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  1. Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

    I would love to Beta test the game!!
  2. GOD goodie

    Yeah thanks, I figured it out
  3. Weapon/Armor Shop

    In venwood, the weapons and armor dealer isn't there... What do I need to unlock before he comes back?
  4. GOD goodie

    This will sound stupid, but how do you run in admin mode??
  5. Attraction points...

    Thanks, and I tried deleting the comment... but I couldn't figure it out...
  6. Attraction points...

    Where can I find the love song?
  7. Attraction points...

    Thanks! Where can I find the love song? Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  8. I've looked through, and I'm probably looking in the wrong spot, but what are all of the attraction points I can obtain?
  9. Griffin

  10. Griffin

    So, I can't seem to find the Griffin anywhere... I've checked the maps... i never knew there was a griffin transfigurine....
  11. Stella's goodie.....

    yeah, but I talked to the mini dwarf, he said to go to the weapon goodie cave, and i did. Stella has all of her powers now. Thanks...
  12. I have the weapon that increases her skills with the healing powers.... but when I used the level goodie, she still only had the two skills she started out with in the beginning...
  13. Sphere goodie....

    Ahh okay... Thanks!
  14. Sphere goodie....

    So, the squirrel disappeared... and I go over to where he was blocking the goodie... it says the ground was too hard... does this mean I need a shovel? Or trigger a quest??
  15. Sleeping dust

    ahh thanks...