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    I do too *face palms*
  2. Two words. Fluid AI. A lot more words. Basically with fluid AI the low level monsters will increase their skill as you do but the high level monsters will stay the same. Only when you pass them will their skill level rise and it will keep a constant challenge. It doesn't really matter if it's real time or turn based if you add some sort of escape button and take out or make the 3-second-intro-sequence-of-dear-god-just-let-me-fight-already out of the fight after you've already killed it once (though I doubt that's possible) Still... *Sits in the think chair trying not to strain my brain*
  3. So, what sort of pairings do you like? How do you like romance to develop? If you've ever read a dramione fic... Which I have... Obsessively. Then you will know what I mean when I say that they 'Hate to love each other' It's comparable to Rhen/Lars with how they grow to respect then care for each other I just see that as a perfect pairing because it gives both characters more depth ie. Why is he rude, why doesn't she call him out on it, what could cause their attitude problems. Do you prefer if the couple are both PCs and you can watch the relationship change throughout the game? What about where only one is a PC, but you get several opportunities to interact with the other, and can see things develop? I like a mixture of the two I suppose, if you're given options during the game for PCs and NPCs then there will be no complaints. I can understand seeing things develope in a relationship in the game but what always bothers me is you can't interact with another PC. You would have to wait to go somewhere where there interactions are scripted in and between that they waddle around stabbing anything you point at. It's abit soulless. Do you like having a choice of who someone should be with? Collecting gifts or doing little things to influence attraction between people? Love triangles, with a little jealousy thrown in? Love triangles and jealousy. Yes. Choice. Big Yes. Collecting gifts. Not as fond of. The problem I always saw with the attraction points system was that really you threw your money at an NPC they throw flowers or a card at you then you toss it in the person you likes face, but everyones different I personally don't like flowers. They die and aren't pretty when they do it. So why are almost all the characters getting arbitrary attractions points and liking all the same things? I don't know mabey I'm picky. What about personalities? If two people like each other and get on well, how would you ensure the pairing isn't boring? Or do you prefer some/lots of conflict *cough EmmaXRye cough* and competition? Conflict Conflict Conflict. If a pairing is lovey dovey and fits like a perfect puzzle peice. Okay. Fine. Sure, but I always prefer pairings with a little drama and some NPCs falling in love. I always say 'Awww' When other people are being cute but If I'm being cute I imagine vividly hitting myself in the face with a frying pan... Okay I'm deffinatly way too picky.
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    I roleplay with he name Lilliana alot so yeah... *Hides in the socially awkward persons corner*
  5. It's the hackers fault that they got in trouble, they decided that they should make fake news(Illegal) by hacking(Illegal) and they do deserve to be punished, about the statement where you compared it to graffiti. I disagree. Hacking is a crime that is used alot more than for making a mark, just because they didn't use it for anything worse doesn't mean that they won't. They have the ability to do harm with something they have showed skill in.
  6. Okay zombie Apocolypse. Let's see... Gloves Running shoes A baseball bat And if they have them. Guns. Many many guns.
  7. It was a quest I had until the end and wouldn't let me complete it, also the bean stalk didn't grow. I did every quest exept Mt.Orion and travelled everywhere. Whatever was coded to trigger it's growth broke.
  8. oh and i forgot to menion tehjil is a vampire they dont pop out of holes in the ground so why ISN'T she in THIS GAME tha just ticks me off she is awesome and should at least run by or stand around in the underworld somewere i could care less where just please make her be somewhere if she talks or not i would really appreciate it
  9. I have a suggestion for cutscene it would be cool if at some point devin fell down onto his knees and just toppled then wakes up back in elden with whoever he married standing over him then he smiles and it ends but if he isn't married he wakes in elden and thinks he imagined it all then sees a sword his sword at his side and smiles and drifts off to the end of the game (i suggest this after the final battle as anoher ening for if devin dies but no one else)
  10. I found a glitch I don't know how but when I went up to Mt.Orion the boat was ready for me to sail in and I didn't have to get the offering or do the quest in general.
  11. What were the bugs? was it somthing with the programming?
  12. YOUR USER NAME: bbd953 YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Lilliana YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: Female DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: November 19 2009 YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: theif YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: Draconian(Ability to turn into... basically a dragon person) YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: 400(14) YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: ever since she was 4 she was able to grow wings scales, could fly as high as a bird, and could read lips. As she aged they developed and formed new skills(sprinting good hearing and flexibility) a)Physical: she an punch her hand through bone b)Magical: she can fly and transform c)Other: she is good at sneaking around nd making no noise while running YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: agility and hand-to-hand combat YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: has a love of animals and money(tempted and lured easily) CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: November 22
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