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  1. I can't find the Super Balm anyplace. I have satisfied every other customer and I've finished the game but I really want to know where I missed it so I can find it next time.
  2. So, here's an odd one: I watched my Father play the game when I was much younger and he always had Tei'jal set as the leader of the party so I made up my mind that she was the hero of the story, the best character there was, a paragon of virtue. So when I played the game for the first time I, of course, had her turn Galahad since she could do no wrong. A few years later I felt crushing guilt that I had enabled a creature of the night to spread a horrifying curse to a pure and noble Paladin. The later Aveyond games made me feel better about myself though because if Galahad had not been turned into a vampire the world would have come to an end so...
  3. Dressing Up~ I thought this was fun, but I don't really want a whole bunch of options, it was just sort of a fun side thing. Buying Houses~ This is very important to me. I like being able to sort out some personal quests, character development, etc. Fast Travel~ The speed crystal was nice but I don't really care much. Cooking/Crafting~ Didn't much care for this ability. Mostly it seemed liked more work. Intelligence Agencies~ This was sort of clever, but I prefered the AV1 method where you had to complete a piece of the quest to get an item. Shovel, Lockpick, Magic Key~ The locked chests drove me up the wall! I usually gave up on most of them. Guilds~ I really like guilds, they are great fun. Attraction~ I really liked this, it is fun to pair up characters for the end. Split Party~ I prefer having my whole party together. Goodie Caverns~ I really loved these!!!! It is so much fun to hunt around trying to find the odd cave hidden in the rock face....
  4. Frond


    My view is that there is an afterlife. Since there is a highly observable quality to humanity (namely our reasoning, etc.) that is absent from animals I do not believe it can be as simple as dissappearing. Since we are so complex and have the abilities to build civilizations and conceive of so many wonders that are not observable around us it seems inconceivable that that could all be lost.
  5. Frond

    Magic Debate

    Well, I would say that all sorts of magic do exist. They just aren't often recognised as 'magic'. Even the really amazing, jaw-dropping magic must exist somewhere, it just doesn't happen very often. One example of 'everday' magic is how oh so very often little things either go missing or pop up and no one knows how they got there (or where they went). Also, enough remarkable coincidences occur to make one wonder just how many of them are coincidences... Just my two (or three) cents...
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    User Names

    I see we are explaining our names here. As you can all see, my name is Frond. My father used to tell us installments of bedtime stories he made up every night. My favorite character was always a little pixie named Frond.
  7. Well I thought I'd finally get around to introductions. Likes: Snow, cats, stories, fun and games in general. Dislikes: Sad stories, other than that, I'm pretty much good. See you around!
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