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  1. The best way I've found is to get a good idea of what kind of story you want to tell: who the characters are, how they all fit into the story, what they each bring to the experience. From there, bulletpoint what takes them from the beginning of the story to the end, and what they have to go through to get there - that can be sidequests, if one so prefers, or little story missions in each town, or what have you. The best games take place in a world that makes sense, so don't forget that your characters had lives before the player got involved, and might have lives after the last boss goes down.


    Also, seven games is a lot to juggle. The best and only advice I can give there is to take it slow, don't rush anything, and be aware that what you plan as seven games, might turn out to be two. Or five. Or twenty. Stories are living, organic things, and they grow and wither like any houseplant. Feed yours well, and see what blossoms. And most importantly, best of luck. It's not an easy thing to develop a story-based game.

  2. WCW is not on hold, actually. It's been on hiatus since MB sort of exploded and took over my workload, but it's still here, I have maybe a half hour of gameplay finished up. (I'd have a lot more if I hadn't erased the first build by stupidity, and then had my PC go up in a puff of smoke a few months ago.)


    Mostly, atm, I'm working on art assets when I can. I have an idea I want to use, and it's a bit of a time sink to get done, but I think it'll be worth it.


    (I'd post screens and vids if I had anything that wasn't full of spoilers to show you.)

  3. Good to hear you're enjoying the game.


    I'll try to answer a couple of your questions, I suppose.


    1. The closest thing to a goodie cave in the game are the buried hordes of cash you can dig up, and possibly the hidden rooms that usually contain a boss or two to fight.


    2. Because the script for autosaving was disabling the load function, for some reason. So you could save your game, but not load it up again.

  4. @Noah, if the screen won't turn on, it might just be an issue with the screen itself (unless we're talking a laptop here, then I have NO idea.) My issue is I have a big ol' hole in the OS, and my Windows disk is no longer functional. Not that it would matter, since my rig is stuck in an endless loop where it won't get past the loading screen before it reboots itself.


    Anyway, I was going through some stuff, and I found an old pic of a certain vampire I did years ago (I mentioned, I think, that Estradi is an old character that's haunted my mind for years now.) He looks really different, but I think it turned out alright. Thought I'd share it because...I 'unno, why not? I'm not really the introspective sort.



  5. Let's see if I can remember this. 


    In the Air Vent, go all the way right. Investigate the computer screens in the two rooms there, then go back to the entrance of the Air Vent. Right across from the entrance is a door that should now be open, leading to the Antebridge. 


    In the Antebridge, take the path on the left, to Command Security, and check the computer screen there.

    Now you can use the Archive Lift.

  6. If you explore a bit, you'll find that not too far from each crystal are some rocks. Each crystal has to be fitted in between the nearest group of rocks to open the way. So the yellowish crystal just has to go right, up the stairs, then left; the reddish crystal goes down and around the left corner, then up. And the bluish crystal goes down and to the left.


    Hope that helps a bit!

  7. The scripts all go in the same place, there's a function in the engine that keeps track of them all. And that's only three scripts, the games natively use a lot more, for things like the word balloons, the side view battles and animated battle sprites, the weather, the lighting, healing on a level-up, the quest journal, and a lot of other things you can't even notice but the game would crash like a drunk goat flying a helicopter without them.


    And yeah, kinda like the transpozz stones. Or more like the End of Time from Chrono Trigger, or the House of Samhain from Aldorlea's Onyx, where you can teleport there, pick your party members, save, and then teleport to other places.

  8. Not yet. Again, I know how to fix it, I'm just vetoed on fixing it. But, I do know how to set up a simple teleportation hub system, where you can teleport to say, an ancient palace or temple and from there teleport to anyplace in the world. I've used that before. 


    On the plus side, I finally found my script folder again, and I found my more-than-four-save-slots script and my difficulty level script! And the key item script that had to be cut from MB1, gonna do that one right this time, I loved that system. (It was like in Chrono Cross, if you've ever played it, where you can press a button and bring up a menu will exploring towns and dungeons, and use it to select items to solve puzzles and quests. It was a good system, but our testers could never remember it was there, so it was scrapped.)

  9. i have no idea about this clue -_-

    more clue please, or just say it password... :lol:


    Once the computer terminal asks you for the password, there is a computer screen on the wall that will give it to you. Read each line very carefully, the last line it gives you will outright tell you the password.



    If that should fail, try



  10. I can only see one gravestone in Sempras Post, "Maura", and in the house next to it is a girl named "Clara". I did fine a guy named "Jed" in Limpolt, but that's clearly not "Uther". Help me please?


    Uther is the old man fishing, in the bottom-right corner of town.

  11. *Took me a second to realize where you were*


    He gives you a sword, take it back to the Divide. Remember the part you go to, just after Brenna saves you from the werewolves and tells you to run? There's a cave, and a mouse, and not much else? Go south from there, until you find a temple. Put the sword in the stone outside the temple, then go back to the huntsman.

  12. Well, I can now access the site again (server changes) and go online (had to reinstall my wireless drivers. Actually raised my voice and...got physical with my computer over that. *Sigh!*), so now I can tell y'all that I have finally finished the sprite work for MB3, barring any ideas that come to me later on. But for the moment, the playable characters are all sprited up.

  13. OK, I just finished playing through a new game to see if the bugs I encountered before were fixed. 

     Ah, okay then, if it seems tied to the mouse system, there really isn't much I could have done to fix that anyway.


    I never ran into the problem with the dog on either version until I decided to check one thing - the mouse.  I mentioned on the thread about the problem with the jumping that I always use the keyboard and just happened to check the mouse controls when someone mentioned trouble there and sure enough that was causing problems.  It looks like the same thing is happening with the dog.  Using the keyboard, I walk up to the cave, give the dog the meat, and can continue into the cave no problem.  I just tried to do the same with the mouse - clicked the cave, gave the dog the meat, clicked the cave again and got stopped by the dog.



    The problem with the disappearing wolf cubs appears to be fixed.  The coin counter is not - this time it started over after 9.  My first game it started over after 26 and then again after a few more (I forget what number it ended up as).  I did play through one other time and managed to get all 37 counted so I know you don't really miss anything by the count being off (just one comment from the hermit). 

    Again, I never did experience either of these bugs, once I found a wolf, it was right in the cave. As for the coins, I don't think I ever turned in more then 27, which seemed like more than enough skills to finish the game.



    The guy at the haunted house still says there are three monsters even though it's now only two which will be confusing for anyone not already aware of what happened with the bug. My old save was not able to use the code I got from defeating the monsters there before I installed the new version but that appears to be an issue with the save itself - defeating the monsters after installing the new version allowed me to use the code (love that defeating the optional boss changes the ending if you own the manor  :D ).

    I'm glad you caught that little change. TBH, I doubt many people will get it. (In the original MB, Dracula was supposed to be playing Beethoven's 'Fur Elise' on the piano, it was removed over some confusion regarding copyright; but once I learned that any recording of that song longer than the first eight notes is public domain and therefore free, I restored it for the Steam release. So...the song played on the piano at the end is a reference to that. If it means anything else...I'm not telling.)



    A couple of visual bugs I noticed when trying for an alternate ending - this last time Brenna wasn't on the Bride, but she appeared in the scenes before the last bosses.  Also, I gave Laren's letter to her dad this time and she appears to still be in her room during that scene in the ending.

    Yeah, if you give the letter to her father, Laren never leaves her room. As for Brenna, she's only supposed to be on the Bride if you spoke to her in the camp.

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