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  1. QuesTMajoR

    Doodled doodles (?)

  2. QuesTMajoR

    Beyond Aia (Non-Aveyond fanart)

    Amazing! Gentleman Animation!
  3. QuesTMajoR

    Mouse Trigger/Click Script Call

    Got it already ... I used Window_Command > Window_Selectable ... then put a command triggered by mouse .. Lock the Topic . Thank you alot .
  4. QuesTMajoR

    Mouse Trigger/Click Script Call

    Oh .. Now got it .. But how do I suppose to have Selectable Menus on Map Screen and trigger it using mouse?
  5. What is the script line of 'LEFT and RIGHT click' to make conditionals out of Mouse Click. I'm using Near Fantastica's Mouse Script . (One with Aveyond) This is the Line for Keyboard : Input.trigger?(Input::C) -- Spacebar How about for the mouse? Your Help = 10000 Appreciation!
  6. QuesTMajoR

    Aveyond freezing!

    If the problem persists .. Try playing it on Windowed Mode . Same thing happened to me on my old computer .. The VGA Card has a problem. I tried running it on Windowed mode then everythings fixed.
  7. QuesTMajoR

    Middas' Wrath [SNEAK PEEK]

    Songs eh, yes it does .. you will be surprised once you hear the BattleTheme . and the Title Song .. I used classic RTP but I edited some tones.
  8. QuesTMajoR

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    Okay back to topic ... ---WELCOME EVERYONE!
  9. QuesTMajoR

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    well .. at least they made Nancy Pranks.. XD
  10. QuesTMajoR

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    Okay, don't Sir me ... I'm only 15 years old .
  11. QuesTMajoR

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    Ohhh .. I noticed too ! BTW @mayanmimi : are you a voter? if so, then to whom you casted your vote?
  12. QuesTMajoR

    What do you LOVE in Aveyond and want more of?

    Puzzles or Riddles Scene .. Ghed'are - Unforgettable!!
  13. QuesTMajoR

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

  14. QuesTMajoR

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

  15. QuesTMajoR

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    @mayanmimi - you can edit your cottage if you want . MY COTTAGE WAS UPDATED - Added the 4th and 5th Grader life.