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  1. Hello there! I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean by character animation. Are you looking for the sprite sheets like this one? https://pasteboard.co/GMBDM6e.png if that's what you mean, then let me know which characters you want, and I'll gladly send them to you by a PM ^^ have fun!
  2. Hello there! After Carrion joins the party, search Ywans Den for the lost soul. If you're still unable to find it, let me know and I'll send you a screenshot of the area. Have fun!
  3. @Frozden hello there! You just need to go to the install directory in order to launch the game. If you haven't changed it, the default path is C: \Program Files (x86)\Black Butterflies @Ant Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Hello there! did she try using WINE? I have heard people have been able to open the game with that.
  5. @dslovejoy please download the game and re-install it, then simply continue playing. It will slove that problem!
  6. Hello everyone! Thank you all for this great amount of support and interest in my game! I appreciate your nice comments. I have uploaded a new version and fixed the bugs you have reported. I hope you all have a lot of fun! and special thanks to mapleshade for their review ^^
  7. Oh yes that's a missing file. I really apologize that the game has too many bugs, and I appreciate that you report them to me patiently
  8. You'll be able to play the mini game and get the hook after visiting the trapped bird, no one on the beach tells you about it. If you already have a mission called "Help the Bird" in your journal then you must be able to play the mini game when you talk to Steven about the hook. Anyway if the problem still persists, you can send your savefiles to this email address: blackbutterfliesgame@gmail.com so I can look into it thanks!
  9. @Arcadia Roseblood: That's very strange, I checked it today and it should work properly. It has nothing to do with the captain. Do you mean that you never got an option to talk with Steven about the hook? Have you tried using older save files? You could also try to close the game and open it again
  10. @mjesec21: thank you for your attention! I hope you enjoy the game @ema: That's a bug, thanks for letting me know. I'll fix it as soon as possible. But don't worry you can completele the side quest without that file and you won't lose any content. Glad you like my game
  11. The red diamond is on Mt. Glocrab. it's in one of those holes that you need to dig. The 3rd part of talisman is in Famor cave, Western Island. You should cross Samiras Forest and reach the cave in which you met Olazoet. The talisman is in a hole, just like the red diamond Have fun!
  12. @appollodoros : thanks for reporting the bugs! i have fixed them and I will upload the new version soon ^^ @Winterflowr : Yes I developed the maps, thank you for your interest in my game, i hope you enjoy it. I have fixed the bug that you reported. I appreciate your help. please let me know what you think about the game when you finish it @Crystalsilverwood : That is such a nice comment, thank you so much! I would be glad to help, could you please tell me which diamond is missing? you should find green diamond, blue diamond, black diamond, white diamond, purple diamond, yellow diamond, orange diamond, cyan diamond, pink diamond and red diamond. And for talismans, there are five parts. Which parts did you find?
  13. If you use Windows, follow these steps to find your savefile Open Start, type %appdata% then press enter. A window will pop up. Then open Black Butterflies folder and you can find your saveflies there. If you use Mac, I think the savefiles are stored in ~/Library/Preferences/Black Butterflies/ I am not sure since I don't use Mac. So I hope you use Windows too When you've found the savefiles, attach them to an email and send them to this address: blackbutterfliesgame@gmail.com And yes, she'll have the same level and the equipment. Sorry that you have to deal with this bug, Hope you enjoy the game anyway!
  14. Hello I'm very glad to hear that you're playing my game and don't worry it's never late to play it I'm here to answer any questions you have! It's strange that you're facing these bugs because I'm sure I've fixed them. Have you downloaded the latest version? And about Alvilda disappearing from the party, again, I think I've fixed that bug before. But no worries! Just send me your save file and I'll fix it for you I'm always looking forward to your feedback and thank you for your comment
  15. Added the zip file to the first post! Thank you and hope you like the game