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  1. Saving is cleared. But I have a problem fighting in the temple in the forest against the girl : I get different error-indications and system breaks down always just before I win the fight.
  2. Thats great! I loved Legionwood 1 and now the second part. I remember I had the same problem in part 1 :How do I save??? I forgot it...Please help ! Thanks Willi
  3. THANK YOU DARK GAIA !!!Best game I ever played ! Thanks,thanks and thanks
  4. Thanks UR for the hint! I saw the site and I didn't like the tone of it and you have to register.I do that only an very confidential sites...
  5. I looked for a forum or a walkthrough too but didn't find anything else than a you tube-walkthrough by Michael that doesn't work very well.Sorry, perhaps we help each other...
  6. is there anybody who can help me in the firehell east of Elona ? I can't find the way out of the cave with the running fireballs... i jumped through the islands there and gathered the treasurechests but can't get furter.Where is the exit??? Zhanks in advance Willi
  7. Really great game of the old fashion! I love it and don't have any problems in gaming...Thank you !! Why don't you sell it?? Any other games by you??
  8. Hi everybody.I Would really like to be Betatester for the new game.It sounds a lttle bit similiar idea as Tradewinds...I#m sure you need a german tester with RPG-Experience and much time (stopped working two years ago). Thanks and greetings Willi
  9. willi

    BtS - Evacuation

    please help!!Just bought Bts Evacuation and really love it,but cant't save....Where can I save????Thanks in advance Willi