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    Actually, I didn't really get it at first either. However, I *wanted* to get it, so I reread a lot, read the wiki, and talked with one of my friends is who is also a Homestuck. I was able to understand a lot of what's happened since then. The only thing I don't really want to understand is how Dave and Gamzee's fetch modi works. Especially Dave's. I've tried to understand but it's just woooo, way over my head.
  2. Haneul


    Yes, most people do think Homestuck is about the trolls, but it's a common misconception. The trolls just do get a lot of love from the fans. I mean yes, it may seem badly drawn, but it's actually not. In my opinion, it's more than "nice." It's just plain epic, and I'm sure many people (even those that don't read Homestuck, but know the very basics from hearing about it) would agree. Also, the fact stands that in merely 32 hours, it was able to have its fans gather 700k (and it is actually approaching 2 million very soon). Homestuck is beyond awesome to read and the fact that people are literally throwing their money at the screen in enthusiasm to support the creation of a game based on it is basically a testament to ts greatness. I pledged 1000 the moment it was available. I didn't even have to think about it--I just did it. And I'm usually very tight-fisted when it comes to money, so that's saying something. Edited to remove profanity. Profane words are not allowed. Please have a look at the forum rules. ~Mopiece
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    I hope I have posted in the proper place. Let's get down to the point though--if you know of and read Homestuck, then swell. If you do not know of Homestuck, then allow me to tell you about it. Or rather, have the creator himself tell you about it: Let Andrew Hussie tell You about Homestuck. Now that you know about Homestuck, then allow me to link you to THIS particular page. Please watch the trailer at the top. You've got nothing to lose by doing so See, Homestuck, after four long years, is finally being made into a game. This Kickstarter is to help Hussie with the creation of said game. As sappy as this may sound, Homestuck is near and dear to my heart and I have placed this topic here with this motive; I want more people to know of it and so that I may get others to be interested and possibly contribute to the Kickstarter. Homestuck is an online comic thousands of pages long. I'm sure some of you already read it, but there are those who have never heard of it or have but haven't tried. I am not forcing anyone to do anything, but it would appreciated if you gave it a look. The amount of pages may seem daunting, but once you get into it, you'll be wanting to finish those pages as soon as possible.
  4. Real-life L4D? Good. My best bros would definitely be the first people I'd be contacting. I'm lucky because they're all rather athletic and actually practice a type of martial art whereas I am no good at physical fighting, but I am a pretty good at handling guns and throwing knives, if I may be so bold as to boast a tad. Logically speaking, calling in my family first would only slow me down. I chose my best bros first because teamed up with them, we have a better chance of surviving and rounding up our family so that we can protect them (whoever's left that is since meeting up with my friends would no doubt take over a day considering how far they are).
  5. 1) I do not care which side the paper is, but since I know most everyone prefers over, that is how I place it. 2) I fold. 3) The toothbrush is moistened usually before the toothpaste has been placed. 4) Yes. Flushing, for one, requires this. Also, it is only right to check if you have left a mess so you may clean up after yourself. 5) I do not care for temperature. I simply hop in. I have grown immune to freezing cold water thanks to my time in university. 6) I have an arsenal of bathing utensils. I have a brush with a long handle, I have a special elongated and bendy loofah with a handle on each side, I have a loofah with a hand strap, I have a scrubber with a pocket for holding soap, and I have a small round brush for my feet. I like to scrub myself as clean as possible. Extra Notes: - I keep a basket with holes at the bottom to hold my body wash and shampoo/conditioner bottles. I bring it out with me once I am finished and place it in the cabinets under the sink. I cannot stand bottles at the corners of baths. It is clutter and I hate it. - I refuse to share soap. - My shower must have a hanging container for my loofahs and brushes. - The cavity at the side of the shower should only contain one soap. My soap. Mine. Anyone else can go acquire their own soap dish. - There must always be Lysol, Febreeze, and Wipes in my bathroom. - Any mess I see that I know is not mine? Everyone else is banned from my bathroom. I am quite strict with bathroom sanitation.
  6. Dressing Up I do not mind whether I can dress up a character or not, but it is a cute little feature. Many people enjoy personalizing their main characters, so the option to change clothes is probably a keeper. A nice thing would be if the clothes added a little bonus in battles (such as renewing HP or MP, heighten the chances of a critical hit, etc) Buying Houses Hands down a feature that I love. I am an avid Sims player and I enjoy expanding and collecting things for my house as well as having characters interact. Having pets is also a nice bonus (and it would be even more interesting if we could take said pets to battle, have them interact with each other, or maybe even control them while in the house). An interesting thing to see would be a haunted house. Maybe add the house a sidequest? A nice big manor that no one would have because of the current supernatural inhabitants and that you can wrest from the more sinister evil that lies within? And even with the main evil defeated, it would be nice to still have some things about the house that you get to discover like hidden passages you use to spy on the interaction of other party members, a hidden basement maybe that holds a very extra party member that may join your group (vampire, petrified fairy, ancient griffin-dragon, whatever), there's many possibilities. Fast Travel I think many would agree with me in that this is something that should be implemented in all Aveyond games--for obvious reasons. Cooking/Crafting I don't mind having to craft items. Perhaps the rarest and strongest of weapons should be the ones crafted rather than bought? That's all really the suggestion I can think of for this since I'm not big on cooking/crafting. Intelligence Agencies I neither like nor dislike this feature. Puzzles are entertaining sometimes though. Shovel, Lockpick, Magic Key Cute. I'd of course only want them if the items the dirt mounds/chests/closed doors have something worthy of interest (potions and healing items don't exactly do it for me--maybe rare crafting ingredients, powerful weapons, or pets, but if it is merely generic items that can be bought in stores, then no thanks). Guilds Sure, why not. I like to personalize my character as much as possible, and getting to join guilds do satisfy that particular desire. Though perhaps joining a guild not only decides what skills you may have but also your appearance? Just a thought. Attraction YES. I am what you would call a sucker for these things. I have no shame in admitting I like my main character to have multiple love interests. I'm an avid otome gamer so it's even better when the main character is female and her love interests are also in the party (or even the villain). I have to say though that having attraction points available for Spook was...a rather troll move. I had my hopes up sky high for a Gyendal/Spook-Mel pairing, but it was crushed. Shattered into infinitesimal pieces like an infant crab happily skittering about in a tiny goldfish bowl in the middle of a desert until Mars is suddenly pulled away from its orbit and crashes its mighty celestial bulk onto the helpless crustacean. Love Triangles + See above. Split Party Indifferent. Many RPG games implement this, but it sometimes get annoying shifting scenery because I sometimes forget something for the other party while playing the other.
  7. 1) To me, battles are annoying when I am attempting to explore an area. Random pop-up battles cannot be helped, but the ones with visible enemies that can be avoided, I kill right away just to get them over and done with. If I am in a hurry to heal my party, I will avoid said monsters, so I prefer that there is room for maneuvering. A stealth option (where the party is invisible to monsters) would come in handy in such times. 2) Something that would make fighting interesting would be having special enemies that are not necessarily bosses (but are stronger than normal enemies and drop much more desirable loot) spawn after certain conditions are met (ie. defeated a certain number of enemies, stayed in the area for a certain number of time, carrying a certain item, etc etc--the list is endless). That would certainly ensure that people go looking for fights.
  8. @daeva_agas: Thank you. I have a very miniscule amount of Japanese in blood in me. I am mostly Korean/Spanish/Chinese. @MeeCakeyMakey: It is one of my few most recent pictures that do not have me wearing glasses. I am very glad myself it came out so well. @moonspell: Thank you as well. I do not have much pictures of myself because I believe the camera captures me at my most unflattering angles, so I'm glad people think this one is good.
  9. I kill everything in my way so I may explore peacefully. However, if they are the type that respawn instantly after I have moved away merely ONE screen, then I will likely dodge and run while muttering curses. I also like going for the more difficult enemies first simply because I want them out of the way as soon as possible.
  10. Haneul

