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  1. Just like everybody else, it was a big surprise to me seeing the new site. Still getting used to it, but I'm liking it so far, especially the fluffy green bird at the top of the page! (The auto save feature is very cool too!) Looking forward to more updates in the future. I've been doing some occasional lurking, but this may get me out of hiding. =)
  2. I usually don't watch entire games/matches, so I don't really have anything to form an opinion regarding the ref/replay issue. As far as countries coming together... I don't know how this goes in other countries, but having lived in Brazil and in the US, I've noticed a huge difference around the time of the World Cup. In Brazil, whenever Brazil has a match, everybody gets off work and school early. And by "early," I mean early enough to beat traffic and get home before the match starts. People invite their friends over to watch the game, or they get together at bars and whatnot. For any LA people out there... think of it as the Lakers winning, minus the car burning and other barbaric behavior. Wolfie... I don't know about Germany making it into the semi-finals. Both Argentina and Germany have been doing really well, but as much as it pains me to say this, I think Argentina is going to win this one.
  3. Stardale, I know, I saw shaz's post. Wolfie, copy-pasta? Really?
  4. A little late here, but better late than never. I LOVE Moony's idea about buying the ability to post in cottages. Anybody who has visited my cottage knows just how much I love those pesky "welcome" messages years after I've joined, so I'm all in favor of Moony's idea. Obviously this won't stop everybody from spamming, but it should help reduce the number of spammers. I also think 50-100 is a reasonable amount, depending on whether the comments count for gold. Also, I have a question. What is the consensus on the "report" button these days? I remember a while ago, tini said that the "report" button was for really serious issues like flaming. If we report a post now, what happens exactly? I think it would be helpful to have a "mark as spam" button or something intended solely for spamming issues (especially in the cottages/collegium). Not sure how much trouble it would be to implement this, but it's something to consider. Another issue I'd like to comment on... I just checked my cottage and Wolfie left me a post a couple of months ago about the karma system that used to be on some incarnation of the website some time ago. He said it would be a good idea to enable restrictions such as allowing only members with X number of posts to post in your cottage. I think this could get fun (yes, I can be twisted sometimes hehe), but it would probably get too complicated. Right now I'd say the best solutions would be to 1) implement Moony's idea and 2) remove the gold count from comments. We currently have a lot more boards than we used to on the purple site, so that in itself should help people join guilds more easily. I used to like the idea of people being able to post in each other's cottages for gold since that IS being part of the community, but it seems that people just abuse the system more often than not. P.S. wolfie, why do you have two accounts? And why do you use both accounts to post in the same topic?
  5. I thought I'd replied to this topic before, but looking over it now, I was totally wrong hehe. Here goes my late response. =) I agree with what shaz and Aaron have said. Like shaz, I normally don't play TM games to "think." Looking over the TM games I play, they are mainly about mindless clicking. Also, as far as memorizing the recipes, I didn't mind it so much, but there were a few recipes that were pretty similar and those always broke my rhythm... which I didn't exactly enjoy. It has been a while since I last played YDF, but I think there were also two green toppings that looked very similar in color and I got them confused pretty often. There were also a couple of recipes that confused me because based on the name I thought some ingredient should be added, or other times I thought there were ingredients that didn't belong. Maybe next time if a game calls for memorizing recipes like this, the recipes could be more intuitive (so that less memorization is required), and the toppings could be created in a way that they can be more easily distinguished from one another. Also, I'm not sure if this was integrated into the difficulty level... I remember that easier difficulties have fewer recipes to learn, but how about instead of having just fewer recipes, having only the simpler, more basic recipes be learned for "easy"? Then for "normal" we can have some of the more complex ones, and for "difficult" we can have the really crazy ones that required an insane number of toppings. Elaborating on what Aaron said, I'm totally with him on the award/reward factor. I love being able to customize things (even things like Lydia's dresses in Aveyond 3), so more noticeable upgrades would have been nicer, instead of just different lights. I'm a bit of a Diner Dash junkie, and I really like being able to choose the way the diner looks. I think in addition to the "reward" concept that Aaron mentioned, having more options for upgrades/rewards also gives the player a bit more variety so that we're not just staring at the same picture for a while. Last... I'm also with Aaron on the name. I played the game because I got to see all of Amanda's blog entries, and because I'd already other games from here. All the pictures in the blog and reading about all the work being done just made the game look irresistible. However, if I hadn't played any of the other games and just stumbled on YDF on a portal, I can't say the name would attract me enough to take a closer look.
