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  1. ShadetheMystic

    Tips for making a good rpg.

    The best way I've found is to get a good idea of what kind of story you want to tell: who the characters are, how they all fit into the story, what they each bring to the experience. From there, bulletpoint what takes them from the beginning of the story to the end, and what they have to go through to get there - that can be sidequests, if one so prefers, or little story missions in each town, or what have you. The best games take place in a world that makes sense, so don't forget that your characters had lives before the player got involved, and might have lives after the last boss goes down. Also, seven games is a lot to juggle. The best and only advice I can give there is to take it slow, don't rush anything, and be aware that what you plan as seven games, might turn out to be two. Or five. Or twenty. Stories are living, organic things, and they grow and wither like any houseplant. Feed yours well, and see what blossoms. And most importantly, best of luck. It's not an easy thing to develop a story-based game.
  2. ShadetheMystic

    A Question on Setting.

    I'm just wondering, when it comes to JRPGs in general, and RM games in particular, what kind of setting do you prefer? Is there a call for futuristic worlds, or modern settings, or should it only be Final Fantasy-type worlds? What does everyone here think?
  3. ShadetheMystic

    following final fantasy

    I can't (nor would I want to) speak for Amanda, but the decision to continue a series with new characters can come from a lot of different places. It's possible she had planned to continue on with Mel's children, but a story she felt was better or stronger or more interesting came up and she opted to go with that one instead. It should also be said that Aveyond 4 may have been outsourced, having only as much info on the game as anyone else here I can't say for certain. But given the recent changes in Amanda's home and family life, new baby and all, it's possible that someone else worked on the game while she juggled with life. I know for a fact that last year Aveyond 4 was going to be the story of a gypsy girl searching for her kidnapped sister and having to dodge a weather-controlling psycho; this year it's a totally different animal, which leads me to think that someone else worked on the game with Amanda providing support from the wings. I could very well be wrong about that though, it's all just speculation.
  4. ShadetheMystic

    The Rpg Maker XP vs VX thread...

    *Sigh!* I spent 70 bucks on it. I could have had it for a dollar if I'd just waited. I need to go check in the mirror if I have the word "sucker" written on my forehead.
  5. ShadetheMystic

    The Rpg Maker XP vs VX thread...

    Because it's relatively newer, I suspect.