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  1. @Lil Mimi: I agree. Cursing when your hurt (depending on how hurt or how much pain your in) does actually help you feel better for some odd reason. It's a thing that slips so your mind can focus on saying something, anything, to keep from thinking about what just happened to your body.
  2. I don't think age matters unless we start talking about stuff that's above PG-13. I get along with all ages, and I can deal mostly with how all ages act. It doesn't matter if some four year old gets on here, I can read whatever they type and still get a general idea of what's being said.
  3. I'm certainly not okay with people who swear. The only exception that I don't mind it is if someone is scared or hurt. If your scared or hurt, words slip out in order for you ignore whatever stressful even is in front of you. It's a rather natural thing to do aside from screaming. Any other time, like getting angry at something or someone, it feels like that person is being immature. I try to get others to not cuss frequently because it makes them look bad. It makes everyone look bad. :/ When people talk like that, even online, it bothers me so much. But, because I can't hear whatever is being said online since it's text, I can easily ignore and by pass it.
  4. ((I feel the same. We should wait for at least two more people to join. I wonder if I scared them away? Normally, my roleplaying revolves around my mood and sometimes releases it. As of this week, I've not been well mentally...It can definately be seen when looking at the RP...Gomenasai...))
  5. Username: Kit Katy Charactername: Ivory Gender: female Status: General Cause of Death: In the late 80's, Ivory was found guilty for murder of her own family. Her anger of her family grew until she couldn't take it anymore. After taking vengeance on the last member in her linage, she was sentenced to death. Reason for being in the Underworld: For killing those she hated and not regretting it. Personality: Ivory is what you'd call the typical loonatic. She loves to play mind games with many people. Her happiness in tormenting gives her the nickname Psychotic Illusionist. Appearance: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c383/ace_yui/Ivorythefallenangel-1.jpg Extra: She wears a short black skirt that's frayed at the bottom with webbed stockings. She doesn't wear shoes. ((o.o I hope people don't find me weird for creating a character like this.))
  6. "Messengers of Galdoon, glide here to do yours tasks! Bring upon us more of our kind!" this was the order given to all of the people in the Underworld. Wither that command is carried out or not depends on the angels. You may now begin roleplaying here. Enter your characters here before posting in this thread: http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=9857&post_id=211601#forumpost211601
  7. Ah, finally everything is set! You may now submit your rp entries here. Now then-off to create the official rp thread.
  8. Character form-Fallen Angels Username: Charactername: Gender: Status: (Are you a truly a underling? Or, are you a general, the person who the boss and other captains look up to? Or...are you a captain?) Cause of Death: Reason for being in the Underworld: Personality: Appearance: "Like those that are for darkness, there are others that are against darkness. For years we Fallen Angels have been ridiculed by the guardians! They've gotten in our way countless times when recruiting. Oh how I loathe them!" the figure growls. Character Form- Heaven's Guardians Username: Charactername: Gender: Status: (Rookie, general, leader) Cause of Death: Reason for being in Heaven: Personality: Appearance: You may use the formats in the main character registration of the Hungry Boar Tavern, but please add these- Cause of Death and Reason for being in Heaven or the Underworld.
  9. http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss292/loversadie/The_Dark_Angel.jpg[/img] A tall slinder woman with dark gray skin and raven colored wings extends her bloodied hand to you in greeting. "Welcome fellow angels to where all nightmares flourish! If you have not ventured into the heavens it's because you've committed a sin that was irrecoverable by the time you died. As a penalty to your wrong doing, you are now the Lord of Nightmares Toy. Oh wait, I shouldn't say toy, I should say underling! You are to follow the Fallen Angels orders and the orders given by our superior. Failer to comply with any task will be devastating toward you." She hands you a entry form. "Complete this and reply here, this is an order!" She also gives you a small list. "These are the rules of our world, failer to listen will lead to ...unpleasant things..." Rules 1.) Don't curse frequently 2.) Violence is allowed, but don't go over board. Same goes for romance. 3.) Post your order form here, but do not roleplay in this thread. I'll be making another thread in which you can play. 4.) Be considerate to all people. 5.) Use " " when your character is speaking. Use complete sentences. Com'on people, I know you have good grammar! 6.) Don't leave anyone out. No one likes to be ignored 7.) Have fun, little underlings! Rules for the UnderWorld 1.) You may bring no one from the living world into the Underworld unless they are dead. 2.) Convince the Living world to join our side! 3.) Never have any feelings for a mortal. 4.) Take down anyone who gets in your way. "So there you have it. Aside from simple guidelines, we Fallen angels have one thing to do. It's a simple chore, and that's to collect others like us. By collecting, I mean killing those whose time is out. We are, what humans call, Grim Reapers."
  10. No offense but how is first person confusing? I write in first person a whole lot and I'm careful to be clear on what I say. o.o; Well, at least I think I am. Oh, and thank you Griselmay.
  11. ((I'm sorry, but I am also out. Aside from not knowing what to post, the way some people roleplay on here is unfamiliar to me. Maybe if things pick up pace on here then I'll come back. Please don't think I'm leaving because I think anyone in here is a bad roleplayer. I'm just slightly picky.))
  12. As I gazed at the brick building ahead of me, I exhaled and inhaled. My nerves jumbled, if I were to talk my words would've cracked, and my palms were hot instead of the normal chill a vampire has. "Why must I come to this institute?" I asked aloud to myself. Of course I knew, but I didn't want to believe it. My parents thought I needed better control over my powers. They thought all of my abilities were not awake. Despite their claim, I know that this strength wouldn't increase. Compared to my kind, I'm a freak living among other freaks. On top of that, I have perfect control over these powers! The only thing that keeps on low ranking is my taste for blood. Being around a small bit sets me off. And, when I refuse to drink whenever my body begs for the crimson liquid, I ignore it. Even though it's painful, I reject my bodies needs. I hate blood while others seem to enjoy it. This is why I'm nervous. How can I get along with another vampire if I hate the way vampires work out on their daily lives? How can I befriend someone that takes in blood and enjoys it? It all seems unreal, unfair, and unjust to me and to the others around me.
  13. Sweet! Finally a rp I can join! Name: Farren Dain Gasvile Age: 24 Race: vampire Gender: female Abilities: As far as a normal vampire goes, I'm beyond that. The only true abilities I inhabited from my family is night vision and high sense awareness. Appearance: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c383/ace_yui/made%20pictures/FarrenbyBunny-Namichan.jpg Personality: I'm cheerful around most people, but when it comes to feeding I become depressed and gloomy. The very thought of blood makes me want to hurl! As long as no one gets too into their vampire side, I can be easy to get along with.
  14. I know very well I'm not a parent, but I still want to give some sort of response to this question. For a parent to be good, they must watch what they say, listen to what the child is saying, and watch the child's actions. When doing these things, you might find what the child is struggling with and why they act out. After the parents find out what's wrong, they should speak with the child to try and fix the problem they currently are thinking about. My parents follow these steps with me, but sometimes I feel that they don't follow those steps with my sister. As for peers, my mother always said you can't pick your friends but you can always give advice as long as you don't thrust it onto someone. If you do, the relationship will turn sour in a instant.
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