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  1. Everything is back to normal, thank gosh. Some incredibly lovely person posted this link in another thread. http://web.archive.org/web/20080428035139/http://amaranthgames.com/modules/wfdownloads/viewcat.php?cid=14 Now, if only I had a way to fix the glitch I was originally having problems with...
  2. Ugh, I re installed the game and now I've made it even worse... My save files have gotten muddled up with other ones from my last playthrough, and the better music is gone as well. Really wishing I had decided to just put up with the glitch... Edit: I've gotten my save files safely back in place, but the sprite glitch is still there and the music from the older version is there as well. How do I get the better music back?? Please help me T-T
  3. I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure it happened when I went in the boat, and I assumed it would go away, but it didn't. I'm now in the Ghedhare crypt and it hasn't gone away. I got it off big fish, I'll try re installing it. btw your character in the night watch base in Aveyond 4 is adorable!
  4. Hello, I'm extremely sorry for this 5 year necropost, but I'm having this problem as well. My characters are eternally stuck in a walking animation when they're standing still, and it's slowly driving me insane. I've tried getting on and off the boat in Mt Orion, and I've tried switching leaders back and forth, but nothing works. Is there anything at all I can do to fix this? Once again I apologise for this necropost, but I didn't see the need to create a new thread when there was already one here.
  5. Sorry for going off topic, but that jumpscare in Undertale only occurs in one ending where you have to go out of your way to kill every single enemy in the game. As Tei said, the windmill dungeon isn't very frightening at all. I found the soundtrack a little creepy, but for me the scariest part was when I couldn't find the last ghost.
  6. Can't believe I missed that. I was so sure I had checked everywhere with the dark eye...
  7. Oh, I feel so silly now. I was so sure I explored every area with all three eyes. Thank you!! <3 Edit: I've run into yet another wall. My party's level is 6, and I have to defeat an enemy at level 7. What am I supposed to do now? There's a room which I haven't explored yet as it's too dark to see in, and these dark floaty things that I can't walk through at night. Please help...
  8. I knew I needed those, I just wasn't sure of how to get them :c Uh... I know I'm supposed to help the wizard with something, but what exactly is it I have to do?
  9. Could someone please help me with how to get across the water tiles?
  10. I found the ledger in the shop in Tor, but the guy just says it's his and nothing else happens. Is there something I need to do to get him to give it to me?
  11. Aww! That's sooo cute Indra! Is your cat a boy or a girl? It reminds me of my old cat that got run over by a car... :cry: Maybe he's in his next life! Rest in peace, Furball. :rip:
  12. Ooh, it's been updated a lot since I last read it! I voted for your surprise ending! This is very funny, I'm glad you're continuing it!
  13. Ooh, this game looks good! I immediately recognised Zipadeedo from Sweet Lily Dreams, but I didn't know that bearded dwarves could be female... But about the screenshots: 1. Pretty cool pic! It looks exciting and gives you a good sense of the characters. 2. I recognise those characters! From left to right: Bubble, Lars, Lily, and Kratin from Laxius Force...? 3. LOL, stupid feral chickens! 7. ROFL! That is so true Awesome screenies, looking forward to the game coming out!
  14. Hello Dreamer, 3 months and someone's finally here. I'd be surprised if this actually goes ahead.
  15. It's your first day of school? I only just finished term 1 of year 7... (oh, I'm in High School now! Yayy!) Must be different parts of the year for different countries... I love those anime pics in the Avvie! And the siggy looks pretty cool too!
  16. How lovely! Can someone tell me what the japanese writing in the siggy says?
  17. Guys, this is really getting :offtopic: ! :amaranth: :amaranth: :amaranth: :amaranth: :amaranth: Do this sort of bickering in the PM's plz!
  18. Wow, I really like your art! I especially like... well, I like all of it!
  19. Ooh! I really like your siggy Silver Dragon! Off topic: Do you think I say the word 'Ooh' a bit too much?
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