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  1. ...I'm sorry if I disturbed you, then?
  2. [Noting the title: har dee har har, I'm so clever.] I got bored, so here's an AV1 fic for you. I'm planning on it being a sort of long multi-chapter thing, but...eh, we'll see. Oh, and pretend that the party buys the ship and heads for Veldt before doing everything else in Sedona for the sake of having Pirate John, okay? And that Lars isn't such a meanie to Rhen BEFORE they get the house. ._. Pairings: TxG, RxL, ExPJ, Dx...no one. I'm not all too fond of him, when I'm not forgetting he exists. He's okay, I guess. Now, putting an end to my annoying message, I give you... "Love Bites" ...In which I analyze and retell the story behind the relationship between our favorite vampire and tortured paladin, from their first meeting until their wedding day, and maybe even farther after that. ----------------- A Prologue of Sorts (where we take a new look on first meetings) Rhen had requested that they visit the castle in Sedona more out of curiosity than anything else. Back in Clearwater, she had explained, they didn't have big lavish castles, unsurprisingly, and she found the idea of seeing one exciting. “But Rhen, we saw castles in Veldarah and Veldt already,” Lars had pointed out, speaking aloud what the rest of them had been thinking. “Look how powerful this city is, though. The castle is different, I’m sure. Probably much more…grand. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to speak with the king. He could know something about the druids.” The rest of the party had accepted this for two reasons. First of all, there was a chance she was right. Second, she was the ‘Chosen One’, and should the world be taken over by Ahriman because she was spending too much time gawking at castles, well, that was her problem. This was why, after leaving Lord Gavin’s ball, they detoured from seeing their newly purchased house and ended up walking through the large doors of the Sedona Castle. The man outside of the castle had given them odd looks – they were a strange bunch, and looked even stranger walking together as a group – but made no effort to stop them from entering, possibly deeming them as trustworthy. Rhen had been right in one thing, at least. The palace did differ from the other two they’d seen, mainly in color scheme and décor. Two rows of guards stood on either side of the red carpet that led to the king’s throne, watching them carefully. Maybe some people didn’t find them so trustworthy, then. Also unlike the other castles, an armor-clad man stood next to the king. Sedona seemed to believe their ruler needed protection more than the other two cities did. The others agreed to stay back as Rhen went to speak with the king. Just as she opened her mouth to introduce herself, she was abruptly tackled to the side by Lars. She prepared to yell at him, then stopped as she noticed the dagger protruding from the king’s throne just above the crown on his head. Looks of bewilderment that had been brought on by Lars’ actions quickly turned to ones of shock. “Someone tried to assassinate the king!” It was the armor-clad man, his eyes focused on something down near the castle’s entrance. This brought the attention of everyone else in the room to the doorway. ‘Someone’ stood in front of one of the open doors, a purple cloak wrapped around him and a hood over his head, blocking his – her? - features from sight. “Guards, get him!’ The guards reacted, but were far too slow for the perpetrator. The hooded assassinator was gone in an instant, leaving only the closing door as a sign he’d been there at all. Rhen, having stood up and regained her composure, asked, “Who was that?” “He’s one of those awful thieves!” cried the armor-clad man. “I recognize the cloak!” The king gave instructions to go after the assassin, having at one point revealed the man’s name to be Galahad. “I would, sire, but I do not know where the thieves’ hideout is located.” When she wasn’t frustrated, in a bitter mood, or arguing with Lars, Rhen did have her kind side. She offered to help, explaining that her and her ‘team’ had been to the thieves’ refuge before and could show the paladin the way. In a rude, demanding, I’m-used-to-getting-what-I-want sort of tone (a tone Rhen had unofficially named ‘The Lars Voice’, much to the sorcerer's displeasure), the king commanded them to head to the cave and find out who the scoundrel behind his near-death was. He practically threw them out, telling them not to come back until they completed the task. After having been treated in such a manner, the party didn’t exactly want to return, but Galahad did not at all seem joyful at the idea of being locked out of the castle. Still not having a chance to look at the manor they’d bought, they left Sedona and headed for the Thieves’ Caves. The caves were dimly-lit, nearly impossible to see in without the aid of Lars’ Fire Flicker spell. The party had formed a circle shape because of this, placing Lars in the middle of it. He grumbled about it at first. He was silent after Rhen