    Eeeee! Books!

    I grew up with my face in a book, and it is likely that is how it will be for the rest of my life. I am not averse to e-books. In fact, I do agree with you on their merits, yet hardcover and paperbacks will always remain my preferred agents of knowledge. Besides--I really like libraries. There is just something about the feeling of owning several books and having them on display also for you and for others' viewing pleasure.
  11. I am a Homestuck fan and I have to say I'm a fan of both the Prince and Witch classes. Princes are basically destroyers and I do enjoy laying waste to everything in my path so they are obviously my first choice. Witches (fall under magicians, I suppose) have complete mastery over their specialty and are also formidable so they are my other choice. I also enjoy being a ranged fighter at times (such as the archer/hunter class in Ragnarok Online) because I can trap enemies and snipe them from a distance.
  12. An introvert I'm guessing, by the way you've described yourself. I am one myself so I know that you can forge relationships with others, but it is a slower process. It is best not be so down on yourself--I am relatively positive that you are not completely lonely. As for your lady friend, keep in mind you met her over the internet. While you can forge serious friendships over the net, romantic relationships are a different matter altogether. Love, as you may refer to it, is hardly ever simple. Internet relationships are more trying on a person--after all, all you're getting from the person is mostly text with occasional pictures or webcamming. If you are in a relationship over the internet, then most likely it is because you are far away from one another--that is another reason. Long distance relationships are very challenging to commit to and not many will agree to one with you unless they already knew you in person before. I'm not going to tell you to do anything as it is your life, but I suggest getting over it. Yes, take a moment to be sad and wallow in self-pity--it is only normal since you are human and have feelings, but do not make it last long or it will be detrimental to your health and in your performance in school/work/whatever endeavors you pursue. I know it is cliche to say, but you will find the one when you least expect it. You need only be patient. Besides--love is not about being rewarded. You will suffer heartbreaks until you find the one, and even then, you will have bumps along the road.
  13. 1) I neither like nor dislike Ean. Indifferent would be the appropriate term. If I had to name something I disliked about Ean, it is his ears. I am not that big of a fan of elves. 2) I like to think a majority of RPG world citizens have had some combat experience and thus could handle minor troublesome pests. I also like to believe they hire guards or travel in groups so again, pests don't pose as much of a problem.
  14. Haneul


    As I understand it, you made up afterwards so I am guessing that things are back to a semblance of normality. Is that not adequate? When you say "smooth things over," do you mean that you want to see eye-to-eye? In all my years of living--from my own experience and from observing others--parents and children will always disagree on one thing or another. Such is human nature, and it is especially true to people from different generations. I also do not agree with my parents' political/religious/ethnic beliefs. They are very unrelenting and close minded, but I do not mind as long as they do not force their beliefs down my throat (they used to, but they now know better). Whenever one of my parental units say something I disagree with or displeases me, I stay silent. I do not offer my input unless prompted by them, and even then, I use the vaguest of terms and choose to be roundabout in my answers. I know that my parents will not see the world as I do, I will not view the world as they do, and that will never change, so it's best for me to leave those topics well enough alone. That's my input on this matter.
  15. I usually like endings with some closure and to be left open so that I can fantasize and control what will happen next. I like all sorts of endings--both happy, sad, bittersweet, and open, but the type of ending I cannot stand are the ones with no semblance of closure. Like this one: http://mangafox.me/manga/money_ace_x/v04/c020/41.html
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