  6. Aeternus, yes, it's definitely a nerve-wrecking time haha. I actually finished everything I needed for my degree last spring, but I wanna apply to a program that requires a few classes beyond what was required for my degree. I stayed an extra quarter (until December) at my university to complete one of said classes, and I still need two more which I will need to take elsewhere. I just got back from Brazil, so now I'm looking for a part-time job so that once March rolls around I can fit a class schedule around a work schedule. All this uncertainty is kind of driving me insane, especially because the classes I need aren't offered everywhere or every term, and with budget cuts, enrollment becomes a bit of a gamble. Speaking of gambling, drinks are free at the casino. You just need to tip, and they tend to check ID a lot, so make sure you have your ID on you whenever you're in the casino area. Have you guys booked the hotel yet? Unfortunately that's the only reasonably priced thing in Vegas haha. Last time I stayed at Planet Hollywood. I liked it, the room is nice... the only problem is that I think someone who works there took my credit card info from their database. That is the only place I can think of where both my dad and I used our credit cards, and both of us had problems with someone trying to use our credit cards soon after we stayed there. I also agree w/ Argoyle and KTC on the Treasure Island and Bellagio shows, so you should def. go to those. That's already three people recommending those. Regarding what KTC said about renting a car, I agree. I've always gone to Vegas by car, and sure, it's convenient when you're tired of walking... but aside from the construction, there's really bad traffic on the strip even when there's no construction going on, and parking is almost impossible in most hotels. The weather should be pretty nice in late May, so walking shouldn't be too bad. As far as food... there's an Olive Garden off the strip, but you can't walk there. You definitely need a car or a taxi, but if you like Italian food, you can go there. The price is the same as it is here in California (probably because it's not on the strip). There are also some Asian plazas around... I don't remember too well where they are since last time I went to those I was like 15, but I think you'd need a car to get to those as well. Last... take advantage of the tram! hehe
  7. Yay, you're almost done! Are you planning to study in between the end of exams and May 27th? If so, then I'd say go on the trip. You can go to Vegas anytime, but you can't go to Vegas anytime with your friends. However, if you have other plans for the weeks before the test, then I'd say to skip the trip. The way I see it is that if you have a few weeks beforehand to study and you really want to go on the trip, then you can be motivated to study beforehand. The flashcard idea might help, but I wouldn't rely solely on that. It's pretty hard to study in Vegas. Those lights are quite distracting, but if you can make yourself study before May 27th, then it shouldn't be a problem. One last thing... if you and your friends won't be 21 by the time of your trip, I don't think it would hurt to postpone it. In my case, I have been to Vegas many times, but it's only a few hours by car. If you're coming from outside the US, your trip may seem more worthwhile once everybody is 21. Vegas is more of a sightseeing place if you're not 21 yet.
  8. That picture for Gates of Night is priceless! Can't wait.
  9. Looks good. Thank you for sharing, Iya. Now I've got another game to keep me busy after finals are over.
  10. I can get started on an equipment guide (armor/weapons/accessories). If anyone wants to help with that, just let me know.
  11. If she told you to put the items on a table, that means you got a correct pair. In this case, you'll need to repeat the process a few more times. I believe you have to do it four times. You have to have a pair of matching items on each table in that room.
  12. This was an issue for me, so maybe others will have the same question. Q: How do I use the Book of Wyrm? A: Equip it as a shield for Lydia. Note that in order to begin learning spells from the book, Lydia may need to level up more. (Note: As of now, I believe Level 17 is the first level when she learns her first skill, Flame Breath. Might need to confirm this when playing again, though, or have someone else confirm this information. Also, I think I saw aisling mention something about multiple spell books. In that case, tini, if someone can list the names of the other ones, feel free to merge the information. Alternatively, I'll come back and edit this post as I get farther into the game. Sorry about the long note. )
  13. One strategy that worked well for me in later battles was increasing my mage unit (Ljusalf's). For the most part, sorcery units can attack from a distance without being counter-attacked, so they're awesome for dealing damage without taking damage back. I'm not sure how well this will work for this particular battle, though, since you probably can't significantly overpower any of your units this early in the game. Also, I don't know if this is part of what's giving you trouble, but my main issue with getting an A in this battle was that my efficiency grade was always too low for an A. I thought it was all about numbers (how many men you had left standing at the end), but actually now I think it's about how many units you have left. Just try to make sure all your units are still alive at the end, even if they all have only like 5 men each. Lastly, as the person above me pointed out, getting Paris now is nice because it'll help you later battles since he can lead his own unit. However, if you're really frustrated, you may just consider leaving Paris for later. You don't have to get an A in the other battles to recruit anyone else. The only benefit for getting A's later on is just obtaining a better reward, but they're probably all things you can do without.
  14. chrmdfreak, "legs of steel" is just an expression. Is this from ProfPuppet's walkthrough? Anyway, ProfPuppet (or whoever wrote that) just probably means that Hilbert and his friends must have really strong legs from walking so much back and forth.
  15. excalibur, I don't know if you have been bothering to upgrade the CRITICAL part of your party's weapons, but foregoing critical hit upgrades can help you save money. Another thing would be to upgrade your weapons only to one level lower than the current maximum for the blacksmith you have access to. You'll notice that the price difference is pretty steep. This is also why I like using mages. There's not much of a point in upgrading holy water sprinklers, designer purses or encyclopedias.
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