yet. x
  9. Thank you so much. You are right....have gone well ahead too quickly. Thank you for sorting my rope out!! Can I ask though - where did you get all that money from?? I am playing this game on a shoe string!!
  10. Having now purchased the walkthrough i have noticed that the library where you get the plans for secret rooms is not the photo shot aactual s the library within the castle itself. have now been around the town but cannot find a building that looks like your photo shot. Can you please give me where this is in the town and which shop the building is next to.
  11. Have come to a stand still in the game now. Have been to castle library to find out about secret passages but it wont allow me to take the book? Have been to Gingernut forest in the day and at night and cannot find the rope ladder in a hole! Would someone kindly provide me with a photo shot of where I need to find it please and should it be at day or night? Cannot finish the spider eyes receipe because I cannot find the 'fire' ingredient? Cant find how to enter the cave in Dragon lands that is currently covered over in white bones. Can someone tell me what I am missing please. Have grandmas plans for the store but the guy in Tor wont allow me to have the ledger?? As you can see....I am completely stuck. Help anybody please
  12. CASTLE PLANS Hi. Can someone tell me where the castle plans are please. Have been in the library in the castle and there is a book about secret passages etc but although i have the quest i cannot have the books! Also. Where are the castle archives please. Which building is this?
  13. Hi. Any chance you can let me have the code please. Been stuck on this for ages now? Cheers
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