fed him something about how he should feel important 'since everyone needed him at that moment.' “I don’t believe we’ve properly introduced ourselves yet, Galahad.” Rhen didn’t look at the man she'd addressed as she spoke; she was too busy focusing on the ground ahead of her and what creatures could be treading upon it, ready to spring into battle. “I’m Rhen Darzon, a sword singer.” She pointed to the green-haired boy that handled their makeshift torch. “That’s Lars Tenobar.” “I'm Elinidana’ter’Lithir, but you may call me Elini.” Galahad examined the demon summoner for a moment. “If I’m not mistaken, you’re a woman from Veldt.” “Indeed.” “…You aren’t going to request marriage of me then, are you?” “You’ve arrived too late for that. I have already located the man who is to become my fourth husband.” She stepped closer to the pirate she’d chosen to walk next to, making it obvious of whom she meant. Pirate John glared at her, inching away. “I already told you I wasn’t going to marry you, Elini!” “You’ll come to your senses in time, John.” Hoping to stop any possible bickering before it began, Rhen spoke up, interrupting whatever remark Pirate John had been ready to utter. “This is Dameon Maurva, a sun priest. He handles the healing for our party.” She motioned to the half-bald man on the other side of her. “A sun priest?” Galahad looked at Dameon with a surprised expression. “I’m not worthy of being near someone of such high honor!’ “He’s arrogant enough as it is,” Lars snapped, the flame in his hand flickering slightly as he did. The sudden anger seemed to be aimed more at the priest than the paladin. “Don’t make it worse.” Annoyed by this, Dameon muttered, “You’re one to talk about being arrogant.” Rhen, once again getting the sense of an upcoming argument, cut in with an introduction to the last member of the party. “And, finally, that’s Te’ijal.” He looked at her as if he’d just realized she even existed – which he probably had. She had been uncharacteristically quiet as of late. His eyes got a strange glitter to them as they focused on her, something she chose to ignore. She knew that look. That was the same look she often saw both Dameon and Lars with when they talked to Rhen; the same look Elini got whenever she looked at Pirate John. While he may have given her ‘that look’, and may have slowed his steps so he could walk next to her at the back of the circle, Te’ijal was refusing to acknowledge his presence. He was just another pompous human. Though she tended to find all humans rather amusing, she had grown tired of meeting egotistical men. Considering that all of the men in her party were this way, it was entirely understandable. “Is there a reason to your staring, human?” Maybe she would acknowledge him, then, if only to tease him. His cheeks tinted a light pink, and he glanced over at the others, seeming to be thankful they hadn’t heard her. The two of them were a bit behind the circle, and possibly for the best. After Rhen had no more friends to present to use as interruptions, an argument had broken out between Dameon and Lars (who had the flame in his hand dangerously close to the non-bald side of the sun priest’s head.) “I apologize for that – and if I’m being a bit too forward – but you are a rather beautiful woman.” …Had he just complimented her? Other than Pirate John’s shameless attempts at flirting (which ended after she’d issued a threat that involved her teeth and his neck), none of the men in their party had ever shown any interest in her whatsoever. Besides that, shouldn’t he have hated her the moment he saw her? As a paladin, shouldn’t he stand for all things right and holy, all things the opposite of her? There was only one possible explanation in her mind. He didn’t know what she was. She was sure it was rather obvious. Perhaps it was the fact that she’d walked around in the sun unharmed earlier that threw him off. Oh, how she was going to absolutely love the moment he found out! “Is that so?” She did her best to hold back the rather impish grin that threatened to form on her face. The sight of her teeth would surely give Galahad his doubts to her humanity, and she didn’t wish for her new-found game to end that quickly. Then again, the man had been dense enough not to piece the red eyes and pale skin together… He said nothing more. Te’ijal could hear his increased heartbeat thudding loudly in her ears, could see the shade of scarlet his face had turned. Had the man no shame? Though he’d sounded alarmed at the idea of possibly being forced into marriage by Elini, she had an awful sense he would attempt to wed her before they returned to Sedona. It was absolutely ridiculous. ...And highly entertaining. ----------------- Well, there you have it. A very OOC on purpose Galahad (OOC in the fact that he is not at all hating Te'ijal). I was wondering, 'could he like her if she wasn't a vampire?' and this is what I got. So, yeah. Oh, and for those of you that are looking at my username and thinking 'who ARE you?', hi, I'm new to the site. ^^
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