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  1. Jessica_jhz

    Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

    I would love to Beta test the game!!
  2. Jessica_jhz

    GOD goodie

    Yeah thanks, I figured it out
  3. Jessica_jhz

    Weapon/Armor Shop

    In venwood, the weapons and armor dealer isn't there... What do I need to unlock before he comes back?
  4. Jessica_jhz

    GOD goodie

    This will sound stupid, but how do you run in admin mode??
  5. Jessica_jhz

    Attraction points...

    Thanks, and I tried deleting the comment... but I couldn't figure it out...
  6. Jessica_jhz

    Attraction points...

    Where can I find the love song?
  7. Jessica_jhz

    Attraction points...

    Thanks! Where can I find the love song? Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  8. I've looked through, and I'm probably looking in the wrong spot, but what are all of the attraction points I can obtain?
  9. Jessica_jhz


  10. Jessica_jhz


    So, I can't seem to find the Griffin anywhere... I've checked the maps... i never knew there was a griffin transfigurine....
  11. Jessica_jhz

    Stella's goodie.....

    yeah, but I talked to the mini dwarf, he said to go to the weapon goodie cave, and i did. Stella has all of her powers now. Thanks...
  12. I have the weapon that increases her skills with the healing powers.... but when I used the level goodie, she still only had the two skills she started out with in the beginning...
  13. Jessica_jhz

    Sphere goodie....

    Ahh okay... Thanks!
  14. Jessica_jhz

    Sphere goodie....

    So, the squirrel disappeared... and I go over to where he was blocking the goodie... it says the ground was too hard... does this mean I need a shovel? Or trigger a quest??
  15. Jessica_jhz

    Sleeping dust

    ahh thanks...