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  1. I loaded a game from the last orb but I have no items and my level is 5. Is this correct?
  2. bags give out 12000 to 20000 and enemies average 5k each the overall design in this one is different as it seems I did not even need to upgrade my equipment or level up and I played on expert.
  3. I am getting 100000 gold in one walkthrough of certain areas. Is this the luck stat or is the gold gain in the lost orb way above the previous 2 chapters in the series?
  4. thanks. fast response and helpful. I appreciate that a lot. I am new to this community and it is looking to be really cool!
  5. will recipes beggars teach me automatically go into my book of recipes or do I need to make them first?
  6. Are there rare items only she can steal from enemies such as bosses or the like? thanks for answering all my questions I post a lot of them.
  7. yes I understand that about the mouse support. just curious if there is a way to turn it off. i know very little about tweaking rpg maker titles or I would try to see about modding it myself.
  8. is the interface the same for all the other chapters as well? is there perhaps a way to modify the data does anyone know. for me its a more intrusive and redundant interface sadly they moved items down too which is the most used menu section for me.
  9. Are there any settings to remove the bottom menu bar from the screen? Does this bar persist throughout the entire rest of the aveyond series?
  10. just wondering if there are different versions for this one as well like rhens and eans quest? 1&2.. thanks
  11. I am level 75 now and Trevor still hits me for a one shot hit of 2500+. Even with elixir I can not survive that kind of attack on expert difficulty mode. Is the tournament not doable on expert mode?
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