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  1. I love RPs, too. ^^ I'm on a lot of Rp forums on different subjects.. ^^
  2. The dragon nodded. She looked at the sky again, feeling the wind on her scales, to know what direction the wind was going. 'Then, let's go.'
  3. 'Alright.' Agony morphed into her real size and layed down to let Myrani go on her back. 'Just tell me when you'll be ready.'
  4. Agony looked at Myrani. She was sure she'd never want to fly again after the last time she did so. 'Are you sure you want to fly to the place we must go?' She then looked at the sky. Night was falling. 'You'll need to guide me, if so. I don't know where is Uriel's lighthouse.'
  5. (( I don't know what to do.... o.O I don't remember, also ^^; ))
  6. Piano is really fun to play. I just started taking lessons. ^^ I love piano ^^
  7. @ Ally - Yes, I make my own. I have three... uhh... five of them ^^
  8. Nice set, Rena! Meichen, too ^^ Really nice ^^
  9. @ Silvermist: I love doing my own wallpapers^^ I have 3 like that ^^
  10. Here's mine: I'm sure everyone knew what it was going to be ^^ I'm the one who make this wallpaper ^^
  11. @ Snow: Thanks^^ I love Evanescence siggies ^^
  12. Agony nodded. By flying, it could have took just... 30 minutes to get out of the forest. And they would not have to meet that boar again. Agony started walking 'Then, we better get going now.'
  13. 'Alright, let's get out of here.' Agony flew to the exit of the shrine. When she arrived at the end of it, she got out of the shrine and landed on the grass. She then waited for Myrani.
  14. @Luz: I think you're talking about Whisper. It's the only song I could think with the lyrics 'Don't Turn Away ^^ Thanks for the comment ^^ @Silvermist: Thanks^^ @Mei: Thanks a lot. @S_tyong: Me too. ^^ Who knows Nightwish there? They are a good band, too ^^
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