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  1. I'm replaying and can't remember where I got the Globe of Aia for Robin's shop. Anybody know? The guide says Ulrock, but I haven't found it there.
  2. How's the work coming along? Can you give us an estimate of when it will be done? Or maybe a new screenshot?
  3. I agree with Moonpeace. Different and yet with same feel to it. Great work! Oh, btw, is the estimate for when it's gonna be finished still April 2018? I'd love to play the new version.
  4. Bitdefender Bitdefender total security 2016 Stargazer February 5th, 2016, it won't even download the game on my computer, putting antivirus on permissive (no alerts) doesn't help Nvm, found another blasted off switch in antivirus controls, managed to download and put it under exclusions. It works now.
  5. Thank you for your very helpful answer. This was just the precise assessement of time I was hoping for.
  6. I'm having problems with downloading the new version of Aveyond 4 (my old link doesn't work, tells me that password is blocked). I posted the problem to support about 2 days ago and was hoping everything Will be sorted by now, but still no answer. And please don't tell me to check the spam folder, I always do that automatically, did it this time too. I really wanted to play this today. But if there's no chance of it, I'd rather you just tell me and I'll find something else to do and stop obsessively checking my e-mail every 10 minutes.
  7. How long does it take to get a new downolad link? Beacuse it's been 24 hours and I still didn't get it. My old one doesn't work anymore. I hate being stuck in the middle of the game. Oh, and was the Ingrid dragon bug fixed in the last new download? Cause I wished to choose that coven for her.
  8. Who do you have to talk with to start this quest? I completely missed it the first time. I noticed some people in the game who talk about dolls, but the quest doesn't show up in the journal.
  9. Thanks! I thought I'd seen it somewhere but couldn't remember where.
  10. How do you teach Rowen swordsinging?
  11. Duh. I tried talking to him, but I never just clicked on the paper. Thanks!
  12. Same for me. Put in on zero and tried closing and starting again. No effect.
  13. do you have to go there at night or...? because it's not there to be sold
  14. No, because I can't find it? where do you get that?
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